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32 Things Worth Spending Money On Without Any Regrets


Stuff Worth Money – Go For It Without A Buyer’s Remorse

It’s a kinda new topic that I am jotting down this time. Trust me I had enjoyed each and every point I had disclosed below just like my every other blog posts. I am sure that you would enjoy it too. In this post, I have written about some of the top stuff worth money.

stuff worth money

I would be posting the list of items in three different blog posts just to make sure that I do not overdose you, readers.

That Stingy Me

Erstwhile, just like every 4 out of 10 individuals around, I myself use to act stingy when I had to buy some Items for myself. Be it apparels, food items, personal care items etc. I had made a good number of purchases in a way to leave a few currency notes back into my wallet. The slightly cheap purchases to which I glued myself to save money and to save myself from getting into the zone of Buyers Remorse. All of those only to realize late that I did a mistake. Yes, in an approach to save a dime, I ended up spending more.

Buyers Remorse

It is nothing but the regretting feel that we get after we made a purchase of some items. It is a very normal behavior for many of us especially when we approach the festive seasons and online sales like Amazon’s Freedom Sales. We use to make a purchase thinking certain stuff worth money. But, only to experience the regret of buying it as soon as we reach the storefront sometimes. Hope you are able to relate yourself to it.

Being said that, it is not valid in every purchase we make. We do have stuff worth money which I had penned down here. The ones that are applicable to the families of all economic backgrounds but with some exceptions too. If you are reading this post now, the below content is very much appropriate to you and your friends.

Let’s surf against the tide.

Stuff Worth Money – The 1st 10

1. The Shoes And The Slippers

stuff worth money

It is very true that some people never hesitate to stretch a bit in their spending when it comes to buying things that are gonna be between them and the ground. When it comes to our Shoes and Slippers, it is a must to stick to the items that are of good quality. The Soles, Heels, Weight, Durability etc. everything plays a vital role in it.

If you are someone who stands for many meetings and walks around a very large campus at work. For example, individuals who are in professions like Teaching, Medical Care and similar. Spending money on good shoes is very much fine as they can be very well repaired and refinished with a new sole once in every few years just to see it as shiny as new. It is also a must to keep in mind the type of foot (the arch) one have while choosing a shoe or a sandal.

2. Quality Clothing

stuff worth money

Clothes are our First Skin.

Remember the interview of Chris Gardner from the movie “Pursuit of Happyness”? Especially the outfit?

It worked out well for him there because that was the first time the board member had seen him without a suit. That point from one of the board member backed Chris Gardner’s explanation for appearing to the interview in a non-business outfit.

I am not suggesting everyone a suit. Yet, be it a business attire or a casual wear, perfectly fitted formals and casuals for Men and Women is a must. One of the best and the first weapon that can boost our confidence in our day to day life. When it helps us gain good confidence then why not spend some more from our wallet to get the good quality clothing materials?

It is all fine to spend a few extra bugs on our clothing rather than hitting the tailor shops for fixing torn zip, broken buttons and for sewing the torn portion every few months. Please note, when I say it is okay to spend on good quality clothing, I am not referring to any trendy designer make but a well-known affordable clothing from a decent brand. I have seen people wearing a sports shoe with a formal outfit. Never ever try that as it is not as funky as some people think. Instead, stick to basics instead of complicating the scene.

It is always a high-five for tailored suits and formal dresses as they are known for more lifespan and durability. If you find a good tailor who gets your dress sewed well then spending few bucks for his work rather than spending on the readymade shop is good. But yes, this is something that not every one of us can afford as we need to purchase the materials besides paying the tailor.

3. A Wrist Watch

stuff worth money

An individual in a good business attire but without an affordable good quality wristwatch would not project him well. One among the few items that still stays among us for several years without any setbacks even after the introduction of smartphones. Though a smartphone can help us with the time, the elegance and classy look to an individual can only be given by a wristwatch.

Spending on a good watch is absolutely fine as wristwatches of specific make do come with a good resale value. One more thing to remember is to own at least a pair of wrist watches. One for a Formal outfit and another for a Casual outfit. Anything that you mix would just spoil the show and make us look funny rather than smart.

4. Socks

stuff worth money

A good cotton/ woolen sock is for sure a stuff worth money. Ever bought a cheap sock just to leave few notes back in your purse. Not every three pairs or five pairs socks in a pack we come across is a good one. When it comes to a Sock it is all to do with the comfort and quality rather than the cost. Always remember, a person’s sock can tell a lot about him/her. It is directly linked to cleanliness and shows how hygienic he or she is.

A cheap sock would just ensure that you spread a garbage smell at work/home once you take off/loosen up your shoes. Not all the socks available in the market are made of a material that absorbs sweat. Moreover, the elastic used in the cheaper socks would not withstand after two to three washes. Good quality socks equal good hygiene. Ever tried wearing a cheap sock anytime? You can relate the above-mentioned very well if you had worn it.

5. Sun Glasses

stuff worth money

A gear that is slightly underrated or ignored by many. A good sunglass ensures that the retina and the cornea do not get affected by the ultraviolet rays. Expecting any cheap sunglasses to do the same is not really wise.

If you reside in a place where you experience a sharp sunlight then there is nothing to reconsider on the purchase. But, at the same time, it is not necessary that we need to buy the sunglasses from the brands that are used by sports stars in the ground.

6. A Pedicure / Head Massage

stuff worth money

A trip to a nearby salon or spa once in two months for a Pedicure or a head massage is absolutely worth to spend money on. At the spa, they use some soothing creams or similar products that at least make our feet look fresh and soft for a few hours after the pampering.

Though we can handle these things at home with the help of family members, it is better to cling to a salon for a professional handling. The one reason for it is because at home our priority changes and we tend to stay lethargic sometimes. I have seen people who buy all the creams used in the spa for use at home but never use it more than once or twice. Instances like these would just make you spend more money when compared to the expense that will be incurred when visiting a spa.

The same goes for the head massage. An olive oil, almond, or a coconut oil head massage from the best masseur/masseuse is a great stress buster after a stress-filled few weeks at work. Pamper and take care of your body well because that is the core for anything and everything you want to do.

7. Cosmetics Like makeup Foundation

stuff worth money

We are aware of the fact that cosmetics do carry things that are not good for our skin and health. Yet, it plays a vital role in most of the women’s lives in recent years and it spiking further. Though the natural ways to enhance facial beauty lies in abundance these small containers override them with their benefits like saving time and effort involved.

It is understandable but, going for cheap cosmetics would just make the situation worse by triggering allergic reactions on the skin. One thing that nobody would look forward to. Tell me now, don’t you think this is a stuff worth money?

Trash the products from any unknown brands and stick to a good brand for cosmetics even if you need to stretch a bit more in terms of cost, Period.

8. A Personal Trainer At The Gym

stuff worth money

Spending the money on a certified personal trainer at the gym is worthy. Beware of fake trainers as they would just make our health/life miserable instead of helping us to get in shape. With dedicated guidance, one can see tremendous results towards a weight loss/weight gain or a body toning journey. If you are already hitting a gym and if you find a good certified trainer then yes go for it. It is surely a stuff worth money provided you stay disciplined and dedicated to your goal.

9. Weight Loss Diet Plan / Food

stuff worth money

It is a pretty costly affair when it comes to sticking to a diet plan. Keto or Paleo, the cost of food items related to a diet plan is 99 percent of the times more than the price of regular food routine.

However, spending some extra money on vegetables, fruits, low-calorie foods, high protein foods do fall into the category of stuff worth money. The only strong reason is that you get to shape and reach your goal leading to boosted confidence and higher energy levels. This for sure would have more positive impacts in our life.

10. Farm Fresh / Free Range Eggs And Organic Food Items

stuff worth money

Free range chicken eggs and meat are costly because they roam with nature and most of the time stress-free. So, it is obvious that the result we get by consuming it will help us in a positive way. Similarly, the organic vegetables and fruits which a local farmer or few individuals who produce it out of a terrace garden.

stuff worth money

When there is a benefit then why not spend some extra money on it. The money that we spend on these items is in fact very less when compared to the amount we may spend on medicines after consuming fertilizer based vegetables and fruits. Similarly, preferring palm sugar over the refined sugar also has its benefits. Hope my point justifies why it is okay to spend some extra money on it.

Let me close this blog post here with the first ten stuff worth money. I will cover the next batch of 10 things/items in the upcoming blog post. We do have another 22 items to cover. Stay tuned.

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