Help Your Kid Become More Creative With Toontastic

A Short But A Bit Lengthy Story:

I went to apply an Aadhar card for my kid a few months back. I had reached the destination at around 6 AM. It was not a surprise for me to see eight to ten people before me sitting over the median on the roadside as the office was not open. Yes, to get an Aadhar card you need to go early and buy a token even before the representatives arrive. This is the scenario in Chennai and not sure how about the other regions.

The count of the total number of people had increased steadily. By the time it clocked 9 AM, there were at least two hundred residents waiting to get the token behind me. The crowd had everybody irrespective of the gender and age starting from a five-year-old kid to elderly people.

Some people came by car with coolers and high ranged cell phones in hand besides the folder with documents. And, there was another group of people too who came with a small plastic cover in hand in the attire they went to bed the previous day night. But, at the end, everyone was waiting for the same attender to issue the token. Considering the aim alone, everyone seemed to be equal.

There was one more thing too seemed that to be in common between both the groups. To be more specific, the kids who came with their parents to register their biometric details. During the waiting period, almost 90 percent of the kids were holding the cell phones of either of their parents. Some kids hands were tender and tiny. Not grown enough to hold the big screen cell phones with tempered glass over it which made me think about the exposure that today’s kids have got.

The parents present over there were tired and had no option other than allowing the kids to stay glued with the cell phones. Finally, the attender had issued the tokens and I got a glimpse of a big relief in every parent’s face including mine. Everybody got ready for their turn and left once after completing the registration.

The End.

Kids Versus Gadgets:

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We, parents very well know that an excessive exposure of kids to cell phones are not good. And, it is true that sometimes we parents are forced to situations like the one mentioned above. Without any effective alternatives, we end up encouraging things that harm our kids rather than doing good. We do not have many options even if we wanted to try especially in public places.

Today’s kids are more onto gadgets and their exposure is very high onto technologies rather than traditional games. I am not saying that Youtube or playing a game on a cell phone for a reasonable amount of time is bad.

But, it is our responsibility to check whether those games really help our kids be creative or degrade their brain growth.

Trying Hard To Bring Your Kid Away From Mobile Phones & Tablets?

Do not push yourselves Hard. Instead, look for other alternatives which might help in turning a trouble into a benefit.


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We must remember that the outdoor activities are not the only things that will help us bring a creative kid. There are few things that even a cell phone or a tablet too can do. But, still, we do not give it a shot.

The only reason behind that is the lack of awareness about such things among us. There are mobile applications that come with great benefits too in parallel to the ones that make the kids dumb. It is almost like playing a Treasure Hunt game.

The parents of the kid who had got used to cell phones and tablets should also ensure that they spend time on finding and installing good applications in their cell phones. This is in addition to setting the filter to show only kids friendly contents.

In this post, we are going to look at one of the mobile application that undoubtedly can make our kids smarter and creative.

Toontastic is Fantastic:

This Google developed application is a storytelling mobile application available for free usage.

With this application, one can create stories, draw a picture, animate the characters and a lot more. This is not just for the kids but also can be utilized by Parents and anyone who is above five years old.

Want Your Kid To Be Creative?

Image Credit: Pixabay

If your answer is Yes to the above question. Then get ready, it’s you and me who need to be creative first.

Wanted to make your son or daughter listen to what you say?

Try these.

* Be creative.

* Narrate your content like a story involving animations and cartoon characters.

*  Spice it up with some background music.

* Turn yourself into a kid. Sometimes, stepping down from the Parental role and turning yourself as a kid will do wonders.

Toontastic Is Not Kids Only:

# Got some free time? Make a story using this mobile app as a family. Involve all the members of your family in your creation.

# Share it with friends and relatives.

# Keep it stored in a hard disk so that it would give a nostalgic feel when you watch those videos several years later.

I am yet to give a glimpse of this Toontastic 3D to my kid which I would shortly reveal. But, though I am new here, I could very well see the potential this application has got in it.

I am sure that it would help us, parents, to engage our kids very well in a great and healthy way rather than allowing them to get used to regular cartoons and movie trailers.

Kids Versus Toontastic:

Image Credit: Pixabay

I strongly feel that Toontastic can do a great job in helping us to bring up creative kids. Especially the kids who had turned to six already.

It can,

~ Act as an exercise to the kid’s brain.

~ Make them more creative.

~ Make them speak English fluently without feeling shy.

~ Improve listening skills as the characters involved are just cartoon. Remember, it’s us, parents, who create the stories. The tip here is to match your kid’s requirement and interest while narrating the stories.

~ Will help them remember things more easily. I believe, what they had listened or seen in Toontastic would not fade for a while at least.

My Story:

Below is one short story named ‘Diwali’ which I had created. This is just an example. Please do remember I am a new bee here. You may come across typo errors and silence in between the narration. Please bear with me.

Non-Parents Versus Toontastic:

Are you a Teacher, budding Story Teller, Musician, Author, Inventor, Graphic Designer, Cartoonist or whatever?

Toontastic can be a great support for you in showcasing your talents and being creative.

Start now, unleash your thoughts, find the treasure and utilize its potential. I see a lot more possibilities in this Toontastic for a passive income too.

Would be happy to discuss if you and I are on the same page.

Notes On Toontastic 3D:

Google’s toontastic application can be downloaded into an iOS as well as Android devices.

Please note that the size of the installation file is more hence you would need some free space on your cell phone. Do not have space? Uninstall the applications which you use very less. Trust me, its worthy.

I am happy to get to know about this application at least now. It has passed 500 thousand downloads as of now in play store. But it is not really a surprise considering the benefits it brings.

Let’s together build a better generation. See you all soon.


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A Visit To A Seashore Can Make Kids Smarter

Raising Smarter Kids

Congratulations! There are many longing couples in this world who are waiting to get blessed with kids. Be grateful to the almighty.


Can there be a Mother and Father who does not want their kids to be smart? Maybe a minimal percentage in the whole world. For all the parents who are trying to bring up their kids smart, here are few things in this post that will help.

Some studies show that an IQ of a kid depends on their genetics. This is the reason why some people say that a Man or a Women should be very careful when choosing their partner. It may be true.

But, I think if a person is looking only for a smarter partner, then I am sure that the probability of his or her name with the “Single” status is more and gonna stay for long. Maybe people with this mindset need to also understand that there is nobody in this world who is good at everything.

An imperative thing which all parents must not forget while shaping their kids to become smarter is this.

Average or Genius, every child is special.

This is a famous African quote “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”. The basic meaning is that to bring up a kid is a communal effort.

Ha Ha Ha… They say it is a communal effort. How many of us witness the meaning of communal in our day to day fast life?

Maybe the above-mentioned proverb well suits for a joint family which was there in the olden days. Looking for a whole good responsible community is the rarest in the current world. So, it is a responsibility of the parents and the teachers of the kids to some extent nowadays.

Smart kids are the result of the great base provided by the parents through Parenting. But, there are parents who wish to spend more time with their kids but unable to do so due to their demanding profession.

Think about the parents who are there in these professions,

  • A Policeman
  • Pilots and Air hostess
  • A Soldier
  • Navy person
  • Train Drivers

This is where a Mother or the Father comes to rescue. But, to create smarter kids being a single mom or dad is not an easy job even though there are exceptions.

For the parents who fall under the above-mentioned category as well as for the others, there are few things here. Remembering and acting on these things can help us fill the gaps to some extent.

Things That Can Help Us Shape Our Kids Smart

  • Take your kids to a Seashore once in a month at least. Allow them to build castles in the sea sand.

– That’s one place you can find how creative a kid is. I was surprised to see my kid using the sea shells to make a design on the castle she had built.

– It gives the kid an option to think creative. All it requires is your presence and the fifty rupees worth sand toys.

  • Though difficult, try to spend time with your kids.


  • Build a home library.

– When I say home library, it need not have books rack like the ones shown in the movies. A simple carton box with a partition can also act like one.

– It is not mandatory that you need to fill it with kids books. Start with your books first. Read them in their presence. Kids learn from us.


  • Buy them books and read books for them daily if possible. Honestly, I am yet to cultivate this habit for my kid.
  • Teach the game of chess.

– If you do not know, then send them for a coaching. It sharpens their brain.


  • Play with your kids. Especially, Roleplay games.

– The role-playing games don’t end in a “win” or a “lose”. It helps the kids to understand the importance of Teamwork and Cooperation without which the game cannot be much fun.

– Puzzles and Sudoku plays a major role in strengthening kids brain.

  • Buy a Piggy bank for them and make them drop at least one rupee coin daily.

– You can use that savings to buy some more books or anything that they prefer and keeps them happy. That way they get a motivation to repeat the same thing again. They will understand the meaning of saving better.


  • Finger-painting: Wonder why kids in daycare centers and preschool are exposed to Finger-Painting? The new patterns and different textures they see helps the kids to open up their mind to new possibilities and various ways of solving problems.


  • Painting: Do not worry about your monthly expenses on coloring pens and crayons. Painting brings in new and unfamiliar textures and colors that stimulate the kid’s brain.
  • Train them to play a musical instrument.

– Preferably a musical instrument or a type of music which they like. Music and Musical Instruments are known to improve hand-eye coordination, Mathematical skills, memory and their focus.

– This option might not be possible for smaller kids as some of the instruments need to be carried and also might hurt their fingers.


  • Make them take part in extracurricular activities.

– Fancy Dress and Speech Competitions are not only fun but they provide the kids with great insights.

  • Take them to new places. Ensure that they meet a lot of people when you are around.

– The best way is not to miss family get-togethers not only within your relatives but also with your neighbors.

– If you are in an apartment, try to organize one so that you get to know people and your kids gets a chance to build their friends network.

– Their creativity gets enhanced when they play with many other kids.

Always remember this quote.

Behind Every Young Child, Who Believes In Himself / Herself Is A Parent Who Believed

I will ensure that I update this article with more options if I come across any. But, if you have got something already do spend some time to let me know that via the comments section. I can update that also in the article which will help many other parents who gets a chance to read this post.

Image Credit: Pixabay & wallpapername

Parenting vs Effective Parenting

Parenting – Is An Art

We all Parents are doing a great job in bringing up our little adults. Placing their life in front of our eyes we ensure that we provide everything which we find it to help them grow better. Eighty percent of the parents do think alike irrespective of their financial status. Because they know very well how important Parenting is.


Thinking why I had placed a title as Parenting vs Effective Parenting when I say that we are doing a wonderful Parenting job already?

Yes, my dear friends. Parenting is very common but not Effective Parenting. An effective parenting is what is more vital to bring up kids of the current generation.

To shape our kids‘ life is not only the teacher’s responsibility but also the Parent’s too.

Parenting – What We All Do?

Keeping aside the regular pieces of stuff like providing food, shelter, clothing etc.


Image Credit: Pixabay

  • It is good that most of us had understood the importance of learning while playing.
  • By knowing how competitive the world now is, we ensure that we give the best to our kids that will help the kids develop their skills.
  • We teach them the importance of studying.
  • Understood the need of extra curricular activities for their balanced growth. We exposed our kids to art, music, literature, and craft activities.
  • We know how to watch our kids activities to protect them when situations arise. For example, every parent is aware of the need for not allowing the kids lonely, especially with the gadgets.

But, are we sure that the regular parenting which we do help our kids in all the aspects?

This is where the difference comes from regular parenting and effective parenting.

Effective Parenting – Is Like A Modern Art.


Image Credit: Pixabay

What All We Need To Do & Not To Do

  • Make our kids understand that intelligence is not always natural and it can be tweaked extraordinarily.
  • Respect the fact that the world now is different. Our kids won’t have the same lifestyle as we had as a child. Stay updated about the latest trends so you can help them better.
  • Help them understand the importance of reading books. For this, the parents need to read books first. Read books for them.

– Take them to a library. Let them see how it looks like. Teach them how to borrow books, allow them to manage their membership card.

– Ask the kid to narrate the story they read from the book. Ask questions.

– The last time I went to a library was when I was in my eighth standard. This may be the same case with many parents who are reading this post. We need to wake up first before we try to bring up our kids, friends.

  • Teach the Kids that Money Comes from Work.
  • Teach them how to make Money work for them instead of them working for money when they grow.

– For this, the parents need to understand things better. I would suggest you to read “Rich Dad And Poor Dad” for more insights. Trust me, you will love that book.

  • Mathematics is everything, it is gonna be required all their life.

– Encourage them to like mathematics. If you find them struggling, try different methods through which you can make them understand the problem so that they do not hate the subject. Because, once they hate, it is done already in a negative way.

Youtube can help us with various methods of solving a problem. With an easy as well as a tough approach.

– Speak to their Maths teacher and request them to help you in making your kid like Mathematics. That moment they will stop scolding the kid even if the kid could not solve a problem instead they will encourage more.

Motivation is the only thing needed. If it comes from the teacher the results would be great.

  • Introduce simple finance to them at home. Because schools teach only to excel in academics most of the time. Good understanding of Finance when they are young will help them a lot.
  • Sow the seeds of curiosity in their minds. Get them used to think about things instead of being targets of things.

– Fishes in an aquarium at home, for example, can ensure that your small kids stay focused.

– Board games like chess can be supportive here.

– Teach them origami (Japanese paper-folding).

Reason – It has got fixed instructions that end up being a little ambiguous. When it starts to get complicated, they have to fix their mistakes or think on how to prevent them. It has a major impact on improving their problem-solving abilities.

  • Do not teach them the smart way of doing things. Let them become hard worker first. They themselves will understand the difference between hard working and smart working when they grow older.

– Learning to do things via the regular approach is the base. Without knowing the harder way, one cannot find a smart and easier way.

  • Show them things by doing it yourself first at home.

– Try DIY videos on youtube when you have a need to buy a small furniture. By doing yourself in front of your kids, you give them more confidence on building things on their own.

– Stop looking for a plumber and electricians to handle smaller tasks at home when required. For example, we can very well change the electronic choke of the tube lights at home.

  • Praise them for their efforts and not for the result they had achieved.
  • Encourage them to build a friendship with others. The more friends they have the more ideas they get to hear.

– For this, you need to allow them to interact even with unknown kids in the public parks.

  • Intelligence without creativity and individuality is worthless. Allow them to experiment things.

– May be, we might need to spend money on painting the walls again to hide their drawings, but they learn more out of it.

– Do not save them from difficulty instead give them techniques to handle it on their own.

  • Allow them to choose their food from the menu card when you are at a restaurant as a family.

– By doing this you allow them to take ownership of things. If they like it they will order it next time if not they ignore. By this, they start taking decisions.

  • The more you speak to them the more knowledge they gain.

– Do not restrict them from asking questions. Let them ask whatever they want to. If you are unable to answer it due to their age factor, find a different way by tweaking your answer, but they should know the answer.

  • Sing when you are cooking/taking a shower, dance if you would like to dance at home. Let them know that you do not feel shy to do what you like when people are around at home.

– This way the kids won’t feel uncomfortable when they need to perform something in front of their class mates or a group. Stage fear will stop their progress if not plucked out from their minds in the early stages.

  • Taking care of the kids during the early age is good but ensure that you register them in a Preschool by Age 3. They will become very smart.

– For example, in western countries, parents allow their ten years old kids to sell Lemonades in small gatherings. This way the kids get to understand the money they had invested and the profit they gained.

– Do not limit your kids’ options by asking this question, ” Would you like to become a doctor or an engineer?” The world is full of opportunities.

  • Allow them to follow their passions but guide them to achieve great results on their passions.
  • Do not get scared and scare the kids too when they catch hold of insects like Cockroach or similar insects which are not harmful. Let them touch and feel the well-known puppies near your house. Ensure that you stay beside.

– In Japan, they teach kids about Insects too in schools via Insects lab. Kids in Japan know what are the insects which are harmful and unharmful.

Thank You to Mr. Raman, my neighbor friend who shared the above mentioned valuable information with me.
  • Teach them failure is good. The more they fail the closer they are towards success. Teach them.
  • Educate them on preserving natural sources and energies. We are done almost. They are just starting their lives.
  • Be an example, show care to others. They learn from us. Appreciate them when they show empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • A smart kid is best raised by him or her self. As a part of parenting, just sow the seeds of self-discipline and delayed gratification. Everything else will follow.
  • Expose them to music. Allow them to even just bang on kitchen utensils made of stainless steel or any non-fragile items. A music has its benefits irrespective of the place from where it comes from.

Musical training is holistic and develops a wide range of important skills, such as speech, mathematics, and reading skills.

  • Help them learn at least two languages as early as possible. Both music and language create neural pathways that enhance learning of all kinds later on.
  • Never advance your kids at school even if the school find the kid to be very smart and eligible for advanced classes. That will just do damage to their maturity level.
  • Never tell them that they are smart. Instead, tell them that they have high potential and teach them to work hard to attain that potential.
  • Do not expect your kid to be a perfectionist. It is not gonna take them anywhere. Look at the mirror, we can understand that we are not perfect either even at this age.
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly so that they understand the importance of exercise and being healthy.
  • Teach kids the value of Time. Finland is on top in Education not only because of their teachers but also because of the Parents.

– Parents in Finland value education and ensures that their children will be on time, will be prepared for class and will not be disruptive.

  • Be patient. It is a Process. Keep moving forward in shaping them for a better life.

Happy Effective Parenting!


Study: Music really does make kids smarter

You might have come across videos in WhatsApp regarding how do they educate kids in Finland. Here it is for you.

Top 10 Reasons FINLAND Has the World’s Best SCHOOL SYSTEM

Learning to Teach in Practice: Finland’s Teacher Training Schools

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Is YouTube The Virtual Babysitter Of Today’s Kids?

YouTube – The Virtual Babysitter:

With most of us owning a smart TV and a high-speed fiber optic broadband connection, streaming of videos is not a difficult task. YouTube, the video sharing website created by three former PayPal employees had almost become a great companion in today’s homes. Though every family has got a High Definition (HD) or a Standard Definition (SD) DTH boxes, it is YouTube to which most of us are inclined to.


Image Credit: Pixabay

It is undeniable that with YouTube, we get to know a lot of information that happens around the world. Want to try some new type of Cooking, DIY’s – Do It Yourself, Movie Trailers what not, we hit YouTube for everything.

YouTube brings anything and everything visually to most of us. Starting from an earthquake in Japan to a chicken that gets out of an egg shell for the first time in some rural part of the world.

All these being said, we also need to agree to the fact that most of us parents 75 percent of the times rely on YouTube to engage kids. By turning YouTube app ON in our smart TV or in our cell phone we try to make our kids stay occupied. Sometimes for their advantage but most of the times for our benefits so that the kids do not trouble us when we are on to a task.

YouTube Has Everything:

It has got the video contents that are appropriate as well as inappropriate for a kid. Remember, the current generation grasps things much faster than us. In short time, they will get to know about everything irrespective of whether it is good or bad.When the above mentioned being the situation, are we not speeding up the process further?

Yes, especially by making them watch videos on YouTube or similar sites we are not helping them instead making a path for them to get to know about everything. I am very sure that every parent of the current generation would have faced a question from their kids for which they could not answer. It is not that we do not know the answer but that question, as well as its answer, is not appropriate for the kid. The kids show interest only to watch the cartoons and nothing else. But, how efficient the software or the applications are to identify the user and provide appropriate contents?


Image Credit: Pixabay

How do kids get exposed to all the contents even when the parental control is ‘ON’?

I do not think that we have an answer for it. We all know that there are Human Intelligence Tasks that a software cannot handle. This is the best example I can quote on why we cannot fully rely on an application or a software we use. It is true that with the mental pressures at work and personal things, we parents lose most of our energy by the time we reach home.

How many of us have got time to spend with our kids after reaching home?

Even if we find some time, I am sure that we will not be having the patience to handle things related to the kids. So, we parents are almost in a spot where we are left with no options other than to rely on applications like YouTube. The only thing to which we can focus now is on how to create a safe and kid friendly environment for the kids by choosing an application wisely.

YouTube Kids (aka) YT Kids:


An application created explicitly for the kids. I do not know about it for long. Hence, sharing information about it for similar other friends and readers of this post. YouTube kids application is available for download in Google Play and App Store. Please do spend some time by going through the Parental Guide link provided on the site for better understanding.

Awesome, we had now got a thought of installing YT kids on our cell phones to protect our kids from getting exposed to unwanted contents.

What about the movies which we show to them?

YouTube is not the only way through which a kid gets information. Here is where we parents need to understand certain things better. For example, the film certificates.

How many of us really know the meaning of each certificate that gets displayed at a start of a movie?

Few of us overlook things like this most of the times. Most of the time we just ensure that the rating is not ‘A’. But, it does not mean that the kids can watch the films that are with other ratings.

Please be informed that when it comes to India, it is Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) who provides the certificate for a film.

The Ratings:

In India, the film ratings have got 4 main categories as shown below.


  • U (Unrestricted Public Exhibition)

– Films that fall into this category are Family Friendly.

  • U/A (Parental Guidance for children below the age of 12 years)

– Films that fall into this category are not Family Friendly as they can contain themes that are not appropriate for the kids. For example, violence, fights, abusive languages, kissing scenes etc.

  • A (Restricted to adults)

– This category is not for the Kids.

  • S (Restricted to any special class of persons)

– Films under this category are not for Public. They are for Engineers, Doctors, Scientists, etc. with an explicit permission to watch those films.

The other ratings like V/U, V/UA, V/A are used for video releases. They carry the same meanings as U, U/A and A mentioned above.

These ratings are not applicable for the friends who are residing outside India. Each country has got their own way of rating a film.


Australia is considered by many as one of the most restrictive countries in film ratings of all Western democratic countries. For country specific details on the film certifications and ratings, please refer to the link mentioned below.

Hope you liked the post and found it to be informative. Now, join me on building a better future for our kids.


Things To Do Before & After Registering Our Kids At A School

Things To Do Before & After registering our kids at school:

As you know already, this is not the actual start of the article about kids. If you happen to land here directly and wanted to read the initial part of the article “Child Abuse – Are Our Kids Really Safe?”, please click this link.


Image Credit: Pixabay

The First & Foremost:

Stop searching in Google with the terms like “Best schools in Chennai” or “Top 10 schools in Bangalore/Hyderabad/Delhi” etc.


Here Comes The Rest:

1. Remember, not always the big old school’s are good and secure and at the same time no newly started schools are bad.

2. Don’t limit yourselves to check only about the school’s academic syllabus and extracurricular activities alone.  – Safety of our kids is the first mandatory thing which we all need to check.

3. It’s the parent’s duty to air appropriate questions during the parent’s teachers meeting especially about that new staff your ward tells about.

4. Most of the schools invite the parents once in a month to meet their kids class teachers.

– This is not just for you to speak about the kid’s performance in class but also to raise if there are any concerns about your kid’s behavior once they are back home. This way you can isolate the issue based on the teacher’s comments.

5. Most of the schools provide transport facility but there are some schools who don’t provide where a private vendor comes into the picture.

– Always ensure that the vehicles used by the vendor to pick and drop the kids are well maintained and from a licensed firm.

– Do not fail to check whether the drivers who are employed by the firm are backed by a thorough background check.

– Always ensure that your kids are traveling in a van or bus driven by the same driver. It’s better to know about the backup driver and the helper who takes care of the kids during the commute.

6. Request the school management/transport vendor to install the automatic GPS facility in the school bus/van and link it to a mobile app.

– With that, you can track the near real time information about your kids when they are on the road while going and returning from school.

7. If you are unable to convince the management or the vendor to get the GPS installed in their vehicle, buy a GPS device enabled school bag for smaller kids and a separate GPS device for the teens so that they can carry with them when they are away.

– You can find these devices online just to have an idea before investing.

8. Most of the schools have got their own app and websites through which they notify the parents about any changes in the school routines.

– Ensure that we upgrade the school app whenever there is an update. If you are thinking about the memory issue on your smartphone then it’s wise you uninstall non-mandatory apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and similar etc which occupies most our phones memory space with unimportant audio and video files.

9. Ensure that you update your new address, cell number, and secondary cell or landline number at school when there is a change.

– Ask for a new identity card from school with an updated details in it. It won’t cost you more than 100 rupees normally.

10. It is a norm to have an information about the blood group and emergency contact numbers in the kid’s ID card.

– If you find that information missing reach the school authorities to get that added.

11. Check if your kids class teacher is comfortable to share his/her cell number with you. If he/she is okay please save her number and at the same time ensure that the class teacher has your cell number too for emergencies.

– The school would be having your details but still. Call them only on an appropriate time and only when there is an important information to convey. Remember they play a vital in your kid growth.

12. If your kid is involved in sports she might need to stay back after school for practice. Please ensure that you or your spouse or someone else who is reliable is available on the ground or premise at least 10 minutes before the completion of the session.

– This point applies not only to the sports at the school ground but also when we send our kids for all extra curricular activities including the singing, dancing, drawing, and chess etc.

13. Never rely on the school premises, security or anyone else and be late.

– If you can’t make it on time please ask someone reliable person from home to be available for the kid.

What TO DO at home with our kids:


1. Image Credit: Pixabay

1. Speak to them to understand them better.

2. Ensure that the kid is comfortable sharing all information with at least one person at home either to Mother or Father. Both of them is most recommended.

3. Always teach them on how to react to strangers irrespective of the place where they are.

4. As a Parent, it’s our responsibility to make them understand the parts of their body.

– Make them understand about the inappropriate touches and how to react to those.

5. Always give them courage. Teach them on how to be strong and brave.

6. Support them and ensure that they feel comfortable to share any information with you at home.

7. When our kids were small we use to enjoy seeing them dance and make poses which were funny but that’s not recommended once they are above 4 years old.

8. Always keep them engaged and teach them on how to identify what is good and what is bad.

9. Teach them the appropriate postures while standing, sitting etc.

10. Make them feel more secure at home than other places.

11. Help them understand who is their immediate family and who comes under relatives and who falls under the family friends category. All these are very important.

12. Teach them on how to react when their name has been called by an unknown person and on how to react at the time of crisis.

13. Make them remember the parent’s cell number at least to tell someone. A kid who is 5 years old can very well remember a cell phone number if not the address.

14. Teach them not to accept things and food items from strangers.

15. Teach them good behaviors and moral.

16. Involve them in religious things and bring them up on godliness.

– Because certain things are beyond human’s control.

17. Consider that Advisory logo which is being shown at the start of any television show or a movie before allowing them to watch. Not every scene shown is appropriate for the kid.

18. Inspire them always and get to know about their friends.

19. Teach them on how to be safe when they are away from home. Suggest them to close the restroom door when they are in.

20. Teach them on how to raise an alert when they experience something unusual.

– Yes, just ask them to shout in such a way that someone can hear. 

21. Read books for them, they gain more knowledge from it. They might be able to use the tactic which they had heard from the story at the time when required.

22. If you’re a parent of a boy child, teach them on how to treat and respect the opposite gender.

Molestation is not something where only the girl child becomes a victim. Almost all the points discussed in this post are valid for both the male as well as the female kid. Remember, child abuse is not based on gender.

What NOT TO DO at home with our kids:


Image Credit: Pixabay

1. Never quarrel in front of them. We all lose temper but try to handle it better.

2. Never make them feel inferior and low.

3. Never allow them to be glued to TV and Internet videos.

4. Never leave them to stay alone even when you are going to terrace to grab something.

5. Never ask them to go alone to the terrace and to the neighbor’s house to get something.

–  Especially, when you are residing in an apartment you won’t even be able to locate them on time. Remember, time is precious and most of the child abuse complaints nowadays are reported when the kids are at home and its surroundings.

6. Never let them stay alone in the children play area at your apartment unless you have got a clear view of the kid’s presence.

 – You do not know when the parent of the other kid would go back to their home. It’s your responsibility to take care of your kid and not theirs. 

7. Never fail to listen to what your kids say.

8. Never fail to look for them in case if you don’t hear their noise. No place is safe nowadays, be it your home or parking lots or anywhere.

To bring up a kid in our current society is not like how it was in the olden days.

Always pray for your kid’s safety & well being because that’s the only thing on which we can rely.



Image Credit: Pixabay