Items that can help you Reduce Belly Fat & Body Weight – Part 1

Things/Items that can help you Reduce Belly Fat & Body Weight – Part 1

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Always think big but do not overlook smaller things which can help you achieve that big thing. The best example is – When we finally set our goal to reduce belly fat and excess weight, below are some of the major things which cross our minds besides we forget that the smaller things that help lose belly fat.

  1. An automatic Treadmill.
  2. An Elliptical or a Cross Trainer.
  3. An annual membership at a branded fitness center.
  4. A circuit machine and more.

All the above-mentioned items would greatly help us in our weight loss struggle if used wisely. But there are few activities which can replace most of the equipment mentioned above but deliver the same result without making a hole in our wallet.

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Remember, we do have few more important smaller items which are a must have while fighting against excess weight and belly fat. Without these things that help lose belly fat, it is certainly difficult at least according to me if you are working towards your weight loss.

Must have items during Weight Loss program:

  1. A Water Bottle with a level indicator on it.
  2. A bathroom weighing scale.
  3. An inch tape to measure waistline especially when you work towards the reduction of belly fat.
  4. A Planner or Diary and a writing pen to keep track of your body weight.
  5. A good pair of walking/running shoes.
  6. Few pairs of Ankle socks.
  7. A sweat absorber or a face towel.
  8. A jump or skipping rope and a twister machine.
  9. Few pairs of comfortable inner wears to avoid rubbing of our inner thighs while walking / running.
  10. A quality Wired / Bluetooth earphone to listen to music or similar while workout.
  11. A Mother Apple Cider Vinegar.
  12. A list of movies, clippings or songs or an audio file which motivated/motivates you. Save those on your phone and watch/listen regularly.
  13. A thermal water bottle for hot water especially to use while at the office.

Healthy Body + Healthy Mind = Healthy Life


Weight Loss and Diet – My day 1

Thinking of how to reduce weight without sacrificing your food intake?

Oh Yeah… I need to admit that I am one among the many who are fighting against weight loss in this world.

I am familiar with some of the ways to reduce the body weight of which I have seen success. But, those approaches were at the cost of punishing my taste buds.

This time, it is different as I wanted to reduce my excess body weight and get rid of the fluffy face without a drastic change in my food intake. I am a food lover, so to resist myself from a tasty good food is not a good option to achieve weight loss.

Being a food lover, to resist me from a tasty good food is not an approach via which I wanted to achieve weight loss.

My Current Weight:

Today,  May 30th, 2017 @ 6.50 AM, I weigh 75.5 kilograms. I don’t rely much on my bathroom scale but I consider the scale by calculating the final weight based on +/- 5 kilograms. To ignite the drive in me, let me close it saying I am 76 kilograms.

Weight Loss

You know it better. By just having a thought we cannot reduce body weight.

So, today I woke up at 4 AM in the morning and started my first-day walk. With a water bottle in my hand. I had clocked 6.2 kilometers in an hour.

Reached back home and closed my first-day routine with 2 sets of hopping using a jump rope or a skipping rope. Heard that a jump rope if properly used can do wonders and help us get rid of the fat belly. I do own a belly too :), you can see that if you notice the above snapshot closely.

The reason for writing this article is to,

  1. Track my weight on a regular basis.
  2. As I had written about it now on my blog I can ensure that I do not cheat myself.
  3. To share the happy moments and issues faced during this routine.
  4. To play a little role in motivating others fellow friends who are finding themselves in my current situation trying to achieve their weight loss goal.

As I had mentioned in the beginning of this post, I won’t be following a strict diet routine. But, would be tweaking my food intake by reducing the frequency of consuming rice to achieve weight loss.

Stay Tuned, will keep you all posted.