Part-II: Love To Have An Aquarium At Home?

Aquarium Consultant -How Can They Help Save Money?

As I had mentioned in part 1 – Love To Have An Aquarium At Home post, it is not mandatory that one needs to seek help from an aquarium consultant.

But, if you are very new to fish keeping or if you do not have time to research on your own about it before setting up then it is recommended.

Wet Pet Consultant – One Of My Side Hustle:

I am an Aquarium Consultant/Hobbyist since 2000. One of the side hustle which I enjoy a lot and started a few years back. I have so far done the consulting for my close friends and also to some of my friend’s friends. So, whatever I am writing down here are all based on my personal experience.


What do I do?

I provide better recommendations /notions to the people who 

  1. Plan to setup a new aquarium
  2. Has an old setup already but wanted to improvise it.

Are You A Beginner?

Discussing with a person who has got good prior exposure to an aquarium would make you feel more secure before investing in a fish tank.

Opting for a wet pet consultant helps because,

  • It is possible, that you end up receiving non-genuine information from the local pet shop.
  • Not all pet shop vendors would provide you with full details about the below,
  1. Compatibility of the Fish & Plants
  2. Maintenance & Care
  3. Cycling of the tank
  4. Good and reliable choices of accessories
  • Everything sold to you by a local pet fish shop vendor might not be required for your setup. You might end up spending more on unwanted accessories or accessories that can be replaced with better alternatives.
  • Not all wet pet shop vendors are hobbyists and knowledgeable.
  • Not all pet shop keepers would show care for your tank as it is not a part of their business once sold.

What do you get by hiring a consultant before purchasing an aquarium & livestock?


Image Source: all-free-download

By connecting with a consultant,

  • You get to see the healthy & joyful fish. A natural garden in your aquarium which in turn contributes to you and your family member’s good health.
  • It is possible for you to save your money by purchasing only the required accessories.
  • You can save the fish and plants at your aquarium as the consultant would help you choose them.
  • Gain knowledge and also receive genuine information about the fish, plants & accessories.
  • You would be in a better position to weigh the situation of your aquarium once after the setup.
  • You get to know the Do’s & Don’t when there is a crisis at your aquarium.

How much does it cost to hire an aquarium consultant?

It won’t cost you more than what you might be spending by purchasing least required accessories, incompatible fish, and plants.

For a New Setup: It depends on your need.

For an Existing Setup: It depends on the size of your aquarium, the substrates, and the current status of the tank (calcium & Salt deposits).

Do You Know This?

It is not uncommon for a pet fish to undergo treatment for diseases abroad. To be specific at the countries like Australia, UK and the United States of America.


  • Bob from the United Kingdom: A 20-year-old gold fish treated for tumor at a cost of £300.
  • Nemo from the United Kingdom: A 5-year-old fish that underwent a 45-minute operation at a cost of £200.
  • George from Australia: A 10-year-old fish that underwent a surgery at cost of $200.
  • Conquer, a 1-year-old fish from Australia whose owner had paid more than $450 to save the fish which had swallowed a pebble.
We all know that we have got veterinarian doctors for the pets like Dogs, cats etc. in India. But, how many of us know that there are hobbyists turned pet fish doctors who treat fish from diseases?
In Chennai for example – Mr. Rajaraman of Raj Aqua Clinic, whose charges range between Rs.650 and Rs.1,500 based on the treatment.

Thinking Some People Are Crazy?

Yes, I admit that point. Especially, when we know that there are people in the world who do not even have money to buy a breakfast.

I believe that a pet at home can make a difference in our and our family members physical and mental health. Please refer to the benefits mentioned in part 1 for more details. I think the benefits of having a pet is the main reason why people are ready to spend money for their pets which are housed in an aquarium.

What Do You Get From This Post?

Your Hobby can become your Side Hustle.

If you are knowledgeable at something, you can start that as your side hustle. Who knows, that might become your full-time in few years.

Hope you found the post informative. Always wear a smile 🙂


Love To Have An Aquarium At Home?

Love To Have An Aquarium @ Home/Work place?

Let me write this before I dive further. It is good to know that – A Fish is termed as “Fish” in both singular as well as plural forms if we refer to one species of fish. We use the term “Fishes” only when we see many species of Fish in an Aquarium or similar like ponds and lakes.

A fish tank with fishes at home or at a work place is believed to attract negative energies.


Image Credit: Pixabay

75 percent of the world population loves to have an aquarium at their home, but only 25 percent of them achieve it. Even after achieving they tend to lose interest towards it even though they love it. The one main reason behind the loss of their interest towards an aquarium is always due to its Maintenance, the difficult part.

Being an aquarium hobbyist since 2000, I am here to convey something. Trust me, it is not difficult as it sounds. The only thing we need to consider is doing some of the regular routine tasks twice in a week which won’t even cost us more than 30 minutes.

Why Is It Good To Have An Aquarium At Home?

An Aquarium at home can help us to,

  • Control the health issues related to the Blood Pressure & Heart Rates.
  • Reduce the muscle tension and pulse rates in elderly people.
  • Helps children with hyperactivity disorders like (ADHD) Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders.
  • Watching a wet pet is very good for the eyes.
  • Increases food intake and reduces aggressive behaviour in people especially Patients. This is the reason why an aquarium is found in most of the hospitals where Alzheimer disease patients are being treated.
  • Improves overall emotional & physical health of a family by stimulating the brain chemicals which are responsible for a happy feeling.
  • Provides calming effect and creates a feeling of peacefulness.
  • In Fengshui (“wind-water”), moving water is considered beneficial in balancing chi, and a well-maintained aquarium in the right location increases wealth and luck, with goldfish in particular believed to help boost finances.

Types Of Aquarium Setups:

An aquarium can be briefly categorized into three types.

  1. Fresh Water Aquariums
  2. Salt Water/ Marine Aquariums
  3. Planted Aquariums

Fresh Water Aquariums:


Image Credit: Pixabay

– These are the to go aquariums for beginners and the most sought.

– Gold Fish and several other regularly seen fish falls under Fresh Water category.

– Basic understanding on fish keeping is good to have but not mandatory always.

Salt Water/ Marine Aquariums:

Remember the movies “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory”?

In case, if you are not aware. The name of the fish we saw in Finding Nemo is Clownfish and the one in Finding Dory is Blue Tang. These fish are not suitable for fresh water aquariums.


Image Credit: Pixabay

– It is recommended to have a good understanding of the basics of fish keeping if you want to setup a Marine Aquarium.

– It is better to seek an aquarium consultants help while setting up a Marine aquarium.

– Many people do not prefer Salt Water aquarium due to its high-cost maintenance and difficulty level.

Planted Aquariums:


Image Credit: Theme

– An aquarium where we grow plants by using substrates at the bottom of the tank.

– A planted aquarium can house both live plants as well as fish but not all variants of fish.

– Planted aquarium setup is also not recommended for beginners unless they take professionals help.

What To Do If You Are Planning To Buy An Aquarium?

  • Please spend some time to research before spending money.
  • Do not buy a fish tank, fish, and its accessories blindly from a shop without having an idea on the same day.
  • Learn about the fish compatibility. Not every good looking fish you see at an aquarium shop are compatible with each other. They cannot be housed together in a single glass tank.
  • Go for a bigger sized tank if you can accommodate at your home. A 2 – 3 feet tank is highly recommended even for a beginner. For kids, it’s okay to have a size lesser than that but by following certain rules.
  • Learn how much to feed the fish.
  • Get to know about the type of water that you are planning to use for the fish tank.
  • Choose and invest on good accessories specifically the filters.

What Not To Do Once You Bought An Aquarium?

  • Do not populate the fish inside a fish tank on day one itself.

– Your fish tank needs to be cycled with water at least for a week before you introduce fishes.

– It is best to buy fish tank a week or two before you bring home your wet pets.

  • Overfeeding the fish leads to fish death and dirty water. It is best if one person takes care of the feeding.
  • Do not house a gold fish and hybrid piranha inside a single tank. Learn about fish compatibility.
  • A gold fish should not be kept in a glass bowl. Any fish needs more space to swim.
  • Do not believe whatever the shop keeper says. Not always we have people with good knowledge about fish. Most of the time, their motive is only to sell from my experience.
  • Remember, you can save more money by choosing the appropriate and recommended accessories. Do consult in many places.

The Worst Spots To Place An Aquarium:

  • A place where more sunlight falls. For example, not near windows.
  • Bedrooms and Kitchen.

The Best Spots To Place An Aquarium:

At Home: Living room/Drawing room

Work Place: Reception Area/Waiting Room

The Good Luck Fish:


According to Vastu Shastra, Arowana and Flowerhorn fishes are considered to be fish that brings good luck.

What I believe is that a well-maintained fish in a clean aquarium can bring great benefits to everyone in the family as well as at the work place.

Aquarium Consultants – How Can They Help Save Money?

Stay tuned…

35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses

Are You A Proud Owner Of An Individual House / Apartment?

Congratulations. Not everyone is gifted to own a house. It takes a lot to buy a house not only in terms of money but also in terms of time and efforts. No doubt that constructing a house and hunting for a new apartment teach us a lot of things especially patience. Being a house owner myself I had found that the below mentioned are the 35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses.

Home Sweet Home:

A house becomes a home only when a loving and happy family resides in it. Similarly, a building with four walls and several partitions becomes a proper house only when it is well maintained. Maintaining a house is not a very difficult task but it needs your time and effort. The amount of time and money we spend on the maintenance can be reduced greatly with the help of the correct and proper tools. There are few things which every house owner has to buy for their house irrespective of whether it is an individual house or an apartment.

Most of the times, it is not very uncommon to have larger appliances like a big led television, double door refrigerator, washing machine, dish washer, AV setup in the to buy list when an individual move to an own house. Yes, these items are required but at the same time, there are few low cost but very important and useful items which 80% of the home owners ignore.

These low cost must have items not only saves time and money but also they last long with no maintenance. They also act as the best helper for a house owner at the time of in-house issues they experience.

The 35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses:

These items are not only relevant for the people who own a house but also for the people who stay in a rental.

The Hardware Tools:

1. A Cordless Drilling Machine
2. Step up Ladder & Regular Ladder
3. A Hammer / Spanner set / plyer
4. Screwdriver set

5. Allen Key or Hex Key
6. Measuring Tape
7. Insulation Tape
8. Magnetic Level
9. Rope
10. Flash Light
11. Nails & Nail Caps

The Plumbing Tools:

12. Faucet Wrench
13. Water Hose
14. Twine
15. Absorption Sponge
16. Rubber Suction Drain Cleaner
17. Drain Cleaner Powder
18. Cleaning Gloves
19. Pipe Sealant
20. Instant Adhesive

The Electrical Tools:


21. An Extension Cord
22. Disposable Batteries
23. Cleaning Brush
24. Electrician’s Tester

The First Doctors:

25. A First Aid kit which consists of the below items.
– Medical Cotton
– Antiseptic Liquid
– Pain Relief Spray
– Burns Cream
– Pills like Dolo 650, Cetirizine etc.
– Digital Thermometer

The Other Supporters:

26. Hot Water Bag
27. Vacuum flask
28. Plain Vinegar
29. Mosquito Bat

30. A Candle
31. Guest Towel
32. Caladryl Lotion
33. Adhesive Bandages
34. Safety Pins
35. Tuft & Needle

Based on the geographical location, the must have items vary slightly. For example, if you are located in the USA or other countries with the same weather then few more items like shovels for removing the ice formation during winter etc. needs to be there on top of these 35 Must Have But Ignored Items In Our Houses.

Pics Source:; Amazon; Lowyat Forum; Engineers Garage

Plants That Eats Mosquitoes / The Killer Plants?

Plants That Eats Mosquitoes / The Killer Plants:

I came across an article recently about the garden plants which can eat the Mosquitoes. I got surprised and fascinated with the title Plants That Eats Mosquitoes which made me walk through the topic a bit deep to understand better.

After reading few articles I understood that it’s not 100 percent true. Here are my own findings and views.

Plants That Eats Mosquitoes

Image Source: worldofsucculents;; Plantas y Hongos;  Michael Hardwick’s favorites;

The exotic carnivorous plants which are in some of our gardens do attract the insects and bugs. For example, the spiders/fly’s etc towards its nectar and hunt them.

Are these plants capable of saving us from the gangs of Mosquitoes?


Like how we humans do not like Mosquitoes, the carnivorous plants as well don’t like these tiny short living little flies.

Who in the world does not like to have bigger things?

The same rule applies even to the carnivorous plants like Venus Flytrap, Pitcher Plant, Dutchman’s Pipe, Sarracenia & Butterwort Plants. None of these plants have a behavior of hunting Mosquitoes intentionally as they really look to attract bugs, flies, and arthropods which are of reasonable size.

Sometimes, yes they do consume mosquitoes of the masculine gender. The male mosquitoes tend to suckle the juice of the plants and get trapped during the act. It is also a fact that the mosquito bites we experience are only due to the ones which are of feminine gender. The female mosquitoes always suckle the blood leading to pain and diseases in human.

What About The Exotic Killer Plants Then?

Oh Yes, I see your point.

As you know, they are exotic plants which can control the bug population to a certain extent if planted in your garden. We need to understand that they cannot handle the Mosquitoes which attack our indoors in a group.

If you are planning to keep some of these plants indoors then take care of them well. Ensure that they don’t die due to the unmet requirements.

Spend time and research before you jump in to buy these exotic plants as some of them are not really intended for keeping in a spot where no sunlight enters. All these plants always need moderate sunlight and moist base for their survival.

If you are fascinated after getting to know the way they hunt, then do not buy them for testing purposes. Instead, search for their hunting videos on youtube with search terms like Pitcher Plant eating a FrogVenus flytrap plant-eating an insect, Dutchman’s pipe killing caterpillars, Sarracenia plant-eating fly etc.

Where to buy carnivorous plants in India?

  • Do research about the requirements and the nature of the plants.
  • The best you can do is to go to a reliable nursery and ask them for these exotic plants. Ensure that they are tissue cultured if found to ensure that they survive for a longer duration.
  • Check whether they are really safe to have them inside your house when you have a kid.
  • Ask yourself the question whether you can really take care of the plants.

Buying plants online?

We may come across a lot of sellers in online shopping sites with fascinating descriptions like Plants That Eats Mosquitoes etc but, it is always best to control ourselves from not clicking on pay now button. Spend some time on the user reviews before purchasing and then decide. I don’t think we can return the seeds once opened or tested.

How to get rid of Mosquitoes at Home?

Nothing that you are not aware of,

  • Buy the electric mosquito bat and keep them charged so that they work effectively. They are delicate hence use them with care. This is the best effective way I have come across so far.

Plants That Eats Mosquitoes

  • Try Mosquito repellent creams or stick to the natural way by applying Neem oil on the exposed parts of your body.
  • Always ensure that there is no stagnant water inside and nearby your house. Stagnant water invites Mosquitoes to turn itself their breeding spot.

Tip: Got an aquarium or a money plants aka devil’s ivy? Ensure that you change the water from the planted bowl once in two days at least.

If you have an aquarium, buy a good powerful aquarium filter or canister which can ensure that the water in your fish tank is moving.

Plants That Eats Mosquitoes

  • If you live near a lake or water stagnant areas, it’s best to close the bedroom door early in the evenings. By doing so, you can control the entry of the biter’s inside. To shut the main door or the entrance door before 5 PM is better.
  • Invest some money to get the windows and ventilators of your home covered. A genuine Mosquito Net can control some of the little flies from getting inside your home.

Tip: I have installed mosquito net of brand Saint-Gobain at my home. You might come across many clones of it in the market but the original would have the name written on the net.

  • Prepare your own oil made of herbs which are known for repelling mosquitoes. It’s always best to try them in a small part of your body to ensure that you are not allergic to the oil.
  • For kids, applying Neem Oil is highly recommended but the fragrance is not that pleasant. You can also try the mosquito repellent creams like Odomos which are safe to use on kids.

Tip: For infants, it is better not to apply the repellent cream on the skin. Instead, apply on top of something like a toy or an object and place them near the kid’s head and the other toy near the legs.

Use that toy or an object only for the repellent purpose. Please ensure that the toy or an object is not in the hands of the kid for playing.

  • Make the kids wear light-colored dresses during nights. The solid colored dresses sometimes attract Mosquitoes.
  • Always keep the water bowls and vessels containing water closed in the kitchen.

Stay Happy.