Do you sleep at work?

Do you get an urge to sleep at work?

It is always good to have a real quick sleep at work after lunch. When I say it’s good, I am referring to the 15-30 minutes nap. A Good Sleep plays an important role in finalizing a person’s success in career and in life.

sleep at work

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Companies in Japan had initiated sleep at work policy to encourage their employees to take a quick nap after lunch. Short sleep at work after lunch is proven to increase the productivity of the employees.

Besides, it is very normal for people to sleep off when they are dog tired but not all the times.

Remember that too much of anything is good for nothing. If you think that your sleep pattern falls into the abnormal category then it is time for you to dig on to it to find the root cause and take necessary actions.

Lack of sleep during the night can be because of Insomnia, Sleep Apnea, Parasomnias etc.

Reasons why people sleep at work:

  • Due to lack of interest towards the job.

– This is one of the major reason why people get bored at the office, in turn, sleep at work.

– Due to routine boring tasks.

  • Due to lack of opportunities.

– There are times when we would be totally free with very less to no work. For example, software professionals who support their clients abroad usually receive lesser work during Christmas holidays.

  • Due to Medical issues.

– People with underactive thyroid are most likely to sleep during the day due to lethargic nature.

– Hormonal imbalances.

  • Due to lack of sleep during the night.

– It is highly recommended to get at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep.

– Sleep Deprivation leads to fatigue during daytime, anxiety issues, depression and more.

  • Due to Narcolepsy in other words sleep attacks which are known to occur during the day might also be the reason why you sleep during the day.
  • Due to heavy workouts & stress.

– Beginners who hit the fitness centers are more likely to sleep at work due to body pains.

  • Due to excessive consumption of meals during lunch.

– Tasty food items lure people with great taste buds. Ha.. ha.. ha.. just kidding. But, it’s true that people who consume rice in large quantities sleep off during the day.

  • Due to lack of brain chemical Dopamine.

– The release of brain chemical Dopamine is responsible for the human to get Motivated.

  • Due to an intake of certain medications.

– For example, pills like Cetirizine and cough syrups like Benadryl.

  • Due to jet lags.

How to avoid sleeping at work?

  • Sleep well during the night. Ensure that you get adequate sleep.
  • Cut down on sugar intake.
  • Turn off or stay away from your cell phone at least an hour before you go to the bed. It is proven that the blue light from the mobile devices leads to sleep disorders by affecting our eyes.

Tip: There are apps like Twilight which helps to arrest blue light which gets emitted from the mobile screen to some extent.

  • Do not overstuff yourself with food items. Know your limits.
  • Stay Motivated.
  • Interact with people around you. Building networks at the workplace can help in a great way in our career.
  • Keep yourself occupied with activities like reading books, listening to good music, write about something etc.
  • Speak to your manager for additional responsibilities whenever you have the bandwidth.
  • Get involved in extra curricular activities and events at the work place. For example, events like Toastmasters, code hackers etc. would not only keep you occupied but also gives you a great exposure.
  • Call your friends in other companies over the phone and say “Hi”.Utilize the time to stay in touch with your friends and ex-colleagues instead of sleeping.
  • You can also refresh yourself by playing games on your mobile with your friends. Games like 8 ball pool, Asphalt, clash of clans etc can be played on a multiplayer mode. This will just help you to refresh yourself and keep you away from sleeping.

Motivation – The Most Powerful Word In The World

Motivational Movies

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It would be very hard for every one of us to face every day without this super-force within us in our life. Most of the times, it would be none other than our friends and relatives who come forward to help us come out of those terrible moments by supporting and motivating us.


One of the most powerful words in this world next to God. Some might think Money would fit in very well as a powerful word but even to earn money, Motivation is the base. In fact, it is the base for everything we come across in life.

But, can we expect the same friends and relatives always?

I need not tell the answer as you know it very well.

Do we always need someone to motivate us while facing a situation?

Not always, as one can self-motivate himself/herself and develop the behavior of self-motivation just by keeping our thoughts in sync between our hearts and minds.

It is very easy to get self-motivated but not at all the times when we are totally down. Sometimes our favorite music track pulls us back in track but the most effective method from my personal experience are specific movie clips and movies itself. They helped me get up and tread towards the present and future leaving the past behind. Here are some of the must-watch Motivational Movies when you like to boost your confidence level and motivate yourselves.

The Gifted Hands

Motivational Movies

Cinderella Man

Motivational Movies

October Sky

Motivational Movies

Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Motivational Movies

Chak De! India

Motivational Movies


Motivational Movies

Rocket Singh

Motivational Movies

Peaceful Warrior

Motivational Movies

The Pursuit of Happyness

Motivational Movies


Motivational Movies


Motivational Movies

The Social Network

Motivational Movies

Cast Away

Motivational Movies

The Aviator

Motivational Movies

Yes Man

Motivational Movies

Rocky IV

Motivational Movies

Always remember the quote mentioned below when you are broken,

Stars can’t shine without darkness“.

Oh, yeah, I would keep this article updated with latest Motivational Movies as well.