How to burn calories / body fat ?

By hitting the gym or by walking/jogging regularly and by tweaking our food intake, we can very well burn calories and excess body fat. How to burn calories effectively?

burn calories and body fat

Many newbies opt for annual memberships and hit the gym with a lot of hopes. But, not everyone achieves what they want instead fail due to lack of knowledge, motivation and also due to the way they work out.

To burn calories and excess body fat is not very difficult but only if we follow a routine and maintain discipline.

Always remember that the worst and the painful phase which we need cross once after we hit the gym would be the initial two – three weeks. This is the time when we need a lot of motivation and determination to be able to achieve what we are up to. This is also the time when many people force themselves to fail.

Never forget the quote “No Pain No Gain” because everything lies in these four words.

Nothing would work out if we find ourselves as a replica of an elephant shown in the below Graphical Interchange Format (GIF).How to burn calories

The Simple But Powerful Tricks:

Come to a conclusion on what do you want to achieve ( Weight Loss / Muscle Gain ). Discuss with your gym instructor about your goal.


Listen to your favorite music track while you try to burn calories and excess body fat. Music releases more brain chemical named “Dopamine” which is responsible for a human to stay motivated.

Ensure you drink water in small quantities between the workout repetitions. Do not swallow water in a gulp instead hold water inside your mouth and swallow in small quantities. If you are not hydrated, you are most likely to stop between the repetitions without completing and there are chances for you to end up with nausea.

Tip: Ensure that you workout in a place where there is proper ventilation of air. Suffocation again may lead to Nausea. You can try standing beneath an AC or a fan between workouts just for few seconds.

Think about an image or quote or similar which you had seen driving you to go for an extra mile. I have this picture posted on my apartment’s gym wall exactly in front of the elliptical. Looking at this helps me complete those last 5 minutes of my 30 minutes elliptical work out.

If you are in the first three weeks, you are most likely to experience terrible pain on your chest, triceps, arms, shoulders, and thighs. The unbearable pain in my experience is the pain on the thighs once you start practicing Squats. Please note – the initial weeks will be bitter. Do not look back so that you get to taste the sweetness from the fourth week.

Tip: Try squats on Thursdays and Fridays in the initial period. That way, you can give the muscles rest over the weekend.

Increase the intensity after the third week so that you burn calories and excess body fat. The more you sweat, the more motivated you would be. Do not shock your muscles by lifting heavy weights during the initial few weeks. Give your body some time to get used to your new routine.

Skip gym the next day if you are unable to bear the pain caused by the previous day’s work out. But, ensure that you stretch your muscle’s at least to free up the sore muscles. That would help to reduce the intensity of pain. Never skip Leg day once your body is toned.

Try to build your network at the fitness center or at the apartment gym so that you will have a company. Hitting gym with friends is the best way to ensure that we won’t skip the gym and to stay motivated as well. If you have no friends, find new friends.

If you cannot spend money at a fitness center, buy the least required equipment and workout from home. Refer youtube videos to understand how to perform a particular exercise if you do not know.

Tweak your intake by skipping the rice and junk food items known for weight gain.

Stay Disciplined & Stick to a schedule.


Food Matters: What you consume / When you consume / Why you consume.

Workout Matters: What you do / When you do / Why you do.

  • Do not lose hope.
  • Do not stop.
  • Stay calm and focused.

Patience & Good Sleep are the keys to see a positive outcome. When the right time comes, it will be beautiful and totally worth the wait.


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Items that can help you Reduce Belly Fat & Body Weight – Part 1

Things/Items that can help you Reduce Belly Fat & Body Weight – Part 1

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Always think big but do not overlook smaller things which can help you achieve that big thing. The best example is – When we finally set our goal to reduce belly fat and excess weight, below are some of the major things which cross our minds besides we forget that the smaller things that help lose belly fat.

  1. An automatic Treadmill.
  2. An Elliptical or a Cross Trainer.
  3. An annual membership at a branded fitness center.
  4. A circuit machine and more.

All the above-mentioned items would greatly help us in our weight loss struggle if used wisely. But there are few activities which can replace most of the equipment mentioned above but deliver the same result without making a hole in our wallet.

Pic Source: drchuckkelley

Remember, we do have few more important smaller items which are a must have while fighting against excess weight and belly fat. Without these things that help lose belly fat, it is certainly difficult at least according to me if you are working towards your weight loss.

Must have items during Weight Loss program:

  1. A Water Bottle with a level indicator on it.
  2. A bathroom weighing scale.
  3. An inch tape to measure waistline especially when you work towards the reduction of belly fat.
  4. A Planner or Diary and a writing pen to keep track of your body weight.
  5. A good pair of walking/running shoes.
  6. Few pairs of Ankle socks.
  7. A sweat absorber or a face towel.
  8. A jump or skipping rope and a twister machine.
  9. Few pairs of comfortable inner wears to avoid rubbing of our inner thighs while walking / running.
  10. A quality Wired / Bluetooth earphone to listen to music or similar while workout.
  11. A Mother Apple Cider Vinegar.
  12. A list of movies, clippings or songs or an audio file which motivated/motivates you. Save those on your phone and watch/listen regularly.
  13. A thermal water bottle for hot water especially to use while at the office.

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Healthy Life