Monetize Your Photography Skill

Photography – From A Hobby To A Side Hustle:

We had discussed enough on whether to buy a DSLR / SLR Camera or not for photography in the parent post already.

As a continuation, this post will give some more insights on how to turn your photography skill into a side hustle. Especially for those who already own a camera and also for those who wanted to buy a new one to pursue their hobby.

Let us Hop On…


Image Credit: Pixabay

Yes, as I said there are ways to monetize the photography skill with some extra effort and determination from your side. Maybe some of you already know about few things that you are gonna come across down this post.

I am a little bad when it comes to Photography and it is not my cup of tea. I am jotting down this content here by keeping the knowledge I had gained from various sources on the web. Before, we move on further let me also share this piece of information too about the images we see when we Google.

Good To Know:

– Please be informed that we are not supposed to use the images we find in Google for our personal or commercial use.

– The reason behind is that most of the stunning photographs we see and download from Google search are copyrighted.

– The owner of an image can sue us anytime for using their captures without their consent. So, be cautious while using the snaps from the web especially for commercial use.

A Copyrighted / Free To Use Images:

Hmm, here is how one can identify whether an image is a copyrighted one or free to use for commercial purpose.

The Steps:

  1. Go to Google website on your PC.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Select the option Advanced Search.
  4. Select the drop-down on the option “Usage Rights”.
  5. Choose the option “Free to use, share or even commercially / Free to use, share, modify or even commercially “.

Still, Need To Use Others Photographs?

– If you need to use the captures of others for commercial purpose then please contact the owner and check whether you can use their photographs.

– Buy it for a price if you need to use them for commercial purposes.

– One more thing to do is to provide citations about the user or their website while using their photographs in your website or a blog. By providing citations, you can ensure that you are not involved in Plagiarism.

The Traditional Approach:

We all know about the traditional approach which can be followed to make money out of photography, for example, running a Photo Studio. But, that approach would need you to concentrate much on your studio full time overriding the meaning of the term “Side Hustle”.


Image Credit: Pixabay

So, how to make money as a part-time photography professional in parallel to the regular active job?

Please remember that your active full-time job is a must have until you create a stable parallel path to go over with your side hustle. People who jump right onto their side hustle leaving their full-time job are most likely to fail after few years. So, your current active income is a must, at least in the initial stages.

The Modern Approaches:


Image Credit: Pixabay

  • Create a website or blog or a Facebook page to showcase your photographic skills.

– This is mandatory as your side hustle rely a lot on the internet followed by word of mouth.

  • Speak to your friends and see if you can help them capture the great moments of their upcoming family occasion or their kids birthday party.

– Ask your friend to share those photographs on their social media page with your name or company name watermarked on it in return.

  • Once after the breakthrough, you can start setting the package based rates according to the nature of the occasion.

– Maybe you know about this trend already. There are couples who take a photographer with them during their honeymoon trips. Here the photographer gets free travel ticket, accommodation, food and also gets money for taking the couples pictures at the time of site seeing.

  • Either you create your work for the available markets or find the market where you can sell your skills.
  • When it comes to photography, sticking to a particular genre would help a lot. I am saying this because there is a huge volume of photography hobbyists who concentrates on Nature. So think different and be creative.
  • Stick to a particular niche, for example, capture the photographs of Automobiles alone or food items or modern homes etc.
  • Find a blogger/bloggers to whom you can sell the photographs you had captured.

– If the person who buys your photographs does blogging on a particular niche then you should be able to see a continuous cash inflow by providing your captures. But, this may not be the case with the bloggers who write and concentrate on many things.

For example, I do not blog on a particular topic instead cover many areas. So, in cases like this, it is best to be in touch with the blogger on regular basis to get the information about what he/she is planning to write next. That way you can try to capture things based on the need and sell it.

– Connections with more number bloggers lead to more cash inflow.

  • Capture things that are trending and things that can be of use to a local newspaper and magazines.

– Emailing them with your captures is one more way to make money.

  • Get your captures in a postcard and see whether you can sell it with the help of local stationary shops and fancy stores. You can also sell your captures for creating book covers too.
  • Take part in photography contests. They not only open the gate for you to meet many like-minded hobbyists but also gives you more visibility.
  • Create a magazine with your captured photos and sell it during the book fair. Kids love pictures book. Hope you got what I am saying. Think different, focus on the areas that most others had overlooked.
  • Most of the doctor’s clinic nowadays have digital photo frames. Speak to the receptionist and see whether you can run your stunning photographs with your name watermarked in their digital photo frames.

– This is something you can do at any place where there is a waiting room. Another example is the automobile service centers where they just run the television channels.

  • Check with your nearby home appliances showroom. You can display your stunning captures in the Big Screen Smart TV section if they are okay with it. People who come to buy a Smart TV can have a look at your photos. It will not only allow them to decide the smart TV based on the color sharpness with the help of your photographs but also advertise you as your name is on the photographs.

– How you showcase your talents and create visibility is what matters, finally.

  • There are sites like where you can sell your captures to be on many products like cell phone back covers, canvas prints, and Duvets.
  • Submit your photographs to the websites that buy images. There are many websites that buy photographs of others for money.
  • Sell your photographs to stock photography agencies.

What Is Stock Photography?

It refers to the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses.

Professional photographs of commonplaces, landmarks, nature, events or people fall under the Stock Photography category.


  • Macro stock: High-priced and exclusive stock photography.
  • Midstock: Stock photography priced between macro stock & microstock which is often used online.
  • Microstock: Low-priced and inclusive stock photography.

Stock Photography Agencies:

The below-shown are some of the websites or stock agencies where one can sell their stock photography.


Things To Remember While Using Stock Photography Sites:

  • Remember that there are established photographers in large numbers associated with these websites.
  • Websites like Dreamstime and 500px are community-based. You can try these sites especially when you wanted to know how others look at your capture.
  • To crack and make a space for you is not an easy task but at the same time, not something which is impossible with the help of determination and hard work.
  • The stock photo websites mentioned above do take bigger commissions on the each sale you make via them. For example, 123RF provide 30 percent commission for a non-exclusive snap.
  • Most of the above-mentioned sites need you to signup and also do come with expensive annual charges.
  • To make good returns out of these sites, maybe $100 a month, one should be able to upload nearly 1000 awesome snaps a month.
  • Quality matters a lot in these websites.
  • Some of the sites are expected to contain the images which are 18+ as a part of body art too. For example website like 500px.

Last But Not The Least

As you know now on how to effectively use your SLR/DSLR/Mobile phone camera, please do a thorough research.

Finalize the best site which can help you steer your side hustle smooth.

Always ensure that you upload your images onto multiple websites so that you get more gains.

Got A Designer In You? Try Merch by Amazon

To Exhibit Oneself Is A Talent

This is my fourth article on earning through a side hustle. A second one inline with Amazon. Please browse my blog for more side hustle approaches. As days run, a thought about job security keeps growing constantly in my mind. Maybe the current market status and the new technologies which crop up daily around us gives me a feeling that an active job can never be relied on like how it was earlier.

Merch by Amazon may be a perfect fit if you or your partner is planning to start a t-shirt design business as a side hustle. Passive income is always good but it is mandatory now at least for some people.

t-shirt design

Anybody can use Merch by Amazon to create a cash inflow besides the active regular income from a full-time job. But still, I would dedicate this post to all those friends and their partners who are abroad and in India doing an excellent job as a homemaker.

Maybe your partner is damn creative and apt for a role of a designer but still had to stay at home due to circumstances. If you are able to relate the above sentence with your family then this is one way through which you can help your partner exhibit their talent. Help them stay motivated by letting them know about Merch by Amazon. It can help them earn by working from home.

What Is Merch by Amazon?

It is an Amazon’s Print On Demand platform for the people who create content. Through Merch by Amazon, anyone can create and start selling t-shirts. The product will be sold and shipped by Amazon. So, it is all about t-shirt designing. Creating a Merch by Amazon account for t-shirt design business is easy and straightforward but it is invitation-only now. One can request for an invite from the Merch by Amazon landing page mentioned at the bottom of this post. There is no specific time frame for an account to get approved as the approval is based only on the openings available.

t-shirt design

What is Awesome With Merch by Amazon?

Here are the best things about t-shirt design via Merch.

  • There is no startup cost involved.
  • The designer or the creator sets the price based on which the royalty value arrives.
  • You get your royalty for every t-shirt design which gets sold.
  • There is no least amount of t-shirts design you need to sell for a payout.
  • Amazon provides a downloadable template through which one can check whether the t-shirt design they had created meets the guidelines just by uploading it to the website.
  • While uploading the t-shirt design the creator is also been provided with customizing tools.
  • One can make use of Photoshop and other free software tools to come up with a t-shirt design.
  • Merch by Amazon is non-exclusive. Hence, one can also upload their created t-shirt design to other websites also besides Merch by Amazon.

What Kind Of Designs?

A t-shirt design can represent just a logo, a text or a game related text.

t-shirt design

The best suggestion would be to create things by keeping these points in mind.

  • Consider Quality compared to Quantity.
  • Create designs which are unique and catchy.
  • Stick to a particular niche and trends.
  • Do not forget that you can create designs not just for the t-shirt but for a lot more items through various other platforms besides Merch by Amazon.
  • Consider creating your designs also for a coffee mug, cell phone back covers, backpacks, comforters and more via other websites.

How To Become Successful?

Create your own website or a blog to showcase or display your products. It will come handy when you fill the application form for Merch by Amazon. Providing your website address in the application will give an edge to your application.

Though Merch by Amazon can make a path for your passive income it is better to consider other print on demand websites as well to publish your designs.

Remember, Merch by Amazon is non-exclusive, hence you are not restricted from uploading your designs to other similar websites.

It is highly recommended to read the available FAQ section of Merch by Amazon as it contains detailed information. Maybe you will find answers to all your questions there.

How Long Should One Wait For An Account Approval?

As I had mentioned above, there is no specific defined time frame for a Merch by Amazon account to get approved. The invitations are sent and the account gets approved based on the availability of space for the content creators. Lately, I had come across reviews from the users saying that it is taking more time to get their account approval email and also to get their designs approved.

What To Do While Waiting For An Approval?

  • Do not lose hope.
  • Be patient and do not stop designing so that your mind stays creative and your brain stays healthy.
  • Practice so that you become a pro in creating a t-shirt design.
  • Learn Photoshop and other software tools which can help you design better, save your time and refine your skills.
  • Consider other alternatives so that you stay motivated and do not stay idle.

Alternatives To Merch By Amazon:

  1. Gearbubble
  2. teespring
  3. CafePress
  4. society6
  5. spreadshirt
  6. teepublic
  7. threadless
  8. zazzle
  9. teefury
  10. designbyhumans
  11. Shopify
  12. teelaunch
  13. shirtee
  14. fabriily

Google should help you land on the respective pages of the above-mentioned websites without much effort.

What Is Next?

As far as I know, anyone can become a content creator in Merch by Amazon irrespective of their country and where they reside.

Hence, Stop Procrastinating and Start Designing.

The best season is already on the way with a lot of occasions like Halloween, Diwali, Thanks Giving and more. Try to make the most out of it.

Though designing is not my cup of tea I am positive as I know a lot about it now. More than that I am happy as my post would be helpful for many designer homemaker friends to give it a shot when needed.

Will meet you soon.


Merch by Amazon – Landing Page & FAQ’s Page.

You Can Make Money via Amazon – mTurk

Do You Use Amazon To Buy Things? If So, Do You Know About This Too?

I buy things from Amazon instead of its rivals like Flipkart, and Snapdeal as I find Amazon’s rate lower but that is not the only one reason anyway. Let me not divulge. Here, we are not gonna get to know how to spend money on Amazon, instead learn how to also make money from Amazon’s mTurk.

Why Am I Fan Of A Side Hustle?

Are we sure how long the software company in which we are now is gonna keep us?

An answer to the above question is the one and only reason for me being a fan of a side business always.

When it comes to a side hustle, we have got many opportunities but we end up ignoring those due to lack of knowledge. Trust me, a side hustle is good to have 90% of the times. Hence, catch hold of multiple opportunities in your hands to live and let others live their life better.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Heard About Amazon Mechanical Turk / mTurk?

Very few people knew that we can make money via Amazon mTurk. If you know about it already and if you are a member, please do let others know your experience. You can share your comments in the commentsluv section at the bottom of this post.

What Is Amazon mTurk?

It is a marketplace for work which involves tasks that are simple but need Human Intelligence to perform. It is a platform where one can be a requester or a worker. If you have got some small tasks but do not want to spend time on it due to other priorities then you can post your job in mTurk. A person who had signed up in mTurk as a worker can help you complete the task for a nominal rate.


Image Credit:mTurk

The tasks most of the time would be a smaller task which does not need people to squeeze their brain a lot. Please remember that with mTurk you cannot make a great earning but a reasonable value. The value that can help you handle buying some groceries, pay utility bills or hit a saloon without a need to think twice.


Image Credit:mTurk

Tempted Already To Hop On?

Wait! there is one more thing that you need to know.

Amazon mTurk had stopped accepting registrations from India. I have signed up myself but got a response saying that Amazon mTurk cannot accept the registration. Yes, it is a bad news and I am sorry that I do not have much information to provide here.

Thinking, why the heck I had still wrote about it and shared this post?

I thought this information would help our friends and relatives who are living outside India. Specifically, the dependents of friends who are playing a role of great home maker at The United States, Australia, United Kingdom and many other countries. As I said above, the earnings from mTurk might not be big but would be a great side hustle that will help us save money.

When it comes to The United States of America, we do have restrictions on a dependent taking up a job. So, for those friends who are on H1B, do some research and then sign up if you find it to be really worthy. If not, just ignore mTurk until your visa status changes to avoid any unwanted issues from the government. For the friends in other countries, I would suggest to give it a shot for sure at this mTurk.

Is It Important To Have A Side Hustle?

Yes, I believe that a salary from a single active job will not help us or our dependents reach to a comfortable spot unless we are a CEO of a company. Six months earning from a side hustle like mTurk or any similar will help us pay our LIC installments without any doubt.

Irrespective of whether it is big or small it will not only help us earn few bucks but also help us learn. A side business or a side hustle, need not be a big one like our active profession.

A side business helps us,

  • To build our network.
  • Gain more Knowledge and understand an importance of savings.
  • Learn how to make money work for us.

Do You Know?

Warren BuffettThe mentor of Bill Gates had these as his side hustles when he was young.


Image Credit: Forbes

He had sold,

  • Gum And Coca-Cola at the age of six.
  • Started to deliver the “The Washington Post” News Paper at the age of fifteen.
  • Bought refurbished golf balls and sold them.
  • Sold collectible stamps.
  • Started an old pinball machine in barber shops at the age of seventeen.
  • A car-shining business.

and more…

Is It Practical To Have A Passive Income Stream?

Yes, it is. In case if someone has a different opinion then I would be really interested to hear about their views about it. Please do use the comments section.

Do I Have Experience In A Side Hustle?

Yes, I do. If you had followed my blog, you can recollect that I had written a post about iWriter and how to become successful in it. A side hustle which I had for some time. In case you had missed, you can refer that post here.

Friends living outside India, suggest your dependents to signup now to mTurk and see if they can make some extra money. Not only that, at least they will not feel bored when you and kids are away from home during the day.

I had got a response from Amazon after two weeks. Do not worry in case if you receive a regret email from Amazon saying that you cannot be a worker at mTurk.

Just by signing up, you at least know that something named mTurk exists in Amazon and there are people who are making money out of it.

Happy Savings 🙂

Buying Digital Gold For 1 Rupee Everyday via Paytm Gold

Buying Digital Gold:

I was not aware that investing on or buying digital gold is this easy until yesterday. May be, I had overlooked the possibilities available in front of me.

Who Does Not Want To Invest / Save Money?

Every one of us saved money in our childhood. Do you remember those 1 rupee coins given by our parents and grandparents to us for doing an awesome job? Though they gave it to us at that time as a token of appreciation, they thought us the importance of Money.

To buy Gold does not need you to step into a Jewellery showroom. Yes, it is no longer required. People say it is good to buy gold on Saturdays, Akshaya Tritiya etc. But, my say is – to invest now and save money by buying Gold, you do not need to wait for an Auspicious day. That too, when you wanted to make the transactions as low as rupee 1.

Do you remember the old fable Grasshopper and the Ant? It is never early to save for the future.

digital gold

All you need is your cell phone with the app Paytm installed in it or a personal computer with internet connectivity. Buy digital gold on the go while you are on travel, having lunch, watching favorite sport what not. With the help of Paytm app and internet connectivity, it is just a few seconds task.

We spend at least INR 50 -100 daily towards buying unhealthy junk food and snacks. It is rubbish if we say to ourselves that we don’t have money and time. Spending half of that snack cost would earn you Gold.

Here is what I did today morning.

I bought Digital Gold from Paytm for INR 50. In my current situation, I can very well buy gold daily for the same value or for INR 10. I know it will not have a big value now. But, there will be sometime this small investment I make now would help me may be to buy something.

Buying Digital Gold via Paytm:

With Paytm, you can buy, sell, and store pure gold. The yellow metal which we buy reside in the most secure MMTC-PAMP ( India’s only internationally-accredited refinery ) without any fees. If you are not comfortable to own it as a digital gold, you can very well get it delivered in a physical form at your home. This is possible only if you have got the gold accumulated to 1 gram. Not only this, we can also get the digital gold converted to cash when required. Kindly note that the buyer needs to furnish certain details if they buy gold worth above INR 20K and pan card details if the worth is above INR 50K.

Better To Know:

  • You can buy gold in grams or rupees.
  • The live rates are available in the app.
  • Price inclusive of duty, taxes, exclusive of making charges are delivery charges are being updated regularly. Note that the live price is valid only for six minutes.
  • You can make the transactions round the clock and any day in a year with no exceptions like public holidays and weekends.
  • The gold price drop and hike determine your profit and loss.
  • Your account becomes inactive if there are no selling/buying for a period of six months. One can claim the accumulated amount by providing required verification documents to MMTC-PAMP.
  • If the account holder is no more, then the legal heirs have to inform the same to Paytm to get the accumulated holdings and account closed. Remember, the ownership is non-transferable.
  • Buying Digital Gold via paytm is not for people who want to accumulate gold for more than 5 years. The account is valid only for five years and you need to sell your gold after 5 years.
  • Paytm plays the role of a mediator to disperse money to MMTC-PAMP.

The Plus & Minus Which I See:


  1. Brings the habit of saving in us.
  2. Helps us to increase and manage wealth for a shorter period.


  • The account tenor is only for 5 years. Once after that, you need to sell.
  • There is no section to nominate dependents. Yes, the heirs can claim the accumulated gold from MMTC-PAMP but I do not think it would be easy in the process.
  • Your account gets locked or closed if no transactions made in six months period.
  • Buying digital gold is fine but I do not think selling would provide any kind of major gains on our investment.
  • One cannot buy and sell gold on the same day.
  • We will not earn any interest towards the accumulated digital gold.
  • There is a convenience charge involved for every transaction. Especially while selling, this charge seems to be high when compared to what you are going to get. This is ridiculous.
  • Selling price is less.
  • The customer service does not seem to be great.
  • We do not get any kind of documents for the transactions made. We need to depend only on the SMS and emails received.

Other Available Option:

Using digital gold to buy appliances like Televisions etc can get us cash back of certain value.

My Suggestions:

  1. Please do not jump into a conclusion and buy gold for larger values. As I said above, the gain towards selling does not seem to be very good.
  2. Go through the terms and conditions of Paytm Digital Gold before investing or buying Gold.
  3. Paytm digital gold is not regulated like other options.
  4. Consider investing in gold via other bonds which SEBI monitors.

My Point:

It is easy to earn money but to save money is what is difficult.

Consider this mode of buying gold for very smaller investments. Do not try for more gains by investing more. Remember, as I told in the beginning, use the snack or similar money on to this instead of placing higher denominations.

Disclaimer: I am no way related to Paytm or any other firms mentioned in the article above. Some of the benefits and the drawbacks mentioned above are as per my understanding of the terms and conditions and from the knowledge gained from sources on the web.

How to save money on Airtel DTH services?

When I was a kid, my mother had gifted me a piggy bank. My first own bank where I used to collect and save the coins given by my Granny, Mom and my Aunt. Though the count of incoming coins and currency notes were less it was steadily growing over time in my own personal bank.

Good Old Days! Yeah.

Airtel DTH

It really made me feel bad when I compared myself with how I was as a kid and how I am now as a grown up. I am already late to realize the importance of saving money.

I am an eighty born (198X) and I am sure I can find at least 75 – 80% of the 80’s population who are yet to realize the importance of savings just like me. The same might be the case with the people of 90’s too.

In today’s world, we have got a lot of options to choose on how we want to save our hard earned money.

But, are we really utilizing it?

Honestly, not even 5% of the population, I would say.

Because many of us are still with the same old mind block thinking about how to save and invest money when our monthly expenditure does not give us a provision for a buffer or a breathing space.

I totally agree but please don’t forget the fact that we can save money not only by investing but also by avoiding the mistakes which we do on some of the regular overhead costs which are a part of your monthly expense.

Yes, we do overlook some of the options which we have got right in front of us. The best example is the DTH Service which we have got in our sweet homes.

Oh! Please Wait.

I am not saying that we should disconnect the DTH service, instead what I am trying to emphasize is that we need to stop taking that expenditure in a lighter way.

Airtel DTH


Things to know about Airtel DTH / Any DTH service we have got at Home:

Below are some of the questions I have got to myself and to everyone who came across this post to gauge ourselves.

All the information provided in this article is applicable not only to Airtel but also to other DTH Services providers in India and in Foreign countries. I am taking Airtel DTH for example in this article.

Do you know about your DTH plan and its monthly rental?

I came to know about it yesterday. Maybe some of you know about the Genre and channels based on the region you had subscribed.

Do you know any information about those special packages, add-on and À la carte channels you had subscribed at the time when you had switched to a DTH service from a cable connection?

Yeah, it’s possible that we might remember faintly about those sports channels pack we had subscribed during the past cricket and football world cup.

Do you know whether the service provider’s telephone number which you had stored on your cell phone is still valid?

The customer care numbers of even some of the international bank changes at least once in 8 months.

When that is the case, what should we expect from a DTH service provider?

Do you think that the unsure answers we have got, for the above questions are good enough to help us save money on our DTH?

The answer is “Not Really“.

How to save money on DTH service/connection:

It is already high time for all of us to “Wake Up”. I woke up a bit earlier, hence would like to share few points which crossed my mind on how we can save money on our DTH service.

I have got High Definition (HD) connections from multiple service providers. To be precise, I use Airtel DTH as well as Tatasky. But the points which I am gonna share are applicable to most of the top DTH services we have got in the world.

Below are the points for those who are already using a DTH connection:

  • Google to get the correct customer care number of your service provider.

You can make use of Home / Help button from the DTH remote.

  • Stop utilizing quick pay options, instead select option “Forgot Password” to access your full account.

Doing this can give you more insight about your subscription.

  • Spend at least 30 minutes of your time once in 6 months to analyze and review your subscription details.
  • Talk when you Walk. Call Airtel DTH Customer Care and get to know about any new promotions and offers.

You can browse too but remember while talking you are also burning calories in parallel.

Maybe you would be listening to the promotions while you are waiting in the queue to speak to the representative. Believe me, it is really worth the wait.

  • Opt for long term packages so that you can save at least one month’s rent.

Your expense here is more.

Please spend time on reading Terms & Conditions.

  • Review and unsubscribe those channels which you and your family members watch “once in a blue moon”.

You can always get those added when required by calling the Airtel DTH customer care.

  • Look for the available payment options.

Most of the Mobile wallets and Online recharge options can give you better savings. Don’t forget, even a rupee matters a lot.

  • Think before you plan to take a second connection for your bedroom.

Let your bedroom stay as a bedroom, stop changing it to an entertainment room.

You need good sleep to focus better on your work.

  • Avoid unnecessary options like TV recording and showcase movies.

Nothing can match the experience of watching Avatar movie in an i-max.

Do you really want to record teleshows from Airtel DTH? For what?

Think twice. If you have a justification then go for it.

  • Always keep your DTH box and its remote control clean and also in a place where kids can’t reach.

You don’t want to spend money one more time to replace the broken remote control and DTH box. Do you?

  • Saving Power EQUALS Saving Money.

Always turn off your TV and Airtel DTH box when not in use and during the nights.

Do you really think that the green and red colored lights on your TV and DTH box can provide you better illumination?

  • Don’t allow the DTH box to overheat due to continuous usage.

Is your home fitted with a centralized AC?

If the answer is NO, then ensure that you don’t forget the above-mentioned point in bold font.

Giving few hours of rest to your TV and DTH box gives them more lifetime. This, in turn, saves your Time as well as Money.

  • Never buy a second-hand DTH box or replace your broken DTH box with a second-hand.

You really don’t know the condition of it. Don’t end up spending your time and money on service.

Always buy it from an authorized Airtel DTH dealer. Those boxes do come with a warranty and with free maintenance for a minimum of 1 year.

Note: All the above-mentioned points are based on my own experience with the DTH.