How to become successful in an iWriter platform?

How to become successful in an iWriter Platform?

earn money online via iWriter

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Yes. From my personal experience, it’s just one or two negative reviews is all it takes to get your dream of earning money via iWriter collapse.

It is not very difficult to become successful as an article or an ebook writer but at the same time not a very easy task too.

Points to keep in mind while writing for someone in an iWriter Platform:

  • Do not rush. Start slow and stay steady.
  • Choose the task as well as the requestor wisely.
  • Research before you start writing.
  • Choose the topics in which you are comfortable.
  • Use the option “contact requestor” and get your questions clarified if there are any.
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes will do harm to your success in iWriter. Hence, it is better to cross verify before closing a task.
  • Please write your own and not others contents.
  • Be mindful on what you write and do not use words which are difficult to understand.
  • Read what you had written at least twice before you hit the submit button to confirm that the users can understand everything you had written.
  • Do not use the same sentences multiple times.
  • Use the keywords appropriately based on the special instructions.
  • It is very normal for the things to go in an unexpected way when it comes to the requestors comments. Do not get demotivated, instead move on to the next assignment.
  • Ensure that you provide good content. It is okay if you are providing information about an old idea but what is important is how you present that in your own style.
  • Make use of bullet points and headings where ever possible when you write an article. It not only gives the user an option to remember what you wrote but also enhances the readability of your article.
  • Have an introduction, main body conclusion in your article. Consider all the tasks equal irrespective of their pricing.
  • Do not only look for the tasks which are of higher pricing at least in the initial stages. You would never know that the task which you had ignored because of low pricing might get you 4 or 5 stars. Remember, that rating and the ranking decide your presence in iWriter.
  • Always leave a note to the requestor. A small note thanking him and also to let him know that you would be glad to fix if the requestor feels that anything has to be corrected and added in your article. This has to be done before you submit the article else you would lose this opportunity to contact the requestor.
  • Always remember that iWriter is not the only platform to earn money via writing. You can try other platforms which are like an alternative to iWriter.

The Alternatives:

  1. A List Apart –
  2. International Living –
  3. FundsforWriters –
  4. Uxbooth –
  5. Textbroker –
  6. Scripted –

If this is the first time you are hearing about iWriter, then please refer to my article

Earn money online just by investing time – Approach 1

How to earn money online from home without investing money – Tested Approach No. 1

Making money online is 100 % possible with the help of an internet but not always a cake walk.

Do you want to generate a passive income working from home just by investing time?

If your answer is Yes, then we have got some genuine ways through which you can achieve your goal and make money. Let me reiterate, nothing comes easy without hard work.

The Approach & Platform:

Earn by writing via iWriter

I have got a real-time experience with this approach. If you can spend around 1 hour daily in writing about a topic then you can earn a minimum of 30 – 40 USD which is around INR 2500 a month which can act as your passive income.

The more hours you spend the more would be your earnings. Your earnings per write-up would increase based on your rank & ratings. By default, your rank would be at a level of standard writer. The writers are ranked as Standard, Premium, Elite, and Elite Plus in this platform.

Once you reach the rank “Elite Plus” which is the highest then your earnings per task can range between USD 20 – 25 approximately. If you write one article a day as per the requirement then the earning for a month would be USD 600. Precisely, your rank and rating determine your per task earning.

Please note that when your rank increases the difficulty level of the task and the time you need to spend on a task also increases. But, by following certain tips and tricks we can very well ensure that we retain our rank and get good reviews towards your earn money online goal.

To Do:

  1. Search for the term “iWriter” in Google or any other web browsers.
  2. Register yourself as an iWriter in the website.
  3. Update your profile with necessary information especially the PayPal details in the payment section. This is very important as this is the only way to get your earnings to your bank account.
  4. Clear the English grammar test.

Basic Requirements:

  • Internet connectivity
  • An active email address
  • At least an intermediate proficiency in the English language
  • PayPal Account ( you can create one for free)
  • Patience

Things you should be aware of:

  1. You need to get qualified to become an iWriter by clearing a simple grammar test online. Without this, you cannot write and earn money online in this platform.
  2. You need to accumulate a minimum of USD 20 to get your payment.
  3. Your writing performance is rated based on the reviews you receive from the requestor for whom you write an article.
  4. You need to stick to some of the terms and conditions of the platform.

For example – your rating is expected to be on or above 3.2, by the time you complete writing 10 tasks or articles. Note that the expected rating varies based on your rank. If you are on lower rating i.e lesser than 3.2 by the end of completing 10 articles, your account would be blocked and your earnings would be retained by iWriter management. In other words, you will lose your hard-earned money.

Don’t worry, you can very well avoid this situation if you play cautiously by following the necessary tips and tricks.

How much did I earn money online?

I had spent around 2 hours approximately for 5 days as a standard writer and my earning was approximately USD 7.

Is iWriter a scam or fraud?

Honestly, I don’t think so. But, everything is based on how effectively we follow the terms and conditions and how safe we play at least until you accumulate your first USD 20. I am saying this as some people lose their earnings just because of the lower stars they received. It is very easy to get your account blocked based on the bad reviews and ratings, so play wise.

The awesomeness of passive income in legal ways is an addiction.

Stay tuned and follow my blog for the tips and tricks related to iWriter Platform and also to get to know about the other tested methods to earn money online.