I Cry, When The Flight Descends

The Ear Pain At The Air Plane:

Ear Pain

Image Credit: Pixabay

My fourth to and fro trip by Flight was to Singapore. I had boarded the flight and got my seat upgraded to Business Class. Had a co-passenger, a writer who had given me some company chatting for a while. He had asked me if I can join him for drinks and was really understandable when I had denied his invite wearing a smile.

Hmm, Namakku Indha Genmathula “Bovonto” Daanu Ezhidhi iruke [Sigh].

Soon after the conversation, I had moved on with my journey in a separate route by snoring and he had enjoyed his drinks until landing. Not sure about the dream I had but I was able to sense my tears rolling down to the chin passing my cheeks. It was a horrible pain in my ear that disturbed my sleep and also made me wake up crying. It was already 6 AM in the morning and the flight was above the sea level.

I still remember the scenic beauty in a bird’s eye view. It was mind-blowing to see the blue sea with smaller islands, cruises, and yachts at the bay of Singapore. But, I was unable to enjoy the moment as my ear pain overridden the outside beauty. I took a strip of orbit chewing gum from my bag and started to chew. The ear pain was so intense which made me chew all the six tablets in one go.

Without much relief from chewing, I had landed safely at Changi Airport teasing my ears with fingers. Found Starbucks and grabbed a cup of coffee assuming anything hot I drink would help me get rid of ear pain. All my assumptions went wrong. The only thing that made me comfortable a bit was the quick nap I had sitting in the lounge.

I am sure there are a lot of people who suffer severe ear pain when they travel by flight. Especially when the flight starts to ascend/descend. This post has got all the information I had gathered via minor researches online and from my own experiences related to ear pain on the flight.

Reason For the Ear Pain At The Time Of Flight Takeoff/Landing:

The human ear is made up of three sections. We would have studied all these when we were in our higher secondary but not even faintly I remember now. The three sections of our ear are,

Outer Ear – The part in the Red-colored square box in the below picture.

Middle Ear – The part in the Blue-colored square box in the below picture.

Inner Ear – The part in the Orange-colored square box in the below picture.

ear pain

Image Credit: Wikipedia

The reason for the ear pain during the flight takeoff/landing is the pressure imbalance. Sudden changes in the air pressure around us are also one reason that leads to ear pain.

Purely My Views:

I also believe that the ear pain has to do with the way how the pilot operates the flight. Sudden altitude drops are one main reason for the pressure imbalances.I hate traveling by Jet/Indigo for this one reason and love Emirates for the same reason.

I also ensure that I do not sit on the seats beside the wings as I had felt ear pain most of the times I chose to sit there.

Information From Ask Doctor K Website

Here’s why it happens. Your ear has three parts: the outer ear (including the ear canal), the middle ear and the inner ear. The eardrum comes between the outer ear and the middle ear. The middle ear is connected to the back of your mouth by a thin canal called the Eustachian tube. Air is constantly moving through the Eustachian tube and into the middle ear. This balances the pressure in the middle ear with that in the inner ear.

Ear barotrauma can occur when one (or both) of two things happen: the Eustachian tube becomes blocked or partially blocked, and the air pressure around you changes suddenly.

Air pressure gets lower at higher altitudes. When a plane takes off, and when it descends for landing, the altitude changes rapidly. While the plane has systems to reduce the sudden changes that occur during takeoff and landing, some still occur.

When a plane’s air pressure changes suddenly, it can create a vacuum in the middle ear that pulls the eardrum inward. This can cause pain and muffle sounds.

Things That Might Help During Ear Pain:

  • Yawning + Swallowing
  • Chewing Gums
  • Forceful Blowing of Air with mouth and nose Closed
  • Suckling (For Infants and for kids of age < 3)
  • Sucking hard candies
  • Decongestant Spray / Pills
  • Ear Plugs

Things That Would Make Ear Pain Worse:

Below mentioned are capable of making your traveling experience worse. Consult a doctor before traveling by flight for a better and smooth landing.

  1. Cold
  2. Sinus
  3. Allergies or Infections related to Ear and Mouth especially.

Things I had Tried So Far To Handle Ear Pain During Flight:

  • Ear Plugs meant for pressure maintenance (a bit expensive on Amazon). Ear plugs for noise cancellation are different.
  • Eating Candies
  • Chewing Gums
  • Yawning + Swallowing
  • Teasing ear with my finger (like how we do if water gets inside the ear) followed by swallowing
  • Drinking water sip by sip for continuous jaw movement
  • Valsalva Maneuver

I had tried all the above mentioned 7 methods. Though most of them clear my ear by creating a pop. I rely majorly on the 6th and 7th approaches. I had tested these methods myself (one approach at a time during my journeys). It took few flight journeys to identify the ones that work for me.

I do the 6th and the 7th approaches mentioned above at the time of Take off and Landing.

Valsalva Maneuver Steps:

ear pain

Image Credit: doctoryg

  1. Close/pinch your nose.
  2. Blow air with the mouth closed. (Like how we blow air into a balloon).
  3. Wait for pop sound inside the ear.

I use to repeat the steps 1 to 3 twice with a gap of five minutes while landing as I find landings more challenging than take-offs.

Note: Valsalva Maneuver is not just for getting rid of ear pain during flight. It has got a lot of other benefits and is in use on various things related to our body.


Doing Valsalva Maneuver to get rid of ear pain should be done with caution.

Being hard while doing it may rupture the eardrum. Please do not try for longer duration and be gentle while doing it.

I always request the flight attendants to let me know or wake me up an hour or 30 minutes before the landing. By that way, I ensure that I am well prepared for the landing especially during overseas travel.

Valsalva Maneuver works like a charm for me to win over my ear pain. But, I cannot say that it will work for everyone. In case, if it does not work for you, please do try some other approaches mentioned above or anything you find it.

Some of you might always have a great and smooth flight travel. But, that may not be the case for some of your own family members and to your friends. Do share the information with people whom you know go through a harrowing time due to ear pain while traveling by flight.

I wish you a Safe and Ear Pain-Free Journey. Good Luck.


I Drink The Sour Wine (Apple Cider Vinegar)

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – The Favorite Of Hippocrates

Apple Cider Vinegar is not just for cleaning, preserving food and dressing a salad.

The father of modern medicine ‘Hippocrates’ had prescribed and used Apple Cider Vinegar to cure a lot of ailments in his patients.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Image Credit: Pixabay

I am not a patient but I too drink the sour wine 4-5 days in a week. I take 15 ml of Apple Cider Vinegar “The Mother” mixed with around 250 ml of water. I take my regular Thyroid pill first thing in the morning followed by ACV in an hour time gap. Trust me, it does great things in my body.

Why Did I Start To Drink Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple Cider Vinegar

Image Credit: Pixabay

I came across a thread where it was mentioned that drinking ACV helps on the below.

  1. Reduction of fat around the waistline
  2. Weight Loss
  3. Reduction of abdominal fat

Do you think I need any more reasons?

All these being said, it does not mean that the sour wine only helps on the above mentioned three. It has got a lot more benefits.

It started like this.

I had geared up for a new routine and wanted to detox my body before I start with my Diet schedule. I drank the regular Apple Cider Vinegar which was there at my home. The one that is available in most of the supermarkets around us. The one that was not too reddish & at the same time not too brownish and filtered.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Image Credit: Pixabay

Huh, that smell…

Yeah, the smell more than the taste was gross even after diluting ACV with water. It made me feel like giving up many times. But, that was only until I came to know about the different versions of Apple Cider Vinegar that are available.

Ha Ha Ha… What you had guessed is correct. I was drinking a wrong version of ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar (Filtered) Vs Apple Cider Vinegar “With The Mother”:

There are two versions of Apple Cider Vinegar in the market.

  1. The one which is raw ” With The Mother“.
  2. The one which is processedThe Filtered“.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you would like to reap the most benefits, then choosing “With The Mother” version is wise. The ACV “Mother” holds a great number of beneficial bacterias in it. You might find the smell a bit strong just like how I had felt in the beginning but you would get used to it in time.

With the organic version, it is not just the gross smell as it also comes along with the gross appearance due to its sediments. When I saw the benefits, the strong smell of ACV and the sediments did not seem like an issue. I had started with the one shown on the right in the above picture at first but switched to the Mother Version soon which is on the left.

Note: I am not advertising any of these brand names.

How Does Apple Cider Vinegar Work?

Fermented apples have got a chemical named Pectin – a Prebiotic in it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Image Credit: Pixabay

Prebiotics are nothing but the carbohydrates that our body cannot digest.

Apple Cider Vinegar “With The Mother” is a Prebiotic. It helps in breaking down things better and supply them as a food for the probiotics in our gut.

Probiotics are the good bacterias which we have got in our gut. They are the ones that control the growth of harmful bacterias in our digestive system.

Good bacterias in our gut aid good health. The more good bacterias we have in our gut, the faster would be the digestion process. So, the more unwanted fat gets flushed out from our body, better the chances of us getting slim and lose weight.

Do You Know – Our gut is called as the Second Brain in the Human body.

Remember, Apple Cider Vinegar is not a quickie. You may see the output with reference to weight loss a bit faster in some people and slower on others. It is a process, so accept it.

The Impact Of Apple Cider Vinegar “The Mother” In Me:

I do see few impacts of consuming Apple Cider Vinegar in my body. Though, I am yet to see how awesome it aids on the weight loss I can vouch now for these few.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Image Credit: Pixabay

  • Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar “The Mother” gives me a full feeling. That, in turn, reduces my food cravings and the quantity of my food intake. Hope, you got the point where it leads to with reference to the weight loss.
  • ACV helps me to have regular bowel movements.
  • The sour wine had helped me to get rid of acid reflux and heartburn after heavy meals which were very frequent in my case erstwhile.
  • It is been a few months now since I had experienced intestinal gas getting released from my body.
  • I had no nose blocks and sore throat since I started taking ACV.
  • With reference to my weight loss and reduction in abdominal fat, I am unable to vouch much at this point in time. That’s not because of ACV but because of me skipping my diet routine and gym, lately. I am sure that I will be back with a bang in time to vouch for ACV with weight loss and fat reduction as well. Stay Tuned for the update on this in few months time.

Please do not forget that if you want quick outputs towards weight loss then there are no substitutes to the ones mentioned below. ACV for sure enhances the output with extra benefits.

  1. Good Sleep
  2. Strict and Healthy Diet
  3. Consumption of a good amount of water
  4. Physical Exercise

The Other Benefits:

There is information online saying that Apple Cider Vinegar helps on these too.

  • Premature aging
  • Skin health
  • Dandruff
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Triglycerides
  • High Cholesterol
  • Warts
  • Acne and more…
Some people say that Apple Cider Vinegar is not acidic but alkaline whereas other types of vinegar like regular vinegar, white vinegar etc. are majorly Acidic. Not a chemist to confirm but still sharing it as I had seen many people say that in their research papers and case studies.

Good To Know:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar “The Mother” is a power packed syrup. It is in use since many years now. I could not find many details on how ancient it is in India. But, came to know that it was used and in use extensively in the countries Japan and China.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Vinegar has a chemical named Polyphenols in it hence got antioxidant and anticancer properties that kill cancer-causing cells in our body.
  • It lowers bad cholesterol that leads to heart-related problems.
  • It is a Disinfectant and it kills the harmful bacteria in our body.


  • Please do not jump on to consume Apple Cider Vinegar without discussing with your doctor in case if you are already under some medications.

Who Me?

I hopped on it just like that. And, I am drinking it since four months. I have not come across any negative effects so far and I am on my second bottle now. Hopefully, I won’t experience any negative effects down the line too.

  • If you are not under any medications related to major ailments, try it for a week and stop it if you find it uncomfortable.
  • Please do not try to drink ACV without diluting it with water.
  • Are you an expectant Mother / do breastfeed?

Please do not drink Apple Cider Vinegar “The Mother” without discussing with your doctor. Remember, that the mother version of Apple Cider Vinegar is raw and organic. It contains bacteria though beneficial it may be harsh on the baby.

The Correct Time To Drink:

  • As I had mentioned in the beginning of this post, I drink in the morning right after an hour I took my Thyroid pill. I take it only once a day.
  • Some people drink it twice or thrice daily before/after meals.

– If you want to reduce the amount of food you intake, I would suggest you take it before you head to lunch. If you would like to enjoy the food but want to flush things faster, I think it is better to drink it after your meal. I am saying this before/after meal strategy based on my understanding.

  • I buy it online via Amazon as I haven’t seen the organic version yet in the supermarkets around me. It is a bit expensive when compared to the filtered ACV but the benefits will make us forget the price.

Questions To You:

Do you drink ACV already?

Please do share your thoughts in the comments section as it would be helpful to others irrespective of whether it is a Positive/Negative effect.

See You soon shortly with a post on one of the Probiotic drink you might be seeing around these days.





How to Fix Your Gut Bacteria and Lose Weight

Have You Got Plans For A Body Tattoo? You May Lose The Eligibility To…

Tattoo Meaning “To Write”

Tattoos are Awesome. Undoubtedly, a tattoo on few people just grabs our attention without a second thought.

Some personalities ink themselves on many parts of their body. And each of those tattoos narrates a story behind. For example, our own Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli. The one who has got a good number of tattoos all over his arms and shoulders. Notably, the text Scorpion inked on his right bicep, Lord Shiva, and a Samurai warrior with a raised sword on his shoulder and arms.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Tattoos are very common to see on sports personalities, especially in Football, Basketball, and Cricket. Have you anytime seen a FIFA, NBA, or a Cricket sportsperson without an ink on their body?

It may take some more time for us to come up with a list. There is one other person too whom I can refer here. Remember the body inking on “Michael Scofield”, a structural engineer from the television series “Prison Break”?

Tattoos Are Trendy:

A few years back, body inking among the adults of age group between 20 to 35 was not very common. But now, that is the trend. Starting from the teens who are in their final year of college to the adults working in Information Technology based companies have got body Tattoos nowadays. The increased number of body writing studios which we see around us in the recent times is the best example I can quote to confirm the inking is a trend among youngsters in India.


Image Credit: Pixabay

The Eligibility:

Please do not think that I am against body inking based on the title of this post. I was interested too to have one on me. But, a bit hesitant now as I got to know about this.

A tattoo on our body might cost us our eligibility to save a life when needed.

Let me be more specific, a person who has got their body inked cannot donate blood for a period of six months to a year. This is not only applicable for the body tattoos but also applicable for Body Piercing.

This above-mentioned fact had pulled me back from getting a tattoo for myself. Please note that the suspension duration mentioned above also depends on the salon and the country from where the person got their body inking done.


Image Credit: Pixabay

In India, the duration of suspension from donating blood after getting inked is six months. Similarly, every country has got their own restrictions on the duration of the suspension. I had jotted down the suspension duration in some of the countries below for better awareness.

In case of the United States of America, there is no waiting period to donate blood even after a tattoo. But, this is applicable only if you are living in the cities of the USA where a tattoo facility is regulated.

If you have got your tattoo done from the cities like New York, Utah, Pennsylvania, D.C and few more cities where the tattoo facilities are not yet regulated then a person needs to wait for a year before opting to donate blood.


Why Do Blood Banks/Hospitals Deny Blood wrt A Tattoo?

Infection is the one main reason for the denial.

Once after having a skin puncturing tattoo or body piercing using a needle, an individual’s body is injected with heavy traces of antibody elements from the inks leading to a reaction. The person who gets a tattoo is also prone to diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, and C especially when an unclean needle is used in the process.

The above mentioned is also applicable for the women who undergo Microblading and Permanent Makeup. Remember, they do fall under the category of cosmetic tattoos as they involve pigmentation and ink implants in the skin.

Maybe you are a potential blood donor but a small tattoo on your wrist may place you in a fix. You may be pushed to a spot where you could not help someone who is fighting for their life after a road accident. I felt that it is not worthy to get my body inked when compared to saving ones life if a situation arises.

Still, Couldn’t Resist?

Go on, but…


Image Credit: Pixabay

  1. Think one more time before hitting the doorstep of the Tattoo parlor or a studio.
  2. Ensure that the tattoo studio you had chosen has got a tattooist with good experience.
  3. It is a must that you see a fresh needle that is going to be used on you. It is also mandatory that you ask the tattooist open the needle in front of you.
  4. Ensure that the tattooist wears clean gloves while inking your body. All the items used in the process need to be properly sterilized.
  5. The professional should not be using an already used ink bottle. The ink he/she use should be from a fresh unopened bottle.
  6. Do not take a risk and compromise your health just to save some extra money.
  7. Ensure that the studio you choose is clean and it is run by a professional.
  8. Not all Tattoo studios might have got trained professionals, Beware.
  9. Do not forget to ask about the care instructions.
  10. It is better to avoid inking your body when you are on a tour. You do not know whether the studio is good or bad.

Are Tattoos Permanent Or Removable?

Yes is the answer for both.

They are permanent, but the color of the ink used is expected to fade. If you are planning to ink on your wrist or at the front space of the fingers, then you may need to consider going for a color touch-up once in fifteen months.

With modern technologies like laser treatment, yes a tattoo can be removed from the skin.

Good To Know:


Image Credit: Pixabay

Not all countries in the world are tattoo friendly. There are countries who do not encourage people wearing a tattoo on some part of the body and also got a right to not to allow a person into their country if that person wore a tattoo that criticizes their belief. For example,

  • Denmark – No tattoos on Face, Neck, Hands, and Head.
  • Srilanka – No tattoos of Buddha or similar.
  • UAE, Japan- No tattoos are encouraged.

Alrighty then.

Hope you find this post useful and informative. See you all around soon.

Give Blood. Give Life.








Cycling For Weight Loss – Part 2

The Continuation – Cycling For Weight Loss

As I said in the parent article “Cycling For Weight Loss” there is a lot more than what most of us know about the outdoor cycles. When it comes to Outdoor cycles, there are a lot of factors which need to be considered due to its wide ranges. So, here they are for you.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Types Of Outdoor Cycles:

CyclingStandard Bikes


The ones which are not in use much nowadays at least in India. These bikes are single speed bikes with coaster brakes where there will not be any brakes near the handlebar. The brakes are applied by pedaling backward.

Best suited for leisure rides focused on flat roads. Rarely found in India, but can be purchased online from Amazon.

BMX ( Bicycle Motocross ) Bikes


These are the bikes which people use when racing on off-roads and while performing stunts.


Best suited for stunt riding and for the rough roads with constructed obstacles.

Road Bikes


These are the ones that are used by professional cyclists during bike races. These are also the ones which are widely used by people who wanted to maintain their body weight. It can be used for covering longer distances as they are ergonomically designed and they are mostly geared bikes.

Road Bikes falls under two categories.

  1. Performance and Speed
  2. Touring

These high-speed bikes come with slim tires for greatest speed and they are of lightweight. The cost of this bike varies mainly based on the material used to build the bike. The rate of a very good performance plus comfort bike is expected to be greater than 20000 Indian Rupees. For example, brands like Firefox, Cannondale, Btwin, Montra and rock rider bikes fall into this category. But these brands have got Mountain and Hybrid bikes too.

Best suited for people who need a high-speed bike and wanted to cover more than 50 kilometers in a day.

Touring bikes are designed for more comfort and for carrying loads. They are heavier as they come with mounts for rack and fender attachments.

Mountain Bikes


The MTB (Mountain Bike) bikes are used for off-road cycling that covers landscapes that are not flat. These bikes come with broad and rugged tires and with suspensions to make the rider feel comfortable.

Best suited for people who do adventure trips on regular basis.

Hybrid Bikes


These are the ones which most of us had used and still using. As the name implies it is a combination of both road and terrain bikes. These are widely used and can be found among the school and college going teens in India. These bikes are suited for both flat and reasonable off-road rides. Just like road bikes, these bikes also come with various levels of Gears and Friction on the left and right handles, Double discs, and Double valve rims.

Best suited if your usage is just occasional rides and for lesser distances few times in a week.

Tandem Bikes


This kind of bike can be found in western countries more. In India, maybe in a circus. These bikes come with an extra seat and set of pedals for two people to ride together.

Recumbent Bikes


These are not regular bikes and not for city roads. These bikes come with a reclining seat and with pedals forward. Suited only for flat roads.



These are mainly used by performers and can also be found in a circus. Needs the skill to handle this kind of bike as they come with only one wheel. This bike is used in the unicycle hockey and in some of the other sports as well nowadays.

Points To Consider While Buying a Cycle To Maintain Weight Loss:

  • Do you know cycling?
  • What would be the frequency of you and the bike hitting the road or off-road?
  • Your intention to buy a bike? Is it just for Fun rides or you are also planning to use it as your commute.
  • What is your Budget?
The below-shown chart should help you get an idea in deciding on what bike to buy.

Things To Consider:

If you would like to have a physical view of any bikes, hit the doors of Decathalon stores or similar to see it directly.


  • Consider assembling the bike with a help of a professional especially if you are buying the product online.
  • Do not stick to the Brand name. Discuss with friends and local bike store before you zero in on the bike. There are people who custom build their bikes with the help of professionals.
  • Choose the bikes for which the spare parts availability is good. Btwin and Firefox users can be found in good numbers in India.
  • Test drive the bikes to find the one which makes you feel very comfortable. Spending time on this now will help you not to feel bad later. Ensure that the distance between the handlebar, brakes are reachable easily while choosing the bike.
  • Consider taking the finalized bike for rent from the nearby shop to experience the bike for more hours before you buy. You can hire the cycle for a certain number of hours for 500 rupees. Trust me, it’s worth to opt for.
  • Do not buy expensive bikes if your intended purpose is just casual and occasional cycling. Going for an EMI is not a good choice instead check whether you can avail corporate discounts.
  • Consider buying important accessories like stop lights, helmets, and other required gears. Some of them might not be required always but you are the best judge here.
  • Buy well-fitted clothing for cycling. Uncomfortable clothes specifically the cycling shorts will make you hesitate to touch the bike later. There are people who had experienced worse scenarios due to improper clothing.
  • Do not go for long distance cycling if you are not feeling well and if you had not slept properly.

My Cents:

– If you want to maintain your weight at a lower cost, you can also consider buying a used bike.

– The bike need not be a professional cycling bike instead it can just be a most commonly used hybrid bike.

– Save money and time by maintaining the bike well. Filling air once a week should do the trick besides other activities. A well-maintained bikes service cost should not exceed more than 500 rupees.

– Cycling can be Fun. Maintain your weight by doing the activity as a part of a group. Search for the cycling groups on Facebook and get yourself registered.

Remember this African proverb which is also relevant in this context.

If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.

Cycling For Weight Loss?

Is Cycling Your Weight Loss Strategy?

This is an outcome of the study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine. Overweight and obesity affect more than 66 percent of the adult population. It never comes alone, instead connected with a variety of chronic diseases. 


Image Credit: Pixabay

An another study done by UCLA researchers concludes saying – While on diet a sustained weight loss is achieved only by a lesser number of people. People who had lost their weights initially by few pounds or kilograms had regained more weight than they were earlier.

As per the statistics from Google Adwords, 2240000 is the number of searches made by people around the world using the term Weight Loss in their browsers search bar.


According to me, the only fastest way by which one can reduce their weight in a span of two weeks or less is via lesser intake of food than normal. Do not forget to check it out next time once you are down with fever for few days. You would be able to see that your body weight had got reduced slightly, which is not permanent.

The Hardest Part?

From the above studies, we can confirm that to achieve weight loss is easy. The hardest part is to maintain it for a period of time or continue to sustain down the line. I use to hit my apartment gym at least five days in a week in the past few months but took a break now for time being.

Ah! okay, I admit that I am a bit occupied on to some other tasks lately due to which my gym routine had taken a backseat. It is not really fair from my end. But, here is what I had managed to learn from those few months.

  • Dieting Alone does not help.
  • It is not recommended to hit the gym if you had not got enough sleep.
  • Do not indulge in lifting heavy weights without a person for help.
  • Hitting a gym or doing physical activities like Cycling, Walking, Jogging every day keeps us fresh and active throughout the day.

You can find more about my weight loss journey here.

Alrighty then. As you know already from the title, we are going to discuss the positive impacts of cycling towards weight loss.


Beginners are most likely to get demotivated in the first few months as cycling alone cannot help in achieving weight loss. Irrespective of whatever exercise you do, you just need to give it time.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Relying only on cycling may not help a lot in achieving weight loss. The reason is that cycling is an endurance activity which does not help burn calories much.

But, cycling can play a major role in helping us maintain our body weight and march towards our weight loss goal. In fact, people who do cycling for 10-15 km about 4-5 times a week had found cycling easier to sustain weights when compared to brisk walking and jogging.

I would say if you are already struggling with weight loss and fatigue then consider indulging in intense exercises. Consider cycling only to help you maintain your weight and to avoid weight regain.

The Secret To Achieve Weight Loss?

Burning more calories than we consume helps in losing body weight.

The below-mentioned combination will help you achieve weight loss better and faster.

  1. Adequate Sleep
  2. Healthy Diet
  3. Physical Activities involving cardio exercises
  4. Carrying Weights

What Type Of Cycle Is Good To Maintain Body Weight?

As you might have got an idea now on how cycling helps. The above-mentioned would be the question that is running in your mind now. Choosing between an actual bicycle or an indoor cycling machine depends on the individual’s preference.


Image Credit: Pixabay

It is simple. One can ride a stationary indoor cycling machine until they get tired. Once the energy level is drained, hop off from the machine and hit the shower. An indoor gym cycle comes with programmable workouts and dynamic speeds besides resistance levels to match an outdoor ride but with the absence of fresh air and nature.

When it comes to an actual cycle, one needs to ensure that they have the energy to ride back home. Riding to a very far distance will have its effects especially when you are a beginner. No doubt that with an actual cycle, we can enjoy nature and that is not the case with a stationary gym cycle. 

Some of the other advantages of indoor cycling are you can read newspapers, listen to music or watch a television while working out. This is not something which you can do in outdoor cycling. So, both the cycle types can support in one’s weight loss program based on how frequently they use it.

Opting For An Outdoor Cycle?


Image Credit: Pixabay

I am sure that you would have landed on the below questions in your mind by now.

  1. A Geared or Non-Geared cycle?
  2. A professional cycle or the regular bicycle that we had used during our school days?

Trust me, there is a lot more on how to choose an outdoor cycle for weight loss. Will meet you guys again in the upcoming post with few more information about it.

Stay tuned…

Hmm… Am I Missing Something?


Dear Friends, please note that every individual and the nature of their body is different. Some people might have experienced weight loss only by cycling. But, that does not mean that it would be the same with everyone.

Is there a reader here who vouch for cycling towards weight loss?

Dear Pal, kindly ignore what I had said above and stick to your cycling mantra. When it is working for you already then do not stop. Your insights would be helpful for the other readers here. Hence, do not hesitate to use the comments section, please.