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What Voids A Car Warranty? How Not To Burn Your Pockets On Car Expenditures


What Voids A Car Warranty? How Not To Spend More On Your Car?

What Voids A Car Warranty? Let us discuss it by bringing in some characters to make the content a bit narrative.

Introducing characters Abigail (Abbyy) and Gabrielle (Gabby), my neighbours who had recently purchased a car in a gap of a few months. After reasonable research, discussion with Friends, long waiting in the queue, both Abbyy and Gabby had brought home a new glittering car that had almost cost near to a luxury model. Both Abby and Gabby are from an upper-middle-class family with a lot of dreams and they both work hard to make their dreams a reality.

What voids a car warranty

Image Credit: pixabay

Abby is a proud owner of a six months old car whereas Gabby’s car is a year old. Abby had spent a lot of money on her six months old car when compared to Gabby on her year-old car. We could notice Abby’s car from a distance even during the night as it glows with fancy LED lights and unique modifications that are absent in Gabby’s car. The incurred expense on Abby’s car had never come to a full stop instead was with commas. So, what caused the commas?

The Blow Because Of The Glow

Both Abby and Gabby ensured that their car is driven safely, maintained well by cleaning them regularly and taking care of the regular checks. But, the one thing that differed between their cars is those fancy modifications that Abby had chosen and made to her car which Gabby had skipped. Abby was broke when she had to pay a reasonable sum to get her car’s electrical circuit replaced as the ones that had come up with the car had been extensively modified leading to the malfunction of the various sensors in the car.

What voids a car warranty


It is not just Abby, as most of us too want to buy, accessorize, and modify our cars and make it look like the ones shown in Hollywood films.

But, how many of us read the car manual and car manufacturer warranty policies that are also given to us when we bought a car?

Remember that pouch unopened and left in the Car’s trunk? In this blog post ‘What voids a car warranty’, let us see the list of things that may cause our car warranty void, in turn, make our wallet burn.

Things And Changes In Car That Voids A Car Warranty

Electrical Modification

If you think what might cause an issue by just adding an under the hood LED lights, sub-woofer and tweeters to your car that too from an unauthorized showroom then it is time that you change your views about it.

What voids a car warranty? A lot of factors in fact but, the most common are Electrical Modifications.


Yes. It can play a role when your car’s electrical wiring or components gets sliced for a new inclusion. The most common warranty negated are those that come under the cabling of electrical outputs.

What voids a car warranty

Image Credit: Pinterest

It is very common that we get a quotation for a parking sensor and reverse camera from the manufacturer especially when we purchase a basic or mid variant car. But, due to the higher price, some of us go to a third-party vendor. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?

Remember, things may go wrong if the electrical circuit or console changes had disturbed the manufacturer procedure wiring leading to the warranty for that part being void. This is also applicable for Horns and HIDs (High-Intensity Discharge) conversions kits.

A Missed Service Schedule

Sometimes, we are busy and we do not prioritize and spend time on the maintenance of our vehicles. This happens even though we knew that they carry us and run day in day out without any Fuzz. So, what voids a car warranty? Messing up with your car’s routine service schedule can void a car warranty.

what voids a car warranty

Image Credit: pixabay

As per the service contract, it is mandatory to perform general service checks at the manufacturer’s regulated time intervals or kilometres.

Why is this important?

In most of the cars, an oil change is a major role player during the service schedules. Skipping this may lead to lower oil levels (engine oil, coolant oil, and brake fluid) in the car’s heart (the engine) that is located beneath the bonnet.

We might not have time but at the same time, we do not have any option other than giving a day off to our car for regular service. Doing this would at least keep the warranty intact.

Unauthorized / Aftermarket Parts

Simply modifying your car with an aftermarket part cannot void your car warranty. Instead, what voids a car warranty is that when you reach the car manufacturer’s service station with a complaint and the manufacturer proves that the modifications made to your car using an aftermarket part had led to the need for a repair then you are stuck. There is no turning back other than swiping your credit card at that moment.

For example, ECU (Electronic Control Unit), an engine control unit aka engine control module. This type of electronic control unit will control a series of actuators on internal combustion to ensure optimal engine performance. As it contains several sets of fuses, sensors, and relays, any changes or replacements made to them would not be accepted by the manufacturer.

What voids a car warranty

Image Credit: aermech

Likewise, the power of headlights, tail lights or replacing them with LED’s are also not accepted by the manufacturer. It is also to be noted that any upgrades made to the music system, is directly connected to the Electrical system. Hence anything that goes wrong due to the new addition would cost the warranty.

A Roar On The Road – Performance Modifications

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom…who does not like Brian O’Conner and Dominic Toretto, the Fast and the Furious crew?

Rest In Peace Paul Walker (Brian O’Conner), the stunts and the car show you and Dom had showcased in the movie was a delight to watch.

What voids a car warranty

Image Credit: usatoday

Ahem…Ahem. Let me not get into the movie now.

Many of us might wonder, what if we tune our cars and make it roar on the road. Yes, you can tune your car.

Tuning is nothing but changing or replacing the vital parts of the cars such as air intakes, fuel systems, transmission, Exhaust system and a performance chip to increase engine performance. But, we should not fail to remember that every manufacturer had passed the government norms and terms. By changing the aforementioned parts we might be violating not only the warranty policy but the law too.

If you still feel like going forward, then that’s your choice. I hope you would be using a used car that is no longer in warranty for your vroom…vroom shows. You accept or not but you can answer to anyone who comes with the question “What voids a car warranty?” from now on.

External Modifications Like Wheel Upgrades

what voids a car warranty

Image Credit: pixabay

What voids a car warranty is when an aftermarket accessory added or changed as a part of an external modification. Some of them are changes made to the size of the tire, wheel rims and shock absorbers (lifting and lowering suspensions) beyond the recommended measurement mentioned by the manufacturer.

This is because when the tire or rims are changed to a non-recommended size, it is possible for the shock absorber to get damaged due to the change in pressure. Not just that. A heavy shock due to a non-recommended wheel might diffuse the airbag which is again would not be covered in your warranty.

Usage Of A Wrong Fuel & Fluid

what voids a car warranty

Image Credit: pixabay

It is not very uncommon to hear someone saying that they had filled Diesel instead of Petrol or vice-versa. In such cases, the user had to drain the whole tank and do the necessary checks to ensure that the car is in good condition without any impacts. However, in case of any damages caused to the engine due to the usage of incorrect fuel/fluids does not fall under a warranty in most of the cases.

Unauthorized Service Station

What voids a car warranty

Image Credit: pixabay

Getting your car repaired from an unauthorized service station when the car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty period may void the car warranty or the warranty of that specific part. The sole reason behind this is the major compromise that might take place in the form of Oil Quality, Clutch Adjustment, ECU programming, the usage of non-genuine parts, etc.

A Tampered Odometer

What voids a car warranty

Image Credit: pixabay

Odometer tampering is not a new word for us as we come across these words when we are looking to buy a used car. What voids a car warranty is when the manufacturer or a dealer is unable to discover the actual mileage of a car due to a disconnected Odometer and/or changes made to it. It is not quite easy to prove that a car’s odometer had tampered, changed or removed but not impossible at the same time. It is possible to void the whole car’s warranty based on the inconsistencies found in the car’s history report.

Salvage or Branded Title

What voids a car warranty

Image Credit: pixabay

A severely damaged car due to floods, cyclones, fire, accident, etc. that have been considered by the insurance company as a total loss falls under Salvage Titled cars. The cars that had experienced the aforementioned damages are not eligible for a warranty.

Vehicle Misuse & Environmental Damages

Environmental damages caused by a natural disaster void a car warranty.

Any kind of driving beyond the standard defined by the manufacturer voids warranty under the grounds of misuse.

what voids a car warranty

Image Credit: pixabay

For example, overloading, racing, off-roading, etc. The other thing that also voids a car warranty is Towing. Because, when we tow any vehicle just like that chances are high for the car to overheat leading to damage to the cooling system, suspension, etc.

In case if you have got the below questions in mind,

Does Vinyl Wrapping / Repainting A Car Voids Warranty?

what voids a car warranty

Image Credit: Pinterest

No, if properly wrapped or installed only on the body of the car with the help of professionals. Sometimes, what voids a car warranty is when you wrap even the windows blocking the view even if it is on a lighter shade.

Repainting a car does not void a car warranty but you would need to visit the vehicle registration office and notify them about the color change.

Does Changing The Silencer Muffler Of A Car Voids Warranty?

No, in most of the cases. But, if it is found that your new exhaust system or an addition to the exhaust system had caused damage to the other parts (the ones that came with the car) of your car then it is most likely to cause the car warranty void.

what voids a car warranty

Image Credit: eBay

Can I Add A Spoiler, Front & Back Bumper To Give My Car A Sporty Look? Will It Void Car Warranty?

Yes, you can add. However, in worst cases, what might affect the warranty is the paint, rust and the body due to spoiler inclusion.

Does Using A Different (other brands) Car Battery Voids Warranty?

No, until it is proven to be the cause for the damage of any other parts.

Can I Cover My Airbag Equipped Car Seat With Cover? Will It Void Car Warranty?

It is not recommended to cover your airbag-equipped car seat with the seat cover. Covering the seat would make the airbag ineffective at the time of the crash. Hence, Yes it will make the warranty void.

Points To Remember

Do not ignore Seat Belts. If the seat belt is not worn while driving, the airbag operation will be a failure.

Always maintain a file and store the documents related to any changes done to the car. Do this even if the change was handled by an authorized professional. Do not miss the service receipts as it might come handy at the time of selling your car.

Read your car manual and also check with the manufacturer before you make any modifications to your car and confirm that the changes do not disturb the car warranty. If you still have any doubts about what voids a car warranty, do connect with me via the comments section.

what voids a car warranty


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Always Stop on Red & Move on Green. Wish You A Safe & Pleasant Drive.


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