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Got A Designer In You? Try Merch by Amazon


To Exhibit Oneself Is A Talent

This is my fourth article on earning through a side hustle. A second one inline with Amazon. Please browse my blog for more side hustle approaches. As days run, a thought about job security keeps growing constantly in my mind. Maybe the current market status and the new technologies which crop up daily around us gives me a feeling that an active job can never be relied on like how it was earlier.

Merch by Amazon may be a perfect fit if you or your partner is planning to start a t-shirt design business as a side hustle. Passive income is always good but it is mandatory now at least for some people.

t-shirt design

Anybody can use Merch by Amazon to create a cash inflow besides the active regular income from a full-time job. But still, I would dedicate this post to all those friends and their partners who are abroad and in India doing an excellent job as a homemaker.

Maybe your partner is damn creative and apt for a role of a designer but still had to stay at home due to circumstances. If you are able to relate the above sentence with your family then this is one way through which you can help your partner exhibit their talent. Help them stay motivated by letting them know about Merch by Amazon. It can help them earn by working from home.

What Is Merch by Amazon?

It is an Amazon’s Print On Demand platform for the people who create content. Through Merch by Amazon, anyone can create and start selling t-shirts. The product will be sold and shipped by Amazon. So, it is all about t-shirt designing. Creating a Merch by Amazon account for t-shirt design business is easy and straightforward but it is invitation-only now. One can request for an invite from the Merch by Amazon landing page mentioned at the bottom of this post. There is no specific time frame for an account to get approved as the approval is based only on the openings available.

t-shirt design

What is Awesome With Merch by Amazon?

Here are the best things about t-shirt design via Merch.

  • There is no startup cost involved.
  • The designer or the creator sets the price based on which the royalty value arrives.
  • You get your royalty for every t-shirt design which gets sold.
  • There is no least amount of t-shirts design you need to sell for a payout.
  • Amazon provides a downloadable template through which one can check whether the t-shirt design they had created meets the guidelines just by uploading it to the website.
  • While uploading the t-shirt design the creator is also been provided with customizing tools.
  • One can make use of Photoshop and other free software tools to come up with a t-shirt design.
  • Merch by Amazon is non-exclusive. Hence, one can also upload their created t-shirt design to other websites also besides Merch by Amazon.

What Kind Of Designs?

A t-shirt design can represent just a logo, a text or a game related text.

t-shirt design

The best suggestion would be to create things by keeping these points in mind.

  • Consider Quality compared to Quantity.
  • Create designs which are unique and catchy.
  • Stick to a particular niche and trends.
  • Do not forget that you can create designs not just for the t-shirt but for a lot more items through various other platforms besides Merch by Amazon.
  • Consider creating your designs also for a coffee mug, cell phone back covers, backpacks, comforters and more via other websites.

How To Become Successful?

Create your own website or a blog to showcase or display your products. It will come handy when you fill the application form for Merch by Amazon. Providing your website address in the application will give an edge to your application.

Though Merch by Amazon can make a path for your passive income it is better to consider other print on demand websites as well to publish your designs.

Remember, Merch by Amazon is non-exclusive, hence you are not restricted from uploading your designs to other similar websites.

It is highly recommended to read the available FAQ section of Merch by Amazon as it contains detailed information. Maybe you will find answers to all your questions there.

How Long Should One Wait For An Account Approval?

As I had mentioned above, there is no specific defined time frame for a Merch by Amazon account to get approved. The invitations are sent and the account gets approved based on the availability of space for the content creators. Lately, I had come across reviews from the users saying that it is taking more time to get their account approval email and also to get their designs approved.

What To Do While Waiting For An Approval?

  • Do not lose hope.
  • Be patient and do not stop designing so that your mind stays creative and your brain stays healthy.
  • Practice so that you become a pro in creating a t-shirt design.
  • Learn Photoshop and other software tools which can help you design better, save your time and refine your skills.
  • Consider other alternatives so that you stay motivated and do not stay idle.

Alternatives To Merch By Amazon:

  1. Gearbubble
  2. teespring
  3. CafePress
  4. society6
  5. spreadshirt
  6. teepublic
  7. threadless
  8. zazzle
  9. teefury
  10. designbyhumans
  11. Shopify
  12. teelaunch
  13. shirtee
  14. fabriily

Google should help you land on the respective pages of the above-mentioned websites without much effort.

What Is Next?

As far as I know, anyone can become a content creator in Merch by Amazon irrespective of their country and where they reside.

Hence, Stop Procrastinating and Start Designing.

The best season is already on the way with a lot of occasions like Halloween, Diwali, Thanks Giving and more. Try to make the most out of it.

Though designing is not my cup of tea I am positive as I know a lot about it now. More than that I am happy as my post would be helpful for many designer homemaker friends to give it a shot when needed.

Will meet you soon.


Merch by Amazon – Landing Page & FAQ’s Page.

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