Chrome Extension – The Eleven That Rocks

It is been a week, between this post and my previous post. Could not spend time in writing, Friends. I am back again with some interesting information down in this post. This time it is in-line with Google Chrome Extension.

Before we move further.

Browser Extension:

chrome extension

Image Credit: Pixabay

It is nothing but a piece of software that extends the functionalities of a web browser. Also known as a plug-in / Add-in / Add-on / Extension.

Chrome Extension:

This post would give glimpses of some of the useful google chrome extension that can help us increase our productivity, save time and money. The extensions mentioned below are handpicked by me and I use most of them even now.

1. Grammarly

I love this. I had got introduced to its application at first and later to the chrome extension.

chrome extension

This plug-in helps me with corrections and suggestions whenever I write, be it an email at work or a blog. A chrome extension that I recommend to a lot of the people who uses a computer at work.

Will there be anyone who would be happy to see a typographical error or a grammatical error once an email is sent?

The recall email option does not work always in Microsoft Outlook. Similarly, the undo option does not stay for long in case of google email. Prevention is better than cure.

chrome extension

Trust me, this extension rocks… A free version, as well as pro version, are available but the former meets my requirement very well.

2. Figure it Out (FIO)

A chrome extension that gives us glimpses of the current time of many locations when a new browser tab is opened.

chrome extension

A very useful addon for a person who interacts every day with many people who are in different time zones. A handy app for the people in software profession as most of them interact with the clients from different locations.

Oh, yeah I do see your point. Some of u might think that adding an extra clock to the particular time zone at the taskbar should do the job.

I do agree but we can have only two clocks besides the home country clock on our personal computer. If you are a person working with people from not more than two countries then the extra clock approach will work. But, still this google extension FIO is much more effective as it also allows you to create an event or meeting via google, outlook etc. on the same page.

3. Forest

One of the natural thing which is struggling to exist in the modern world. Hoardings and giant banners with the slogan plant a tree is what we see nowadays in and around us. Would have been good if we all had realized that a much earlier than now.

Huh, it is a different story anyway if we compare with what we are gonna see below.

Forest is a google chrome extension that allows us to grow trees on our laptops or PCs.

chrome extension

While at work, we tend to distract due to a lot of external things and also sometimes due to our laziness. There is no doubt that the brain chemical Dopamine in our brain can motivate us to be more productive. But, what is that thing that can motivate us to boost our brain chemical?

We all do have a long-term goal as well as a short-term goal. Similarly, we do have got something called micro goals? A goal that lasts only for few minutes to few hours. For such micro goals, the forest extension helps a lot.

What To Do?
chrome extension
  • Plant a tree and set a time before you start a task.
  • Do not distract yourself with things other than what you are doing as a part of the task.
  • As you do your work, the plant which you had planted grows.
  • Once you complete the task and the set time has reached, you can find that the plant has become a tree.
  • Just harvest your output by keeping this extension as your companion.

You can create a forest by planting more trees. The best part is it also allows us to Blacklist and White-list the websites that might distract us from work.

We can also sync the app with our Android and iPhone to analyze the statistics and more.
Remember, it is proven that breaking bigger tasks into smaller parts helps us complete it much faster.

4. Strict Workflow:

An extension of Pomodoro Technique. Hope you know about this technique. For those who are hearing about it for the first time.

Pomodoro Technique – It is a time management technique where a timer breaks down our work into 25-minute intervals. Work for 25, break for 5, repeat the same.

chrome extension

Strict Workflow – helps us to block websites which consume most of our valuable time. The best thing is that it blocks only the websites that we specify and not all the websites.

Just like Forest, this chrome extension can help a lot of professionals who do not have any browsing restrictions at their workplace during work hours.

5. Google Dictionary (by Google)

A powerful dictionary extension which can provide the meaning of a selected word in a web page. A double-click on a word helps us save a lot of time. Opening a new tab in the browser or a dictionary software to find out a meaning of a word is no longer required. Try it, you will love it.

chrome extension

6. SpeakIt

I use this voice reading chrome extension when I wanted to listen to the content in an article or a news online instead of reading.

I also use this extension when I wanted to listen to someone else reading my content. This helps me change or do minor changes to the content I write on my blog for better readability.

I would say that it is almost like a Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa or Cortana that most of us are yet to utilize on our cell phones. SpeakIt does have its limitations like the total number of words that can read. But, truly saves time.

7. Save to Pocket (aka) Pocket

Helps us in a scenario like this.

Found something good online, wanted to read but had to forgo for time being?

That is where Pocket plays a great role especially when we do not want to bookmark the page just to read a particular post.

chrome extension

Pocket, not just helps us save an article but also can allow us to save videos etc for later visits. The best part about this chrome extension is that it can be viewed from multiple devices via syncing. Can be used even offline.

Comes to a rescue of people who loves to read while on travel to work/home by train and bus. One-Click is what is needed to save the content you see online.

8. Awesome screenshot

Awesome add-in for those who need to capture screens while at work.

Let us assume that you are working on creating a step by step technical document which will have screenshots captured from the software. This is an extension that you need to give it a shot.

chrome extension

Screen Capture is not the only task that is possible in this plug-in instead it comes with a lot more necessary features like Blurring of the sensitive portion and screen recording too.

Available in chrome as well as Firefox. Being a great fan of the software Snagit, I still like this one too.

9. Hola

Do you travel frequently to other countries? Do you access websites that are restricted to your country?

chrome extension

Hola can help. It is an unlimited VPN google extension which works on Peer to Peer approach.

10. Honey

A must use add-in if you are a person who purchases things online.

chrome extension

Honey, provides us with all the coupons available in a particular website separated based on categories. Applies the coupon automatically instead of an explicit action from the user. Works great with Amazon India and Flipkart.

11. The Camelizer

This is again an extension related to online buying. This chrome extension provides us with information about the price history of a product. Helps us analyze the trend and save money while buying the product. This extension is not working with the eCommerce sites of India at this point.

Note On Chrome Extensions:

It is recommended to install and use the google chrome extensions or similar by considering the number of users and the reviews. Just like a malicious software a malicious extension can cause damage to the computer and also play a role on privacy issues.

The Life hacks I Love – Part 1

Life hacks

A strategy that helps a person to manage time and be efficient and productive. I am gonna share here some of the life hacks which I had liked and experienced. Maybe you would also like them once you try. There is nothing wrong in trying hence, give it a shot. Let’s hope it works well for you too.

Life Hacks

Image Credit: Pixabay

A Sorry Replaced With A Thank You Creates +ve Effect:

For example, let us assume that you are running late due to traffic and could not reach on time to the place where you and your friend had planned to meet. Traffic is not something that you can control. It is not your fault. In these kinds of scenarios, Say Thank You for your patience instead of a Sorry. The term Sorry creates a negative emotional state in the mind of the other person.

Life Hacks

Image Credit: Pixabay

Always remember that the words Please, Sorry and Thank You are Magical words.

Wearing Your Shoes Will Help You Hit The Gym:

To hit the gym daily is not a very easy task. It needs motivation and determination. But, most of the times these two powerful words are overridden by our Laziness. In my personal experience, the feeling of laziness win over Motivation and Determination.

Life Hacks

I have come across this two-minute hack known to help most of the gym goers achieve their goal of hitting the gym daily. Override the laziness by wearing your gym shoes. That is the first and the difficult step. Once the shoes are on then there is no stopping 80 percent of the times.

Never Walk Empty Handed At Home:

Most people who give a seminar or speech used to have something in their hands while speaking. Most of the times, it would be a marker or a pointing light. This is because of the two reasons.

1. Leaving the hands sideways will give an awkward look to anyone especially when they are on stage.

2. To leave the hands inside the pocket shows lack of courage.

Life Hacks

Image Credit: Pixabay

But, what if we are at home?

I need not say about how one’s home will look like especially when there are smaller kids at home. If you are in the similar situation, never walk empty-handed between rooms in your home. Always grab those toys and bits of paper lying on the floor and leave them at their place. This way you can ensure that the home is still neat. This technique also helps us save a lot of time and keeps us productive.

What We Read Tonight Determines Our Tomorrow:

Life Hacks
Image Credit: Pixabay
This is one reason why most people read books before bedtime. The positive thoughts from the book give a great feeling and create peace in the mind and body. That is not all, the positive effect stay until we wake up and help us plan our day better with a smile. This is applicable very much for the books or online content that provoke our thoughts and inspire us. A person who reads every day before bedtime is most likely to stay dull or less motivated the day they missed reading.

The 30 Days Challenge:

I am yet to try this life hack but still sharing here as it looks promising and it is not a 5o day’s Blue Whale Challenge, Phew!
Life Hacks
Image Credit: Pixabay
They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I do not know whether it is a Fact or a Myth.
But, when we want to make something good a habit or to get rid of a bad habit, it is better to stick to a 30 days challenge. By doing the same activity for 30 days in a row we are most likely to stick to that habit down the road for a longer time. But, there may be personalities who fall under exceptions category and look at this life hacks differently too.

A Softened LPG Hose Works Great:

I came across a situation at my home where I had to insert the LPG hose to the gas stove. Tried with my bare hands for almost an hour which had just resulted in boils on my fingers, palm and terrible pain for two days. No luck as I was unable to insert the hose fully and the gas leak was continuous. Later, came to know about this hack from the gas stove servicing professional which had not only helped me but worked great. Here is the trick. This technique cannot be counted as one among the life hacks for people who reside outside India but still can be suggested to their friends and relatives.

The Steps:

  1. Take hot water.
  2. Immerse one end of the hose into the hot water. Ensure that the portion required to be inserted to the gas stove is in contact with water.
  3. Leave it for 30-45 seconds.
  4. Try to insert the LPG hose now towards the stove. It will be butter smooth.
  5. Do not turn ON the gas stove for at least 10 minutes.
  6. The inserted hose will be intact to the stove nozzle without any gaps once it cools down.
Note: The above-mentioned method is applicable only for the Orange colored LPG hose supplied by the gas agency or the branded ones bought from an external shop.
Do not try this technique with the green colored LPG hose which was in use a few years back. I mean the soft ones with no hard wiring inside the hose rubber. The green ones are no longer supplied by the gas agencies but still.Will see you all soon with some more life hacks too if possible.

Useful & Powerful Mobile Apps

Squeeze The Juice Of Your Cell Phone Via These Apps

Studies show that humans touch their cell phones 2,617 times a day. If I consider myself I can very well say that the time I spend with my cell phone is almost four to five hours a day. Not just me, it is something most of us do every day. The word obsession can very well be used here. But, how productive or useful we make that time and how efficiently we are squeezing the juice from our cell phone and the installed apps really matters.


Image Credit: Pixabay

We cannot find one’s cellphone without applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Google etc. Though there are some of the applications which are capable to help us handle things better in our daily life, they have not got the priority spot yet in most of our cell phones. The main reason here is the lack of awareness towards the availability of the application.

What is that something reasonable which we cannot do using mobile applications nowadays?

Here are some of the mobile apps I had personally used and found them to be great and supportive. Especially, when we want to save time and ease the task a bit. Some of you might be already using these and also might have fallen in love with some app due to its efficiency. If so, please let me know about it so that we can get those as well in the post.

The Apps I Use:

Disclaimer: Kindly note that I am not related to any of these mobile applications mentioned below and its developers in anyways. I am sharing this information as I had found them to be great and helpful.

Microsoft One Note/Google Keep:


A very powerful app according to me. It helps me to keep a note of whatever I do every day at work. It allows me access it via my personal computer as well as from my cell phone. Whatever I maintain here gets saved without an explicit action from my end to save.

Remember, the five subject single college notebook?

Microsoft OneNote is almost the same and there is a lot we can do with it starting from drafting an email to write a story. I am using this app since 2010 and it is absolutely Awesome. The best alternative for this app is Google Keep.



A powerful language mobile app. An app through which I am learning French whenever I find some time. Through this app, we can learn a lot more languages in the speed in which we want. The portions have been designed in such a way that we do not get confused. I find this app very useful especially when I feel bored at the office or while waiting in a queue.



Another powerful language app just like Duolingo. Duolingo concentrates on the grammar part of language while learning whereas Babbel helps us on the usage of words and phrases. With Babbel, we can start to speak the language comfortably. Some people only use Duolingo and some use only Babbel. But, I think by using both these powerful apps one can easily learn, understand and speak a foreign language much faster.



The brain app I use when I stand in a queue at the canteen to collect my meal. An app which will help our brain to stay active when you are at a place wasting time. This app is not only for adults but also for kids. Kids of age 5+ would really enjoy this brain game.

Trying hard to pull your kids away from regular mobile games and videos?

Try Lumosity in addition to the app YouTube kids. By Lumosity you can ensure that they stimulate their brain.



This location profile app will help you put your cell phone to silent mode automatically based on the place you are and turn to regular mode once you are out of that place.

It just needs an initial setup and the app takes care of the rest. It does not use GPS instead use the mobile mast (tower) signal to switch between the sound profiles in your phone.

For example – this app comes handy when you reach your regular religious place for prayer, Hospital or clinic if you are a medical person or any similar places where we are supposed to remain silent.



The To Do list app. It helps me with reminders and also helps me to ensure that I hit all the open items in my bucket and close it by end of the day. The best alternative here is Evernote an another powerful app.



Wow, I do not know about this app until I moved to the USA. The app my friend had asked me to install so that the actual amount I vow to him and other roommates are visible. If you are living with your friends in a room, going out for a dutch lunch or any similar scenarios where the total expense needs to be shared then this application will ease your job.

ES File Explorer:


The file explorer app which helps me access my file I need anytime and anywhere via the cloud. Let us assume that you need to open a file which is in the personal computer remotely, even that is possible through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) in ES File Explorer.

It also helps me preview what is there inside the compressed file in my cell phone and computer. That is not all. You can encrypt your folders in your phone, make a music playlist on the internet and over the cloud. If you are using chromecast, you can also broadcast what is there on your cell phone to your smart TV. There are a lot more too besides the ones mentioned here. Try it.

Noisli/Sleep Sounds:


With a collection of nature sounds, this app helps me relax my brain and my eyes too when I wanted to sleep faster. An alternative for this app is Sleep Sounds. These apps come handy when you wanted to be focused while working and also when you wanted to take a real quick nap after your lunch.



I use Twilight. I am not sure whether it is blocking the harmful blue light from my phone hundred percent. But, I believe it at least helps me by reducing the impact by tweaking the display brightness automatically so that my eyes do not get stressed much when I look at the cell phone when it is dark. The alternative here is f.lux


appsThe application I rely on when I wanted to save trees by not wasting paper. We all take printouts if we wanted to scan our medical bills and claim forms at the office right? Just capture the page here after via this application and you are all set to view your scanned image of the document in pdf and other formats.



The app I had used to transfer my money in another currency to INR real quick. There are other apps too like Zoom, Transfast etc but I had found Remitly to charge lesser transaction fees. This app will help a lot when you are abroad.

iA Writer:

appsThe app which helps me write articles on my phone reducing my dependency on my personal computer. I write whenever I want irrespective of the place I am in.

The Other Apps:

Here is the list of other apps which I am yet to try personally but heard it be great.


appsYou read books over your phone?
Then this app can help you connect with global communities, discover free books and stories from writers around the world.


Helps you keep a virtual bookshelf of the books you had read and also helps you build your “To-read” list.


A Google Maps alternative. It provides information about the traffic, accidents, traffic police, nearest gas station and more. I am yet to learn how useful this app is in India but it will really be a great companion abroad.


Helps us send/receive SMS, files from our personal computer. It is integrated with other messengers like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger etc.


It helps us save mobile battery by finding and killing the unwanted apps that run in the background. This is only applicable to Android phones. I do not think this is required for iPhone users.


Are you working towards reducing weight by hitting the Gym, Walking, Jogging, Cycling or similar?
This application can help you keep track of your speed, distance traveled, calories burnt via an audio feedback. Check it out for more uses.


  • Please do read the terms and conditions, privacy policy etc. before installing any application onto your device.
  • Reading customer reviews and feedbacks would be really helpful in deciding whether to proceed to install the application or not.
  • Most of the above-mentioned applications can be found in both App Store and Google Play Store. If you do not find it, please look for an alternative.
Image Credits: Office Support, Google Play, Noisli, media02.hongkiat
Disclaimer: Install the application only if you find it to be useful to you. I had found these applications useful hence shared but “use at your own risk”.


Our Smart TV Has Got Ears And Eyes Too

Smart TV – How Good Do We Know About It?

How many regular old fashioned CRT televisions we come across nowadays? May be a few that too in the petty shops where they sell Coffee and Tea. We can locate the small tv boxes either at the top of a refrigerator or at the stone bench inside those shops. Good Old appliances which very well had met the actual need for a television. The boxes that got disappeared almost due to advanced smart tv with more number of variants like OLED, 4K and more.

smart tv


Image Credit: Pixabay

The variants which most of us do not even understand. Not only us it is even applicable to the representative who explains it to us when we hit a store.

Where do you prefer to buy your appliances? Maybe from corporates like Croma, Reliance Digital, Amazon or from a local dealer if you live in India and through Best Buy, Walmart, Costco if you are living in the United States of America.

But, while buying the bigger smart tv for our home, do we understand everything about it?

I still remember that I googled and made a list with few things which I wanted to ask the representative while buying my Samsung smart LED tv. The list had the information about the number of USB, HDMI ports, applications, 3D features etc which are on the smart tv.

Not only me, I am sure everybody does the same research while buying a smart tv for home. But, the fact is that most of us won’t have an answer other than a smile on our face if we ask ourselves how many features in the smart tv we are utilizing.

Smart Tv, Ultra HD, Curved, OLED, 4K resolution And Lot More…

The first was the Black & White CRT TV which the color televisions had replaced. Then came LCD which we had welcomed as it saved us more space though it consumed the price which we use to invest on to a TV stand furniture. Followed by PLASMA, LED, OLED, HD, Curved TV, 4K and more smart tv with loaded features.

The same smart LED tv which we thought helping us save more space had pushed us to a liability where we end up buying or renting a house with a bigger living room. We wanted our living room to be big enough so that the bigger smart tv we had bought is well placed. When I say liability I am referring to the house (which costs more than we can afford) we are planning to buy or bought.

The Privacy Factor:

The smart tv of today not only comes with loaded features but also with the things that take a toll on our privacy. This is the reason why I had mentioned that “Our Smart TV Has Got Ears And Eyes Too”.

smart tv

Do You Know?

The smart tv with voice recognition feature sends all the information we say being in front of the smart tv to a third party service provider?

smart tv

If you own a smart tv like Samsung or LG or Sony or Vizio or anything similar, then it is best that you disable the voice recognition feature now.

The main purpose of collecting the voice details is to increase the performance of the smart tv. The collected information via speech is converted to text by an unknown firm or a person. In most of the models, we need to enable the mic to use voice recognition. But, there are few Samsung tv models where the microphone is always ON.

So, our smart tv listens to everything we discuss sitting in the living room while watching tv. Let us assume that you are discussing some sensitive information with your family member. Yes, you guessed it right. That information gets transmitted to a third party service provider.

Do You Have A Face Recognition Feature Also In Your Smart TV?

You need to be extra cautious.

The microphone and the camera can send details about your current state on top of what you are discussing. If you are falling into this category, then you are providing both your speech as well as a glimpse of what you are doing to an unknown person.

Wonder Where The Microphone Is?

The microphones are located in two places most of the time.

  1. Inside our smart tv.
  2. Inside our smart tv remote control.

To Believe Or Not To Believe?

Let’s take Samsung as an example here. Please go online and look for the privacy policy of Samsung Smart TV. You will find a clause relevant to “Voice Recognition”. You can also find the information on your TV irrespective of their brand.

Below are the screen captures for a quick peek.

smart tvsmart tv

Where To Find Your TV Privacy Policy And Disable The Feature?

SonyGo to Setting >>> General >>> About This TV / TV – About >>> Legal information >>> View Privacy Policy.

LGGo to Setting >>> General >>> About This TV >>> User Agreements >>> and opt out of Viewing Information, Personal Advertising, and/or Voice Information.

VizioMenu >>> Settings >>> Smart Interactivity, or any option with Automated Content Recognition and turn it off.

SamsungHome >>> Settings >>> System >>> Expert Settings >>> Voice Interaction and turn it OFF.

For Policy Document – Home >>> Settings >>> Terms & Policy

Kindly note that the navigation might vary based on the model hence it is good if you go through the user manual which came with the smart tv or navigate via settings option on your TV.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Smart TV:

  • Look for all the features which you find it to be useful. Do not rely fully on the representative to spoon feed on everything.
  • Chances are there that the representative does not know about some of the things or miss to convey some of the things to us. To Err is Human.
  • Be smart by choosing your smart tv size based on the distance between your couch and the wall where the TV is mounted.

smart tv

Image Credit: the-home-cinema-guide

  • Do not go for a bigger tv when the viewing distance is less. It won’t give you a great viewing experience until you move to a bigger room.
  • Do not stretch yourself and buy a smart tv focusing on a particular feature unless you are sure that you would use it frequently. I use only Youtube app and nothing else.
  • Read the user’s manual, at least the main things like features, policies related to privacy etc.

Things To Consider After Buying A Smart TV:

  • Turn Off the mains when you are not watching TV.

– This way you not only ensure your privacy but also save money on your electricity consumption.

– This tip also helps in extending the life time of your smart tv.

  • Try to use the remote control instead of voice recognition.

– Get up, move from the couch or sofa and grab the remote instead of commanding your TV.

  • Ensure that the TV camera is not on record or display mode even when the smart tv display is blank.
  • Opting for a universal remote might help to stop the remote control mic from collecting what you speak.

As you now know what needs to be done to make your tv deaf and dumb, please do it on time.

Feel free to share your views in case if you have got any other information like the one we had discussed above so that it would be helpful to everyone.


Do You Listen To Music While Working?

Do You Listen To Music While Working?

I listen to music most of the times while at work. Specifically, when I am involved in some task on which I am very much familiar and comfortable. In case, if I am on to something and if it is a bit new or if I need to learn and then perform, I use the pause button too sometimes.


Image Credit: Pixabay

This is not the first time that I am writing about Music. You will be able to find an article which I had already written on how Baroque Music helps in boosting brain power, productivity, sleep and more. Just use the search bar which is available in the blog to find it.

As a trail post, I am here again to share something which I had recently come across and enjoyed it even when I am there at work. Trust me, I do work on tasks at my work place and this listening to music part happens in parallel. In the beginning, I use to listen to regular songs from the movies but moved on to Baroque and Jazz lately as I had found them awesome.

What Is It Now?

Nowadays, it is not Baroque or Jazz music. It is of a different kind and it makes me fall in love with it every time I listen to.

Could there be anyone in this world who does not like to listen to the below sounds?

The sound that comes out when,

  • There is a Breeze.
  • We are alone at a Seashore.
  • It Rains.
  • The water flows into the river.
  • We sit near the campfire/fire place.
  • The fall of leaves during an Autumn.

Don’t we sometimes miss that,

  • Calmness we experience while walking inside the woods/forest.
  • That awesome train sound that we get to hear after everyone in the compartment sleeps.

All the above-mentioned sounds have a tendency to make us feel different in a positive way. Though, we know that they are all awesome to hear, do we have time for all these small lovely things in our faster lives?

Thanks To Noisli:

Here is Noisli, the app which has been developed for us all to enjoy nature anywhere and at any time. Irrespective of whether you are at work or at home, noisli can help you topple the bad situations to a much better state.

We can bring in this wonderful app into our pockets by downloading from Google Play or an App Store. The only thing that we need is a cell phone. In addition, when we are at work, we can make use of either the chrome web store or type the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and listen to it using the laptop or the desktop computer.

Ha Ha Ha… I was unable to recollect the acronym of URL for a moment. So, expanded it above just in case if you find yourself in the same spot.

Situations When Noisli Comes As A Savior:

  • Just got out from a burner? I referring to that one plus hour meeting with the client. Rejuvenate yourself by listening to the music of nature.
  • Want to concentrate more on to the coding you are working on or the kernel update you are on to? Try this wonder app.
  • Learning something new, we have got “Brownian Noise/ Brown/Red Noise”. Just give it a shot.
  • Unable to tolerate that annoying tone or disturbing voice at the office? You know what I am going to suggest.
  • Working out of a coffee shop? Arrest unwanted noise.
  • Like to stay relaxed, try “White Noise” music and you will enjoy.
  • Unable to sleep, try “Pink Noise”. The sound of pink noise is known for improving sleep and memory power.

I can already visualize more thumbs up’s to the below point 🙂

  • Having an Awesome quarrel at home? Feel like responding to each sentence you hear from your partner? We all know that it is better to stay quiet.

– Believe me, holding water in the mouth won’t work great all the time :). I am yet to try Noisli in these kinds of scenarios. But, I believe Noisli will work like a charm.

What Is More To Try?


Image Credit: Noisli

We can enjoy the pre-configured sounds categorized under Relaxation and Productivity but that is not all. With Noisli, we can also configure random sounds based on our interests.

For example, if you would like to virtually experience the combination of a Thunderstorms while you are at the sea shore scenario, that is possible too with Noisli.


Dear Friends, I am sharing the information about this app as I am experiencing and found it to be helpful and nothing more. The number of occurrences of the term “Noisli” in this write-up might be more but it does not mean that I am writing a product review. I am no way related to this application developer or any of its related entities.

Started Falling In Love With Noisli Already?

I hope you are able to find the Comments Luv section at the bottom of this post. Please do drop your valuable comments based on your experience with Noisli.

Happy Sharing.