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Help Your Kid Become More Creative With Toontastic


A Short But A Bit Lengthy Story:

I went to apply an Aadhar card for my kid a few months back. I had reached the destination at around 6 AM. It was not a surprise for me to see eight to ten people before me sitting over the median on the roadside as the office was not open. Yes, to get an Aadhar card you need to go early and buy a token even before the representatives arrive. This is the scenario in Chennai and not sure how about the other regions.

The count of the total number of people had increased steadily. By the time it clocked 9 AM, there were at least two hundred residents waiting to get the token behind me. The crowd had everybody irrespective of the gender and age starting from a five-year-old kid to elderly people.

Some people came by car with coolers and high ranged cell phones in hand besides the folder with documents. And, there was another group of people too who came with a small plastic cover in hand in the attire they went to bed the previous day night. But, at the end, everyone was waiting for the same attender to issue the token. Considering the aim alone, everyone seemed to be equal.

There was one more thing too seemed that to be in common between both the groups. To be more specific, the kids who came with their parents to register their biometric details. During the waiting period, almost 90 percent of the kids were holding the cell phones of either of their parents. Some kids hands were tender and tiny. Not grown enough to hold the big screen cell phones with tempered glass over it which made me think about the exposure that today’s kids have got.

The parents present over there were tired and had no option other than allowing the kids to stay glued with the cell phones. Finally, the attender had issued the tokens and I got a glimpse of a big relief in every parent’s face including mine. Everybody got ready for their turn and left once after completing the registration.

The End.

Kids Versus Gadgets:

Image Credit: Pixabay

We, parents very well know that an excessive exposure of kids to cell phones are not good. And, it is true that sometimes we parents are forced to situations like the one mentioned above. Without any effective alternatives, we end up encouraging things that harm our kids rather than doing good. We do not have many options even if we wanted to try especially in public places.

Today’s kids are more onto gadgets and their exposure is very high onto technologies rather than traditional games. I am not saying that Youtube or playing a game on a cell phone for a reasonable amount of time is bad.

But, it is our responsibility to check whether those games really help our kids be creative or degrade their brain growth.

Trying Hard To Bring Your Kid Away From Mobile Phones & Tablets?

Do not push yourselves Hard. Instead, look for other alternatives which might help in turning a trouble into a benefit.


Image Credit: Pixabay

We must remember that the outdoor activities are not the only things that will help us bring a creative kid. There are few things that even a cell phone or a tablet too can do. But, still, we do not give it a shot.

The only reason behind that is the lack of awareness about such things among us. There are mobile applications that come with great benefits too in parallel to the ones that make the kids dumb. It is almost like playing a Treasure Hunt game.

The parents of the kid who had got used to cell phones and tablets should also ensure that they spend time on finding and installing good applications in their cell phones. This is in addition to setting the filter to show only kids friendly contents.

In this post, we are going to look at one of the mobile application that undoubtedly can make our kids smarter and creative.

Toontastic is Fantastic:

This Google developed application is a storytelling mobile application available for free usage.

With this application, one can create stories, draw a picture, animate the characters and a lot more. This is not just for the kids but also can be utilized by Parents and anyone who is above five years old.

Want Your Kid To Be Creative?

Image Credit: Pixabay

If your answer is Yes to the above question. Then get ready, it’s you and me who need to be creative first.

Wanted to make your son or daughter listen to what you say?

Try these.

* Be creative.

* Narrate your content like a story involving animations and cartoon characters.

*  Spice it up with some background music.

* Turn yourself into a kid. Sometimes, stepping down from the Parental role and turning yourself as a kid will do wonders.

Toontastic Is Not Kids Only:

# Got some free time? Make a story using this mobile app as a family. Involve all the members of your family in your creation.

# Share it with friends and relatives.

# Keep it stored in a hard disk so that it would give a nostalgic feel when you watch those videos several years later.

I am yet to give a glimpse of this Toontastic 3D to my kid which I would shortly reveal. But, though I am new here, I could very well see the potential this application has got in it.

I am sure that it would help us, parents, to engage our kids very well in a great and healthy way rather than allowing them to get used to regular cartoons and movie trailers.

Kids Versus Toontastic:

Image Credit: Pixabay

I strongly feel that Toontastic can do a great job in helping us to bring up creative kids. Especially the kids who had turned to six already.

It can,

~ Act as an exercise to the kid’s brain.

~ Make them more creative.

~ Make them speak English fluently without feeling shy.

~ Improve listening skills as the characters involved are just cartoon. Remember, it’s us, parents, who create the stories. The tip here is to match your kid’s requirement and interest while narrating the stories.

~ Will help them remember things more easily. I believe, what they had listened or seen in Toontastic would not fade for a while at least.

My Story:

Below is one short story named ‘Diwali’ which I had created. This is just an example. Please do remember I am a new bee here. You may come across typo errors and silence in between the narration. Please bear with me.

Non-Parents Versus Toontastic:

Are you a Teacher, budding Story Teller, Musician, Author, Inventor, Graphic Designer, Cartoonist or whatever?

Toontastic can be a great support for you in showcasing your talents and being creative.

Start now, unleash your thoughts, find the treasure and utilize its potential. I see a lot more possibilities in this Toontastic for a passive income too.

Would be happy to discuss if you and I are on the same page.

Notes On Toontastic 3D:

Google’s toontastic application can be downloaded into an iOS as well as Android devices.

Please note that the size of the installation file is more hence you would need some free space on your cell phone. Do not have space? Uninstall the applications which you use very less. Trust me, its worthy.

I am happy to get to know about this application at least now. It has passed 500 thousand downloads as of now in play store. But it is not really a surprise considering the benefits it brings.

Let’s together build a better generation. See you all soon.


Image Credit: Pixabay

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