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Cycling For Weight Loss?


Is Cycling Your Weight Loss Strategy?

This is an outcome of the study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine. Overweight and obesity affect more than 66 percent of the adult population. It never comes alone, instead connected with a variety of chronic diseases. 


Image Credit: Pixabay

An another study done by UCLA researchers concludes saying – While on diet a sustained weight loss is achieved only by a lesser number of people. People who had lost their weights initially by few pounds or kilograms had regained more weight than they were earlier.

As per the statistics from Google Adwords, 2240000 is the number of searches made by people around the world using the term Weight Loss in their browsers search bar.


According to me, the only fastest way by which one can reduce their weight in a span of two weeks or less is via lesser intake of food than normal. Do not forget to check it out next time once you are down with fever for few days. You would be able to see that your body weight had got reduced slightly, which is not permanent.

The Hardest Part?

From the above studies, we can confirm that to achieve weight loss is easy. The hardest part is to maintain it for a period of time or continue to sustain down the line. I use to hit my apartment gym at least five days in a week in the past few months but took a break now for time being.

Ah! okay, I admit that I am a bit occupied on to some other tasks lately due to which my gym routine had taken a backseat. It is not really fair from my end. But, here is what I had managed to learn from those few months.

  • Dieting Alone does not help.
  • It is not recommended to hit the gym if you had not got enough sleep.
  • Do not indulge in lifting heavy weights without a person for help.
  • Hitting a gym or doing physical activities like Cycling, Walking, Jogging every day keeps us fresh and active throughout the day.

You can find more about my weight loss journey here.

Alrighty then. As you know already from the title, we are going to discuss the positive impacts of cycling towards weight loss.


Beginners are most likely to get demotivated in the first few months as cycling alone cannot help in achieving weight loss. Irrespective of whatever exercise you do, you just need to give it time.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Relying only on cycling may not help a lot in achieving weight loss. The reason is that cycling is an endurance activity which does not help burn calories much.

But, cycling can play a major role in helping us maintain our body weight and march towards our weight loss goal. In fact, people who do cycling for 10-15 km about 4-5 times a week had found cycling easier to sustain weights when compared to brisk walking and jogging.

I would say if you are already struggling with weight loss and fatigue then consider indulging in intense exercises. Consider cycling only to help you maintain your weight and to avoid weight regain.

The Secret To Achieve Weight Loss?

Burning more calories than we consume helps in losing body weight.

The below-mentioned combination will help you achieve weight loss better and faster.

  1. Adequate Sleep
  2. Healthy Diet
  3. Physical Activities involving cardio exercises
  4. Carrying Weights

What Type Of Cycle Is Good To Maintain Body Weight?

As you might have got an idea now on how cycling helps. The above-mentioned would be the question that is running in your mind now. Choosing between an actual bicycle or an indoor cycling machine depends on the individual’s preference.


Image Credit: Pixabay

It is simple. One can ride a stationary indoor cycling machine until they get tired. Once the energy level is drained, hop off from the machine and hit the shower. An indoor gym cycle comes with programmable workouts and dynamic speeds besides resistance levels to match an outdoor ride but with the absence of fresh air and nature.

When it comes to an actual cycle, one needs to ensure that they have the energy to ride back home. Riding to a very far distance will have its effects especially when you are a beginner. No doubt that with an actual cycle, we can enjoy nature and that is not the case with a stationary gym cycle. 

Some of the other advantages of indoor cycling are you can read newspapers, listen to music or watch a television while working out. This is not something which you can do in outdoor cycling. So, both the cycle types can support in one’s weight loss program based on how frequently they use it.

Opting For An Outdoor Cycle?


Image Credit: Pixabay

I am sure that you would have landed on the below questions in your mind by now.

  1. A Geared or Non-Geared cycle?
  2. A professional cycle or the regular bicycle that we had used during our school days?

Trust me, there is a lot more on how to choose an outdoor cycle for weight loss. Will meet you guys again in the upcoming post with few more information about it.

Stay tuned…

Hmm… Am I Missing Something?


Dear Friends, please note that every individual and the nature of their body is different. Some people might have experienced weight loss only by cycling. But, that does not mean that it would be the same with everyone.

Is there a reader here who vouch for cycling towards weight loss?

Dear Pal, kindly ignore what I had said above and stick to your cycling mantra. When it is working for you already then do not stop. Your insights would be helpful for the other readers here. Hence, do not hesitate to use the comments section, please.



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  1. There are many motives for trying to shed pounds. If you’re sporting a little extra bags then losing the kilos ought to enhance your health and help you to keep away from situations which include coronary heart ailment or diabetes.

  2. Great article…
    Sometimes the hardest thing for me is just getting started. Making a new habit (or ditching an old one) can look big, so I focus on just doing it – even if it isn’t perfect. I started working out last October, and now it isn’t very hard to get up and go do it, be cause it is a habit But those first weeks were hard! I kept telling myself “It’s ok if you can’t DO that much – just get up and go do ‘smething’, to get your self in a habit!”

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