Actions Prove Who Someone Is, So Is Our Stool – Spying

Spying Seems To Be Possible Even When Flushed Twice

This time, for a change the post is not about Motivation, Side Hustles, Kids, Parenting, Earn/Save money etc. Instead, it is about Espionage or Spying, one of the grey-area for most of us. I am sure that the maximum exposure that some of us had got about Spying is purely from the James Bond movie, right?


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It is true, that we are at least aware about mobile hacking and computer hackings, one way of virtual spying which is on a roll ever since we got hold of a smartphone and easy connectivity to the internet.

But, it is not about them that I had penned down here in this post. Instead, it is about the poop. Ha Ha… I can understand what is running in your mind. Let me make it clear, it is not wholly the same Dust Mites poop story again. Yet partially yes, a bit related but with a twist.

The Story Begins


Image Credit: Pixabay

Ever thought about the lavish way of spending by highly politically influenced people around the world? My understanding until sometime before was that most of the critical personalities waste more money and live a luxurious life. I am purely not referring to Indian politicians or any other specific personalities here but few influential foreign personalities.

Most of you might have come across the historical handshake incident between North Korean and South Korean Leaders. You might have also learned about Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader’s visit to China a few months back.

But, do you know anything more about the visit? The way how Kim travels and travelled to China gave me a real justification of why many political personalities spend more money on their travel and what they carry with them while visiting other countries.

A Commute via Tracks

Kim, a well-known leader for his guts, strict punishment’s, very hot arguments and for challenging other high profile leaders around the world for so and so reasons had chosen a rail as his mode of travel. It’s not very uncommon for a high profile political leader to travel with a highly secured convoy setup. We know people who travel via an aeroplane, chopper etc. We also know that some people own Jet planes, Cruises through which they travel as they find it to be secure.

But, ever heard of a travel via an Armoured Rail?


Image Credit: Pixabay

Yes, Kim had travelled to China on a highly armoured bulletproof train which his father had used to conduct parties. Not just that he had also carried a bathroom inside the train with him. It is not just for use at the time of travel but always when needed.

Why A Toilet?

Some carry their pets and some carry valuable and precious items whenever they travel. But, why it is a toilet chosen by Kim?


Image Credit: Pixabay

We all know the usage of a toilet. But, the reason for Kim carrying that is beyond what we most of us might imagine. He had carried his own closet as he does not want to give any clues about his health, character, behaviour, personality etc. to anyone else, especially to the other countries intelligence department.

Human blood, urine and motion samples help the doctors in identifying and diagnosing diseases and infections. But, that’s not all when it comes to our faeces, specifically. The Human waste or the excrete is also used to analyze a person’s lifetime based on his health status, behaviour and more as I had mentioned above.

Scatological Spying

Human waste is used as a vital tool in one way of spying called as Scatological Spying. The method that was carried out by many intelligence departments belonging to countries like Russia, China, USA etc. in olden days when there was no modern spying equipment like we have got now.

Scatological spying was highly used by intelligence agencies to learn about someone nature. So, instead of letting the rubbish to bury in the ground they are collected into a specimen jar or container. The collected samples are sent to the labs for studying about the person. The lab professionals analyze the stools to arrive at the details through which they can handle and forecast the status of the visitor better.

For example,

– When the amino acid level in faeces is found high they concluded that the person they are dealing with is an easily approachable and calm person.

– Lack of potassium referred to the person with insomnia and nerve dislocations.

Scatologically Spied

It is not just the cracking the Morse codes, radio signals, phone tapping, hacking for which some leaders fall. Here are few leaders who had been successfully / unsuccessfully  Scatologically Spied. As per the online resources, I had come across are,

  1. Visited Leader: Mao Zedong – The founding father of the People’s Republic of China.Hosted Leader: Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union.
  2. Visited Leader: Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet UnionHost Teams: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), USA and Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), UK.
  3. Leader: Leonid Brezhnev of the Soviet UnionSpied By: Scatologically spied by Intelligence Department of France.
  4. Leader: Hafez al-Assad of SyriaTeams who were involved in Spying: Mossad ( National Intelligence Agency of Israel) and Intelligence department of Jordan.

Hafez al-Assad’s samples indicated that his life is going to be very short. Hence, Israel had adjusted their Syria policy accordingly.

The above-mentioned facts had not only justified the reason why Kim was accompanied by a Bathroom/Toilet but also made me understand that even things that we consider waste can be a very crucial stuff when rightly utilized.

Do You Know?


Vladimir Putin – President of Russia was a former Russian Intelligence agency officer who was stationed at Germany under the identity of a translator.


It’s Not Just The Kids Who Fall Sick Due To Dust Mites

An Invisible (Micro) Pet That We Own And Feed At Home – Dust Mites

It is not very rare to see our kids falling sick nowadays most of the times due to Fever, Cough, and Sneeze. I had an impression that kids who fall sick very frequently in their early ages would have more immunity when they grow old. But, is it a fact or a myth? I do not know to be honest. Maybe it is a fact but not anymore as most of us, parents do not let the kid’s body to fight against the sickness on its own. Instead, we tend to take the kid to a doctor on the 2nd or the 3rd day and start using the Antibiotics. That being said, it is not wise to blame the parents as well. Especially, when we are living in a highly polluted area the dust and dust mites caused infections are somethings that we cannot avoid.

Dust Mites

Image Credit: Pixabay

It is very true that the human body loses its capability if not full, at least partially to fight against some infections. This is because of the pollution and as we live with dust mites, “The Culprits”. I am addressing the dust mites as culprits because, in most of the scenarios, they are the ones who play a role in leaving the kids and elders sick at home. With these Dust Mites, the micro pets at our home, we need not step outside to get infections.

Image Credit: Flickr
Dust Mites

Dust and Dust Mites Are Related But Not The Same

Before moving on further, for the readers who hear the term Dust Mites for the 1st time, here is some hint. First and foremost Dust and Dust Mites are not the same.

Dust –

  • Does not have a life.
  • They are just different fine particles that got accumulated and floats in the air. For example, dust from smoke, wood, glass etc.

Dust Mites –

  • They are an eight-legged tiny bug (not a bed bug) that lives with us in our Mattresses, Quilts, Bed Spreads, Pillows, Couches, Cushions, Curtains, Door Mats, Carpets etc.
  • A nearly invisible bug for a naked eye. We need a microscope to see this culprit.

  • Lives for fewer months but leaves a great volume of junior bugs every 3 – 4 weeks. I have read that a female mite can lay around 30 eggs every few weeks.

  • Found in humid environments.

  • Capable of being a reason for Sinus, Asthma in kids and adults.

Dust Mites Never Sleep

When we sleep, these eight-legged bugs stay awake and work on increasing their volume. They feast on our dead skin particles that our body sheds. For example, Dandruff, hair follicles etc. Do not forget about your pet animals hair loss as these mites love that too. It is not the Dust Mites that cause allergies in kids and adults but their poop.

Excretes of this bug that turned to an air dust is what causes Sneezing, Coughing, Continuous cold, Nose blocks, Breathing issues, Runny nose, Watery eyes with fever etc in kids and in adults.

Dust Mites

Image Credit: Pixabay

If you are already in a shock, here is some more to get to know.

Dust Mites have a great love towards our Mattress, Pillows etc. The weight of a mattress and the pillows we use changes or increases over a period of few years. This is due to the dust particles and the Dust Mites poop.

Good To Know:

On an average, a 10-year-old mattress holds between 100,000 and 10 million bugs including bed bugs.

It is a well-known fact that every one of us carries or would have carried tiny things like lice on our heads during childhood.

But, have you ever heard about EyeLash Mite?

– Our Eyelash is a home for many live eyelash mites.

Couldn’t believe? I suggest googling if you want to see how does it look.

When we carry micro mites on our eyelashes day in and out then why not our Matresses and similar items in our homes?

How To Prevent Allergies Caused By Dust Mites?

I do not think that we can eradicate dust mites totally but we can control it for sure. Here are few things that will help us prevent ourselves and our kids from getting affected by dust mite allergies.

Dust Mites

  • Try to maintain dry air in the bedroom (i.e.) maintaining 20 to 30 % humidity in the bedroom will do a great job. Using a dehumidifier is also an option.

Dust Mites

  • Train your pet animals ( not the micro ones) to stay outdoor. Wash their bedding regularly.

Dust Mites

  • An air purifier might also help but a very well ventilated bedroom can do the trick. Leave your bedroom windows and doors open at least thrice in a week. Let the sunlight enter the room. If you are worried about the safety, then you can do this whenever you are available at home and during weekends.
  • Vaccum / Dust your Mattresses, Pillows etc. regularly. In case, if you can place the mattresses, pillows or similar in a place where they can get direct sunlight then that would be best. Do not forget upholsteries in the guest bedrooms. Also, remember the netlon’s used over the windows to get rid of mosquitoes.
  • Consider choosing dust resistant mattresses if easily available.
  • Wash the stuffed toys, blankets and similar in hot water at least once in a month. Consider your apartment terrace or shades at least for the items that you can carry so that the cushions get direct sunlight.
  • Clean the filters of the air conditioners or similar on regular basis.
  • If you can find allergen-proof fabric covers for your pillows and mattresses then that would be helpful.
  • Do not smoke a cigar inside the house. The ash dust can also add more issues to the existing problem.
  • Keep your hair clean without dandruff and do not leave any organic debris like hair follicles to get accumulated at home.
  • Consider buying essentials oils especially, Eucalyptus, Tea tree, lavender oils as they are known for being an enemy of dust mites.

Dust Mites

  • Keep minimal decors and pieces of furniture if you are not gonna clean your home daily.

Note: My special Thank You to my friend Ram for throwing insights about the Dust Mite. I hope you found it to be informative.

Why do we Sneeze and have Runny Nose in the Mornings as soon as we wake up from the bed?

You know the answer now. Take Care.


Part 2 – A Must Carry Travel Items For Traveling Parents/Elders

The Travel Items – Part 2

This is a continuation of my previous blog post “A Must Carry travel Items For Traveling Parents/Elders“. In this blog post, I had covered some more travel items to be carried by the senior travelers in the family. The travel items list that is more inclined to an air travel.

travel items


Before moving on further, I welcome you all to use the comments section to share your thoughts about the items mentioned in my earlier as well as this post. I would be happy to include any travel items in case if I had missed anything that is a great companion for seniors who travel.

The Travel Items List

Comfortable Shoes/Sandals

travel items

It is a must wear travel items for all the seniors who travel. It is very much recommended to choose the shoes or similar footwear by hitting the store instead of buying online. This way, the user can choose the right footwear based on their foot arch type. A footwear purchased online might bring more trouble and it is not a mighty thing to do most of the times.

Safety Whistle

travel items

This simple toy can be a great companion for the parents and the elders in our family. When it comes to a long distance travel that too to a country or a place which is of different origin, to speak or to understand a different language is not easy for everyone.

When situations arise that are out of hands, the seniors can blow the whistle with no effort and ask for help. In fact, with this travel items, they can get more helping hands than the traditional way on time. A tiny whistle with a rope placed around the neck can do wonders at the critical moments.

Foot Rest Sling

travel items

An adjustable footrest sling is another travel items that are worth carrying. Irrespective of whether our seniors travel by bus or by flight, a footrest sling can be of a great help. Especially for elders who have got a history of leg and knee problems. A travel needs shop or Amazon can provide you with great options. Any sling that can do the job is good than a flash expensive sling. Remember, this can be a great gift not only for our parents but also for anyone who spends hours in a sitting posture.

Hand Sanitizer

Aging parents are more prone to infections just like smaller kids. At the time of travel, elders in our family had to use the handrails while walking. That could be at a bus stop, railway station, airport or in similar public places. This travel items can help the elders from getting sick due to the germs that spread.

Travel Wallet & A Pen

travel items

A travel wallet or a money belt also fall under the must carry travel items. Do you think our aging parents can run behind some pickpocket? Anything can happen at the least expected time. A slim money belt can also be worn under the clothing to make it not so visible.

A pen is something that needs to be kept inside the hand luggage at all times. The crew members might issue a slip to be filled before landing. Help our parents so that they do not wait for someone to handover them a pen.

Hard Candies

travel items

Suckling/Chewing hard candies at the time of air travel. Especially, when the flight descends some travelers experience an ear pain due to the pressure difference. Chewing or suckling a hard candy can help clear the ear canal.

Not to forget, a ginger candy can help to handle motion sickness. With these benefits, candies become a part of a must carry travel items list for elders.

Caution: Candies are not meant for elders with Diabetes. Hence, an alternative medicine is highly recommended for the parents with sugar complaints.

Saline Nasal Spray

travel items

Do you remember that Nasoclear spray?

Yes, the one which you had bought for your kids to help them from nose blocks during sleep.

That is the same thing we need to buy for our parents and elders who are preparing themselves for an flight travel.

Due to the chillness and lesser humidity inside an airplane, the mucous membrane inside our nose gets dried out. This leads to nose blocks leading to difficulties in breathing. This travel items kept on the hand baggage will work like a charm.

Travel Blanket & Eye Mask

A small lighter blanket and an eye mask can help our parents to have a comfortable sleep during travel. Though, they provide blankets in a long distance flight some elderly travelers would prefer to use their own blankets. Google as smart blankets for more options.

Ergonomic Luggage Handle / Travel Tow & A Luggage Spotter

Must-Have travel items for the elders who are looking forward to an air travel. An ergonomic luggage handle can be of great help when they need to pull their luggage at the airport. Based on the price, the type of these handles vary. There are luggage handles that rotate 360 degrees as well which some people prefer. This travel items will help a senior traveler get rid of a strain on wrist, elbows, and shoulders. This is the reason why this travel items fall under the must carry items list.

I leave it open for you to google search as that would throw great options on different price ranges.

A Luggage Spotter

travel items


If you do not feel like buying a luggage spotter like the one above, then a simple bright colored ribbon tied on all the trolleys should save time for the elders at the destination airport. These smaller things can be of great help to the elders after a tiresome journey, hence do not forget to do it for your parents.


Always ask for a wheelchair help while booking an air ticket. Your senior will say a Thank You for sure.

This is a must if the traveler cannot stand/walk for a longer duration and if they are traveling without any family member beside and not a very frequent air traveler.

travel itemsDo Not Forget To Covey These…

Please ensure that you convey the below things to your elderly family member before they travel.

travel items

– Ask for help when needed. If required, blow the whistle.

– Do not worry about the language. The crew members in the flight are known to speak and understand multiple regional languages most of the times.

– Take help from the airplane crew. Especially, when the parents wanted to place the luggage in the overhead cabin. Lifting the bags all by themselves is not the best thing to do.

– Stand up and stretch often during the flight.

– Take help from the porters at the destination airport.

Happy reading, Take Care.

Image Credit: Pixabay, Amazon

A Must Carry Travel Items For Traveling Parents/Elders

A Short Eye Opener Story Ahead Before You Find About The Travel Items List

This time I dedicate this post on the travel items to the Parents, In-laws, Elders in every one of our families. Again, I had never got a hint to write the content which I had penned down below until I saw my Mom experienced health issues after one of the short trips.

travel items

Image Credit: Pixabay

With a great excitement, my mom with her four friends planned for an interstate trip. For nothing, she had looked for my help as a part of their plan. My mom and her friends had very well planned the trip and they were on top of everything. Be it booking a sleeper bus to and fro, sightseeing, the guide, and everything. Believe me, the elderly women in our families are so powerful by heart and mind except that they don’t display it most of the times.

Everything went on well and the trip was great. A few weeks later, my mom had complained of a pain in her left hand. The pain that radiated from the armpit to hands making her hand very difficult to lift/move. Consulted the doctor and found it to be a disc slip on the neck. The complaint was not wholly due to the short travel, but for sure the travel had also played a role.

Digging further, I came to know that my Mom had fallen down in a subway few months before the travel. Besides, the posture that my mom adapted while returning back from the trip is undoubtedly a culprit. My mom had traveled in a somewhat sitting posture in the sleeper bus while returning back as she had felt uncomfortable sleeping on the sleeper bus during the onward trip. Looks like the posture had given more stress to the muscles and the disc in the neck portion.

A simple air pillow could have a helped my Mom stay away from the disc slip complaint. Though, I am aware that it falls under a must carry travel items I had still failed to convey it to my Mom.

It Is Not What We Think Always

The above incident is one main reason for me writing this post. We all wish that certain things work out well as we wanted, though we know that things do not go always in the way we expect. Not many of us are gifted to stay with our elderly parents in the same house after a certain age. Even if we live in the same city, we reside in a different area due to kids school, commuting distance to the workplace etc. When we have a compelling fact to stay away from our own elders in the family, there are few things through which we can help them stay away from the pain. The pain that arises because of not considering certain things like the travel items.

The Must-Carry Travel Items

Here I provide the list of the top must carry travel items which we sons and daughters should never forget to consider when our Parents / Elders travel. With age, it is very common for our mom, dad, and other elders at home to overlook things. Hope, the below points help everyone when there is a need.

An Air Pillow / Neck Pillow

This travel item is a must, not only for the traveling Parents but also for anyone who is on travel. This small travel item that inflates with air can be a great support for the head as a headrest. Not just that as it also helps as a back cushion for the lumbar part during bus travel.

travel items

A Neck Pillow – A quality cushion that most of us overlook during flight travel. The percentage of traveling parents every month to the USA, UK, and other countries is very high nowadays. In the busy schedule, they spend their time on what to carry for us especially the food items and others things which they knew their kids’ love. If not us, then there won’t be anyone else who can help them with the travel items which are a must during travel.

Remember, nothing can replace a Lumbar Support belt and a Cervical Collar belt. Especially for elders who travel with a history of back pain and neck pain complaint.

travel items

Emergency Medicines & Prescription Drugs

First thing, try to get a medical insurance for your parents. This is irrespective of whether they travel or not. It is our duty.

Get to know about the health history of your Parents. It is better to get to know about the health history of your In-laws and other close elders in your family as well. Ensure that they carry their emergency medicines with them all the time. This applies to everyone and a very critical thing for the Elders with certain medication routines. For example, Diabetes, Thyroid, Heart Issues etc. The best would be to have a picture of the medical prescription as well on the phone.

travel items

Address Information

A small booklet with the important mobile phone numbers and a card with ID information are the third must carry travel items. The one that has at least an address, emergency contact information, blood group etc.

travel items

Image Credit: Pixabay

As most of the elders who travel own a smartphone nowadays, it is better to take a picture of the filled ID card. This will come as a help if they had lost their handbags. A photo in the smartphone is just a backup but not a reliable one.

The reliable tip here is to ensure that our Parents remember our cell phone numbers.

There are some of the GPS based mobile applications that can be used to track our elders who travel. This can be done by configuring the mobile app in both your phone and on the phone of the elders who travel. Google play store/app store can help here.

Emergency Contact Information

A card with the details of People – Back Home and People – At the Destination. This is in addition to the ID card mentioned in the above point.
travel items

Spare Pairs Of Contacts / Glasses With Cases

To handle things without eyeglasses/contacts for elders is very difficult. Especially the elders and parents with high power glasses without which they cannot see things properly.

travel items

There are possibilities for one of their contact lenses or their eyeglasses to fall down leading to a loss. An extra pair of eyeglasses would surely be of help. Do not forget the eye drops and the contact lens solution as well under the travel items category.

Spare Batteries For Hearing Aids

Either you get it checked before your Parents travel or you help them keep an extra pair of batteries at home always. Best to have one in the bags of the elders who travel.

travel itemsFirst Aid Kit

One of the travel items which is highly overlooked.

travel items

A small pouch or a zip lock cover with Pills for Antacid, Gas Relief, Fever, Pain, Anti-diarrhea etc besides band-aids.

Mobile Phone Charger

A Mobile Phone Charger also falls under the Must carry travel items for the elders who travel. If both your Parents are traveling and if they both use the phone with the same kind of charging port, it is best to buy adapters with two charging ports. That would not only save their time but help them keep both their mobile phones with enough charge. A small search on Amazon can help you with options.

travel items

A Pair Of Compression Socks

If your parents do not have one already, please ensure that you buy it for them. Compression Socks falls under the list of a must carry travel items as they help to maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling by applying pressure to the lower legs.

travel items

This is mandatory during long-distance travel either by Air or by Land. Though the risk of developing blood clots during air travel is low, it spikes up when the travel time increases.

A Handy Flash Light

Either you buy a small flashlight for the elders who travel or teach them how to use the flashlight in their phones. The former is better as it does not depend on the cell phone battery.

travel items

There are a lot more things that fall under the must carry travel items which I am yet to share. Specifically, the ones that are more inclined to air travel.

Stay tuned for the Part – 2 blog post with an information about some more travel items that are good to carry.

Image Credits: Pixabay, Thotslingo, Amazon

The Child Killer – Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

The Ray Of Hope For Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patients

Thanks to my Brother-in-law “Rosh” who took a moment to share a post about a kid who is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). I was not aware of SMA until I saw that post.

The Facebook post was about the new medicine which has been identified for curing Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The post had the text content and a photograph of Mr. Praveen Tiyagi, the father of the suffering kid. It was painful. But, the father had showcased humanity and his willpower by sharing the valuable information even at his harrowing times.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

How many of us will be in a position to share any information about a disease when our own blood relatives are suffering?

He took the path of Facebook to share the news about the new medicine for this genetic disease. The disease which was considered non-curable until a few months back.

Lucky I am, as I got an opportunity to share about it in my blog so that it reaches more and more people in the world.

The Genetic Disease – Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Image Credit: Pixabay

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a genetic disease.

A neuromuscular disorder that affects the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord. The affected motor nerve cells cause muscle weakness followed by muscle death. Yes, the death of the muscles that help us to Crawl, Stand, Sit, Walk, and also to control the movements of the human head. The progressive weakening and wastage of muscles lead to death.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Image Credit: Bone and Spine

This disease that gets passed down to the child from the parent is considered as Number ONE genetic cause in infants and toddlers death.

This disease is not a gender biased and it is applicable even for adults.

Why Is SMA Not Found During Prenatal Screenings?

This disease does not provide many clues during the screening that happens when the child is in the womb. But, there are cases where families with a history of at least one child with this disorder requesting prenatal predictions for their child. When identified a risk of the disorder, they took a decision of terminating the pregnancy.

The prenatal diagnosis for SMA is done in the couples with high risk by detection of a homozygous deletion in the survival motor neuron gene (SMN1).


What Is Survival Motor Neuron Gene 1 (SMN1)?

  • It is the gene that determines Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
  • In human, this gene takes care of producing the protein named SMN1. The gene protein that is required for the proper functioning of nerves that controls the body muscles.
  • Lack of this protein leads to the progressive degeneration of the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord. That leads to weak muscles, in turn, Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Types Of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Disease

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is classified into four types.
Spinal Muscular Atrophy

SMA0 (Prenatal)/SMA1 (Infantile):

The SMA1 type occurs in the babies who are born weak.

This type is considered as the most severe form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

The survival duration of the infant with this type of Spinal Muscular Atrophy is just a few weeks to months even with respiratory support.

The other name of SMA1 is “Werdnig-Hoffman disease”.

The Signs

– Abnormal while breathing and Swallowing
– Weak sucking reflex
– Feeble arm and leg movements
– Twitching of the tongue
– Floppy limbs and trunk
– Adoption of a frog-leg position when sitting etc.

SMA2 (intermediate SMA):

Also called as Dubowitz disease. Noticed when the kid is between 7 and 18 months of age.

The Signs

– Delay in sitting

– Muscle weakness
– Weak Legs
– Curved Spine

– Distortion of the hands, feet, and chest etc.

SMA3 (Juvenile):

Also known as Kugelberg Welander disease. Noticed and diagnosed in children above 12 months old.

The Signs

– Difficulty walking/climbing up and down the stairs
– Nil to minimal body balance
– Weak legs than the arms
– Restricted movement of joins around hips, knees, and ankles


Another name of SMA4 is adult-onset SMA. Noticed at the start of adulthood. They may be able to walk but sometimes will need wheelchair help.

The Signs

– Tremors
– Twitching of tongue
– Curved spine
– Weak hips, thighs, shoulders, and legs

  • The symptoms or the signs of each type of the Spinal Muscular Atrophy disease varies.
  • None of the patients with SMA1,2,3,&4 seem to have issues with their intelligence.
  • Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are beneficial to SMA patients.

The SMA Risk Probability & Statistics

It is to be noted that an autosomal recessive and consanguineous marriage increases the risk of the disease in the family. The SMA case registries are high especially in the countries where consanguineous marriage rates are high.
Spinal Muscular Atrophy

In India, as of 2015, MDCRC has identified 400+ cases of SMA.

Statistics show that 1 in every 6,000 to 10,000 people suffer from Spinal Muscular Atrophy in the United States Of America.

1 in 40 individuals carries SMA without any clues.

Countries With National SMA Registry

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Image Credit:

The Drug

The drug “Spinraza” was approved in the year 2016. A drug released by the pharma named Biogen/Ionis. The same drug has been already subjected to clinical trials showing positive impacts.

For more information on the drugs, please refer to updated SMA Drug Pipeline Release from the link in the reference section.

Be The Change

Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • There is a petition online from to the below team seeking help to get the SMA medicine to India at an affordable cost.

– Ministry of Finance, India

– Prime Minister of India

– Minister of External Affairs

– Minister of Health and Family Welfare

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

I had signed this petition for the betterment of people, why can’t you?

Here is the link to the petition.


The above-mentioned content holds very minimal information about the SMA disease. Points in this post are not an alternative to Doctors advice and treatment. Please reach out to your medic for exact diagnosis.

Support Links:

SMA Updates & Community Links