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Plants That Eats Mosquitoes / The Killer Plants?


Plants That Eats Mosquitoes / The Killer Plants:

I came across an article recently about the garden plants which can eat the Mosquitoes. I got surprised and fascinated with the title Plants That Eats Mosquitoes which made me walk through the topic a bit deep to understand better.

After reading few articles I understood that it’s not 100 percent true. Here are my own findings and views.

Plants That Eats Mosquitoes

Image Source: worldofsucculents;; Plantas y Hongos;  Michael Hardwick’s favorites;

The exotic carnivorous plants which are in some of our gardens do attract the insects and bugs. For example, the spiders/fly’s etc towards its nectar and hunt them.

Are these plants capable of saving us from the gangs of Mosquitoes?


Like how we humans do not like Mosquitoes, the carnivorous plants as well don’t like these tiny short living little flies.

Who in the world does not like to have bigger things?

The same rule applies even to the carnivorous plants like Venus Flytrap, Pitcher Plant, Dutchman’s Pipe, Sarracenia & Butterwort Plants. None of these plants have a behavior of hunting Mosquitoes intentionally as they really look to attract bugs, flies, and arthropods which are of reasonable size.

Sometimes, yes they do consume mosquitoes of the masculine gender. The male mosquitoes tend to suckle the juice of the plants and get trapped during the act. It is also a fact that the mosquito bites we experience are only due to the ones which are of feminine gender. The female mosquitoes always suckle the blood leading to pain and diseases in human.

What About The Exotic Killer Plants Then?

Oh Yes, I see your point.

As you know, they are exotic plants which can control the bug population to a certain extent if planted in your garden. We need to understand that they cannot handle the Mosquitoes which attack our indoors in a group.

If you are planning to keep some of these plants indoors then take care of them well. Ensure that they don’t die due to the unmet requirements.

Spend time and research before you jump in to buy these exotic plants as some of them are not really intended for keeping in a spot where no sunlight enters. All these plants always need moderate sunlight and moist base for their survival.

If you are fascinated after getting to know the way they hunt, then do not buy them for testing purposes. Instead, search for their hunting videos on youtube with search terms like Pitcher Plant eating a FrogVenus flytrap plant-eating an insect, Dutchman’s pipe killing caterpillars, Sarracenia plant-eating fly etc.

Where to buy carnivorous plants in India?

  • Do research about the requirements and the nature of the plants.
  • The best you can do is to go to a reliable nursery and ask them for these exotic plants. Ensure that they are tissue cultured if found to ensure that they survive for a longer duration.
  • Check whether they are really safe to have them inside your house when you have a kid.
  • Ask yourself the question whether you can really take care of the plants.

Buying plants online?

We may come across a lot of sellers in online shopping sites with fascinating descriptions like Plants That Eats Mosquitoes etc but, it is always best to control ourselves from not clicking on pay now button. Spend some time on the user reviews before purchasing and then decide. I don’t think we can return the seeds once opened or tested.

How to get rid of Mosquitoes at Home?

Nothing that you are not aware of,

  • Buy the electric mosquito bat and keep them charged so that they work effectively. They are delicate hence use them with care. This is the best effective way I have come across so far.

Plants That Eats Mosquitoes

  • Try Mosquito repellent creams or stick to the natural way by applying Neem oil on the exposed parts of your body.
  • Always ensure that there is no stagnant water inside and nearby your house. Stagnant water invites Mosquitoes to turn itself their breeding spot.

Tip: Got an aquarium or a money plants aka devil’s ivy? Ensure that you change the water from the planted bowl once in two days at least.

If you have an aquarium, buy a good powerful aquarium filter or canister which can ensure that the water in your fish tank is moving.

Plants That Eats Mosquitoes

  • If you live near a lake or water stagnant areas, it’s best to close the bedroom door early in the evenings. By doing so, you can control the entry of the biter’s inside. To shut the main door or the entrance door before 5 PM is better.
  • Invest some money to get the windows and ventilators of your home covered. A genuine Mosquito Net can control some of the little flies from getting inside your home.

Tip: I have installed mosquito net of brand Saint-Gobain at my home. You might come across many clones of it in the market but the original would have the name written on the net.

  • Prepare your own oil made of herbs which are known for repelling mosquitoes. It’s always best to try them in a small part of your body to ensure that you are not allergic to the oil.
  • For kids, applying Neem Oil is highly recommended but the fragrance is not that pleasant. You can also try the mosquito repellent creams like Odomos which are safe to use on kids.

Tip: For infants, it is better not to apply the repellent cream on the skin. Instead, apply on top of something like a toy or an object and place them near the kid’s head and the other toy near the legs.

Use that toy or an object only for the repellent purpose. Please ensure that the toy or an object is not in the hands of the kid for playing.

  • Make the kids wear light-colored dresses during nights. The solid colored dresses sometimes attract Mosquitoes.
  • Always keep the water bowls and vessels containing water closed in the kitchen.

Stay Happy.

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