Chrome Extension – The Eleven That Rocks

It is been a week, between this post and my previous post. Could not spend time in writing, Friends. I am back again with some interesting information down in this post. This time it is in-line with Google Chrome Extension.

Before we move further.

Browser Extension:

chrome extension

Image Credit: Pixabay

It is nothing but a piece of software that extends the functionalities of a web browser. Also known as a plug-in / Add-in / Add-on / Extension.

Chrome Extension:

This post would give glimpses of some of the useful google chrome extension that can help us increase our productivity, save time and money. The extensions mentioned below are handpicked by me and I use most of them even now.

1. Grammarly

I love this. I had got introduced to its application at first and later to the chrome extension.

chrome extension

This plug-in helps me with corrections and suggestions whenever I write, be it an email at work or a blog. A chrome extension that I recommend to a lot of the people who uses a computer at work.

Will there be anyone who would be happy to see a typographical error or a grammatical error once an email is sent?

The recall email option does not work always in Microsoft Outlook. Similarly, the undo option does not stay for long in case of google email. Prevention is better than cure.

chrome extension

Trust me, this extension rocks… A free version, as well as pro version, are available but the former meets my requirement very well.

2. Figure it Out (FIO)

A chrome extension that gives us glimpses of the current time of many locations when a new browser tab is opened.

chrome extension

A very useful addon for a person who interacts every day with many people who are in different time zones. A handy app for the people in software profession as most of them interact with the clients from different locations.

Oh, yeah I do see your point. Some of u might think that adding an extra clock to the particular time zone at the taskbar should do the job.

I do agree but we can have only two clocks besides the home country clock on our personal computer. If you are a person working with people from not more than two countries then the extra clock approach will work. But, still this google extension FIO is much more effective as it also allows you to create an event or meeting via google, outlook etc. on the same page.

3. Forest

One of the natural thing which is struggling to exist in the modern world. Hoardings and giant banners with the slogan plant a tree is what we see nowadays in and around us. Would have been good if we all had realized that a much earlier than now.

Huh, it is a different story anyway if we compare with what we are gonna see below.

Forest is a google chrome extension that allows us to grow trees on our laptops or PCs.

chrome extension

While at work, we tend to distract due to a lot of external things and also sometimes due to our laziness. There is no doubt that the brain chemical Dopamine in our brain can motivate us to be more productive. But, what is that thing that can motivate us to boost our brain chemical?

We all do have a long-term goal as well as a short-term goal. Similarly, we do have got something called micro goals? A goal that lasts only for few minutes to few hours. For such micro goals, the forest extension helps a lot.

What To Do?
chrome extension
  • Plant a tree and set a time before you start a task.
  • Do not distract yourself with things other than what you are doing as a part of the task.
  • As you do your work, the plant which you had planted grows.
  • Once you complete the task and the set time has reached, you can find that the plant has become a tree.
  • Just harvest your output by keeping this extension as your companion.

You can create a forest by planting more trees. The best part is it also allows us to Blacklist and White-list the websites that might distract us from work.

We can also sync the app with our Android and iPhone to analyze the statistics and more.
Remember, it is proven that breaking bigger tasks into smaller parts helps us complete it much faster.

4. Strict Workflow:

An extension of Pomodoro Technique. Hope you know about this technique. For those who are hearing about it for the first time.

Pomodoro Technique – It is a time management technique where a timer breaks down our work into 25-minute intervals. Work for 25, break for 5, repeat the same.

chrome extension

Strict Workflow – helps us to block websites which consume most of our valuable time. The best thing is that it blocks only the websites that we specify and not all the websites.

Just like Forest, this chrome extension can help a lot of professionals who do not have any browsing restrictions at their workplace during work hours.

5. Google Dictionary (by Google)

A powerful dictionary extension which can provide the meaning of a selected word in a web page. A double-click on a word helps us save a lot of time. Opening a new tab in the browser or a dictionary software to find out a meaning of a word is no longer required. Try it, you will love it.

chrome extension

6. SpeakIt

I use this voice reading chrome extension when I wanted to listen to the content in an article or a news online instead of reading.

I also use this extension when I wanted to listen to someone else reading my content. This helps me change or do minor changes to the content I write on my blog for better readability.

I would say that it is almost like a Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa or Cortana that most of us are yet to utilize on our cell phones. SpeakIt does have its limitations like the total number of words that can read. But, truly saves time.

7. Save to Pocket (aka) Pocket

Helps us in a scenario like this.

Found something good online, wanted to read but had to forgo for time being?

That is where Pocket plays a great role especially when we do not want to bookmark the page just to read a particular post.

chrome extension

Pocket, not just helps us save an article but also can allow us to save videos etc for later visits. The best part about this chrome extension is that it can be viewed from multiple devices via syncing. Can be used even offline.

Comes to a rescue of people who loves to read while on travel to work/home by train and bus. One-Click is what is needed to save the content you see online.

8. Awesome screenshot

Awesome add-in for those who need to capture screens while at work.

Let us assume that you are working on creating a step by step technical document which will have screenshots captured from the software. This is an extension that you need to give it a shot.

chrome extension

Screen Capture is not the only task that is possible in this plug-in instead it comes with a lot more necessary features like Blurring of the sensitive portion and screen recording too.

Available in chrome as well as Firefox. Being a great fan of the software Snagit, I still like this one too.

9. Hola

Do you travel frequently to other countries? Do you access websites that are restricted to your country?

chrome extension

Hola can help. It is an unlimited VPN google extension which works on Peer to Peer approach.

10. Honey

A must use add-in if you are a person who purchases things online.

chrome extension

Honey, provides us with all the coupons available in a particular website separated based on categories. Applies the coupon automatically instead of an explicit action from the user. Works great with Amazon India and Flipkart.

11. The Camelizer

This is again an extension related to online buying. This chrome extension provides us with information about the price history of a product. Helps us analyze the trend and save money while buying the product. This extension is not working with the eCommerce sites of India at this point.

Note On Chrome Extensions:

It is recommended to install and use the google chrome extensions or similar by considering the number of users and the reviews. Just like a malicious software a malicious extension can cause damage to the computer and also play a role on privacy issues.

Have You Got Plans For A Body Tattoo? You May Lose The Eligibility To…

Tattoo Meaning “To Write”

Tattoos are Awesome. Undoubtedly, a tattoo on few people just grabs our attention without a second thought.

Some personalities ink themselves on many parts of their body. And each of those tattoos narrates a story behind. For example, our own Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli. The one who has got a good number of tattoos all over his arms and shoulders. Notably, the text Scorpion inked on his right bicep, Lord Shiva, and a Samurai warrior with a raised sword on his shoulder and arms.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Tattoos are very common to see on sports personalities, especially in Football, Basketball, and Cricket. Have you anytime seen a FIFA, NBA, or a Cricket sportsperson without an ink on their body?

It may take some more time for us to come up with a list. There is one other person too whom I can refer here. Remember the body inking on “Michael Scofield”, a structural engineer from the television series “Prison Break”?

Tattoos Are Trendy:

A few years back, body inking among the adults of age group between 20 to 35 was not very common. But now, that is the trend. Starting from the teens who are in their final year of college to the adults working in Information Technology based companies have got body Tattoos nowadays. The increased number of body writing studios which we see around us in the recent times is the best example I can quote to confirm the inking is a trend among youngsters in India.


Image Credit: Pixabay

The Eligibility:

Please do not think that I am against body inking based on the title of this post. I was interested too to have one on me. But, a bit hesitant now as I got to know about this.

A tattoo on our body might cost us our eligibility to save a life when needed.

Let me be more specific, a person who has got their body inked cannot donate blood for a period of six months to a year. This is not only applicable for the body tattoos but also applicable for Body Piercing.

This above-mentioned fact had pulled me back from getting a tattoo for myself. Please note that the suspension duration mentioned above also depends on the salon and the country from where the person got their body inking done.


Image Credit: Pixabay

In India, the duration of suspension from donating blood after getting inked is six months. Similarly, every country has got their own restrictions on the duration of the suspension. I had jotted down the suspension duration in some of the countries below for better awareness.

In case of the United States of America, there is no waiting period to donate blood even after a tattoo. But, this is applicable only if you are living in the cities of the USA where a tattoo facility is regulated.

If you have got your tattoo done from the cities like New York, Utah, Pennsylvania, D.C and few more cities where the tattoo facilities are not yet regulated then a person needs to wait for a year before opting to donate blood.


Why Do Blood Banks/Hospitals Deny Blood wrt A Tattoo?

Infection is the one main reason for the denial.

Once after having a skin puncturing tattoo or body piercing using a needle, an individual’s body is injected with heavy traces of antibody elements from the inks leading to a reaction. The person who gets a tattoo is also prone to diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, and C especially when an unclean needle is used in the process.

The above mentioned is also applicable for the women who undergo Microblading and Permanent Makeup. Remember, they do fall under the category of cosmetic tattoos as they involve pigmentation and ink implants in the skin.

Maybe you are a potential blood donor but a small tattoo on your wrist may place you in a fix. You may be pushed to a spot where you could not help someone who is fighting for their life after a road accident. I felt that it is not worthy to get my body inked when compared to saving ones life if a situation arises.

Still, Couldn’t Resist?

Go on, but…


Image Credit: Pixabay

  1. Think one more time before hitting the doorstep of the Tattoo parlor or a studio.
  2. Ensure that the tattoo studio you had chosen has got a tattooist with good experience.
  3. It is a must that you see a fresh needle that is going to be used on you. It is also mandatory that you ask the tattooist open the needle in front of you.
  4. Ensure that the tattooist wears clean gloves while inking your body. All the items used in the process need to be properly sterilized.
  5. The professional should not be using an already used ink bottle. The ink he/she use should be from a fresh unopened bottle.
  6. Do not take a risk and compromise your health just to save some extra money.
  7. Ensure that the studio you choose is clean and it is run by a professional.
  8. Not all Tattoo studios might have got trained professionals, Beware.
  9. Do not forget to ask about the care instructions.
  10. It is better to avoid inking your body when you are on a tour. You do not know whether the studio is good or bad.

Are Tattoos Permanent Or Removable?

Yes is the answer for both.

They are permanent, but the color of the ink used is expected to fade. If you are planning to ink on your wrist or at the front space of the fingers, then you may need to consider going for a color touch-up once in fifteen months.

With modern technologies like laser treatment, yes a tattoo can be removed from the skin.

Good To Know:


Image Credit: Pixabay

Not all countries in the world are tattoo friendly. There are countries who do not encourage people wearing a tattoo on some part of the body and also got a right to not to allow a person into their country if that person wore a tattoo that criticizes their belief. For example,

  • Denmark – No tattoos on Face, Neck, Hands, and Head.
  • Srilanka – No tattoos of Buddha or similar.
  • UAE, Japan- No tattoos are encouraged.

Alrighty then.

Hope you find this post useful and informative. See you all around soon.

Give Blood. Give Life.


Monetize Your Photography Skill

Photography – From A Hobby To A Side Hustle:

We had discussed enough on whether to buy a DSLR / SLR Camera or not for photography in the parent post already.

As a continuation, this post will give some more insights on how to turn your photography skill into a side hustle. Especially for those who already own a camera and also for those who wanted to buy a new one to pursue their hobby.

Let us Hop On…


Image Credit: Pixabay

Yes, as I said there are ways to monetize the photography skill with some extra effort and determination from your side. Maybe some of you already know about few things that you are gonna come across down this post.

I am a little bad when it comes to Photography and it is not my cup of tea. I am jotting down this content here by keeping the knowledge I had gained from various sources on the web. Before, we move on further let me also share this piece of information too about the images we see when we Google.

Good To Know:

– Please be informed that we are not supposed to use the images we find in Google for our personal or commercial use.

– The reason behind is that most of the stunning photographs we see and download from Google search are copyrighted.

– The owner of an image can sue us anytime for using their captures without their consent. So, be cautious while using the snaps from the web especially for commercial use.

A Copyrighted / Free To Use Images:

Hmm, here is how one can identify whether an image is a copyrighted one or free to use for commercial purpose.

The Steps:

  1. Go to Google website on your PC.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Select the option Advanced Search.
  4. Select the drop-down on the option “Usage Rights”.
  5. Choose the option “Free to use, share or even commercially / Free to use, share, modify or even commercially “.

Still, Need To Use Others Photographs?

– If you need to use the captures of others for commercial purpose then please contact the owner and check whether you can use their photographs.

– Buy it for a price if you need to use them for commercial purposes.

– One more thing to do is to provide citations about the user or their website while using their photographs in your website or a blog. By providing citations, you can ensure that you are not involved in Plagiarism.

The Traditional Approach:

We all know about the traditional approach which can be followed to make money out of photography, for example, running a Photo Studio. But, that approach would need you to concentrate much on your studio full time overriding the meaning of the term “Side Hustle”.


Image Credit: Pixabay

So, how to make money as a part-time photography professional in parallel to the regular active job?

Please remember that your active full-time job is a must have until you create a stable parallel path to go over with your side hustle. People who jump right onto their side hustle leaving their full-time job are most likely to fail after few years. So, your current active income is a must, at least in the initial stages.

The Modern Approaches:


Image Credit: Pixabay

  • Create a website or blog or a Facebook page to showcase your photographic skills.

– This is mandatory as your side hustle rely a lot on the internet followed by word of mouth.

  • Speak to your friends and see if you can help them capture the great moments of their upcoming family occasion or their kids birthday party.

– Ask your friend to share those photographs on their social media page with your name or company name watermarked on it in return.

  • Once after the breakthrough, you can start setting the package based rates according to the nature of the occasion.

– Maybe you know about this trend already. There are couples who take a photographer with them during their honeymoon trips. Here the photographer gets free travel ticket, accommodation, food and also gets money for taking the couples pictures at the time of site seeing.

  • Either you create your work for the available markets or find the market where you can sell your skills.
  • When it comes to photography, sticking to a particular genre would help a lot. I am saying this because there is a huge volume of photography hobbyists who concentrates on Nature. So think different and be creative.
  • Stick to a particular niche, for example, capture the photographs of Automobiles alone or food items or modern homes etc.
  • Find a blogger/bloggers to whom you can sell the photographs you had captured.

– If the person who buys your photographs does blogging on a particular niche then you should be able to see a continuous cash inflow by providing your captures. But, this may not be the case with the bloggers who write and concentrate on many things.

For example, I do not blog on a particular topic instead cover many areas. So, in cases like this, it is best to be in touch with the blogger on regular basis to get the information about what he/she is planning to write next. That way you can try to capture things based on the need and sell it.

– Connections with more number bloggers lead to more cash inflow.

  • Capture things that are trending and things that can be of use to a local newspaper and magazines.

– Emailing them with your captures is one more way to make money.

  • Get your captures in a postcard and see whether you can sell it with the help of local stationary shops and fancy stores. You can also sell your captures for creating book covers too.
  • Take part in photography contests. They not only open the gate for you to meet many like-minded hobbyists but also gives you more visibility.
  • Create a magazine with your captured photos and sell it during the book fair. Kids love pictures book. Hope you got what I am saying. Think different, focus on the areas that most others had overlooked.
  • Most of the doctor’s clinic nowadays have digital photo frames. Speak to the receptionist and see whether you can run your stunning photographs with your name watermarked in their digital photo frames.

– This is something you can do at any place where there is a waiting room. Another example is the automobile service centers where they just run the television channels.

  • Check with your nearby home appliances showroom. You can display your stunning captures in the Big Screen Smart TV section if they are okay with it. People who come to buy a Smart TV can have a look at your photos. It will not only allow them to decide the smart TV based on the color sharpness with the help of your photographs but also advertise you as your name is on the photographs.

– How you showcase your talents and create visibility is what matters, finally.

  • There are sites like where you can sell your captures to be on many products like cell phone back covers, canvas prints, and Duvets.
  • Submit your photographs to the websites that buy images. There are many websites that buy photographs of others for money.
  • Sell your photographs to stock photography agencies.

What Is Stock Photography?

It refers to the supply of photographs, which are often licensed for specific uses.

Professional photographs of commonplaces, landmarks, nature, events or people fall under the Stock Photography category.


  • Macro stock: High-priced and exclusive stock photography.
  • Midstock: Stock photography priced between macro stock & microstock which is often used online.
  • Microstock: Low-priced and inclusive stock photography.

Stock Photography Agencies:

The below-shown are some of the websites or stock agencies where one can sell their stock photography.


Things To Remember While Using Stock Photography Sites:

  • Remember that there are established photographers in large numbers associated with these websites.
  • Websites like Dreamstime and 500px are community-based. You can try these sites especially when you wanted to know how others look at your capture.
  • To crack and make a space for you is not an easy task but at the same time, not something which is impossible with the help of determination and hard work.
  • The stock photo websites mentioned above do take bigger commissions on the each sale you make via them. For example, 123RF provide 30 percent commission for a non-exclusive snap.
  • Most of the above-mentioned sites need you to signup and also do come with expensive annual charges.
  • To make good returns out of these sites, maybe $100 a month, one should be able to upload nearly 1000 awesome snaps a month.
  • Quality matters a lot in these websites.
  • Some of the sites are expected to contain the images which are 18+ as a part of body art too. For example website like 500px.

Last But Not The Least

As you know now on how to effectively use your SLR/DSLR/Mobile phone camera, please do a thorough research.

Finalize the best site which can help you steer your side hustle smooth.

Always ensure that you upload your images onto multiple websites so that you get more gains.

The Life hacks I Love – Part 1

Life hacks

A strategy that helps a person to manage time and be efficient and productive. I am gonna share here some of the life hacks which I had liked and experienced. Maybe you would also like them once you try. There is nothing wrong in trying hence, give it a shot. Let’s hope it works well for you too.

Life Hacks

Image Credit: Pixabay

A Sorry Replaced With A Thank You Creates +ve Effect:

For example, let us assume that you are running late due to traffic and could not reach on time to the place where you and your friend had planned to meet. Traffic is not something that you can control. It is not your fault. In these kinds of scenarios, Say Thank You for your patience instead of a Sorry. The term Sorry creates a negative emotional state in the mind of the other person.

Life Hacks

Image Credit: Pixabay

Always remember that the words Please, Sorry and Thank You are Magical words.

Wearing Your Shoes Will Help You Hit The Gym:

To hit the gym daily is not a very easy task. It needs motivation and determination. But, most of the times these two powerful words are overridden by our Laziness. In my personal experience, the feeling of laziness win over Motivation and Determination.

Life Hacks

I have come across this two-minute hack known to help most of the gym goers achieve their goal of hitting the gym daily. Override the laziness by wearing your gym shoes. That is the first and the difficult step. Once the shoes are on then there is no stopping 80 percent of the times.

Never Walk Empty Handed At Home:

Most people who give a seminar or speech used to have something in their hands while speaking. Most of the times, it would be a marker or a pointing light. This is because of the two reasons.

1. Leaving the hands sideways will give an awkward look to anyone especially when they are on stage.

2. To leave the hands inside the pocket shows lack of courage.

Life Hacks

Image Credit: Pixabay

But, what if we are at home?

I need not say about how one’s home will look like especially when there are smaller kids at home. If you are in the similar situation, never walk empty-handed between rooms in your home. Always grab those toys and bits of paper lying on the floor and leave them at their place. This way you can ensure that the home is still neat. This technique also helps us save a lot of time and keeps us productive.

What We Read Tonight Determines Our Tomorrow:

Life Hacks
Image Credit: Pixabay
This is one reason why most people read books before bedtime. The positive thoughts from the book give a great feeling and create peace in the mind and body. That is not all, the positive effect stay until we wake up and help us plan our day better with a smile. This is applicable very much for the books or online content that provoke our thoughts and inspire us. A person who reads every day before bedtime is most likely to stay dull or less motivated the day they missed reading.

The 30 Days Challenge:

I am yet to try this life hack but still sharing here as it looks promising and it is not a 5o day’s Blue Whale Challenge, Phew!
Life Hacks
Image Credit: Pixabay
They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. I do not know whether it is a Fact or a Myth.
But, when we want to make something good a habit or to get rid of a bad habit, it is better to stick to a 30 days challenge. By doing the same activity for 30 days in a row we are most likely to stick to that habit down the road for a longer time. But, there may be personalities who fall under exceptions category and look at this life hacks differently too.

A Softened LPG Hose Works Great:

I came across a situation at my home where I had to insert the LPG hose to the gas stove. Tried with my bare hands for almost an hour which had just resulted in boils on my fingers, palm and terrible pain for two days. No luck as I was unable to insert the hose fully and the gas leak was continuous. Later, came to know about this hack from the gas stove servicing professional which had not only helped me but worked great. Here is the trick. This technique cannot be counted as one among the life hacks for people who reside outside India but still can be suggested to their friends and relatives.

The Steps:

  1. Take hot water.
  2. Immerse one end of the hose into the hot water. Ensure that the portion required to be inserted to the gas stove is in contact with water.
  3. Leave it for 30-45 seconds.
  4. Try to insert the LPG hose now towards the stove. It will be butter smooth.
  5. Do not turn ON the gas stove for at least 10 minutes.
  6. The inserted hose will be intact to the stove nozzle without any gaps once it cools down.
Note: The above-mentioned method is applicable only for the Orange colored LPG hose supplied by the gas agency or the branded ones bought from an external shop.
Do not try this technique with the green colored LPG hose which was in use a few years back. I mean the soft ones with no hard wiring inside the hose rubber. The green ones are no longer supplied by the gas agencies but still.Will see you all soon with some more life hacks too if possible.

Cycling For Weight Loss – Part 2

The Continuation – Cycling For Weight Loss

As I said in the parent article “Cycling For Weight Loss” there is a lot more than what most of us know about the outdoor cycles. When it comes to Outdoor cycles, there are a lot of factors which need to be considered due to its wide ranges. So, here they are for you.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Types Of Outdoor Cycles:

CyclingStandard Bikes


The ones which are not in use much nowadays at least in India. These bikes are single speed bikes with coaster brakes where there will not be any brakes near the handlebar. The brakes are applied by pedaling backward.

Best suited for leisure rides focused on flat roads. Rarely found in India, but can be purchased online from Amazon.

BMX ( Bicycle Motocross ) Bikes


These are the bikes which people use when racing on off-roads and while performing stunts.


Best suited for stunt riding and for the rough roads with constructed obstacles.

Road Bikes


These are the ones that are used by professional cyclists during bike races. These are also the ones which are widely used by people who wanted to maintain their body weight. It can be used for covering longer distances as they are ergonomically designed and they are mostly geared bikes.

Road Bikes falls under two categories.

  1. Performance and Speed
  2. Touring

These high-speed bikes come with slim tires for greatest speed and they are of lightweight. The cost of this bike varies mainly based on the material used to build the bike. The rate of a very good performance plus comfort bike is expected to be greater than 20000 Indian Rupees. For example, brands like Firefox, Cannondale, Btwin, Montra and rock rider bikes fall into this category. But these brands have got Mountain and Hybrid bikes too.

Best suited for people who need a high-speed bike and wanted to cover more than 50 kilometers in a day.

Touring bikes are designed for more comfort and for carrying loads. They are heavier as they come with mounts for rack and fender attachments.

Mountain Bikes


The MTB (Mountain Bike) bikes are used for off-road cycling that covers landscapes that are not flat. These bikes come with broad and rugged tires and with suspensions to make the rider feel comfortable.

Best suited for people who do adventure trips on regular basis.

Hybrid Bikes


These are the ones which most of us had used and still using. As the name implies it is a combination of both road and terrain bikes. These are widely used and can be found among the school and college going teens in India. These bikes are suited for both flat and reasonable off-road rides. Just like road bikes, these bikes also come with various levels of Gears and Friction on the left and right handles, Double discs, and Double valve rims.

Best suited if your usage is just occasional rides and for lesser distances few times in a week.

Tandem Bikes


This kind of bike can be found in western countries more. In India, maybe in a circus. These bikes come with an extra seat and set of pedals for two people to ride together.

Recumbent Bikes


These are not regular bikes and not for city roads. These bikes come with a reclining seat and with pedals forward. Suited only for flat roads.



These are mainly used by performers and can also be found in a circus. Needs the skill to handle this kind of bike as they come with only one wheel. This bike is used in the unicycle hockey and in some of the other sports as well nowadays.

Points To Consider While Buying a Cycle To Maintain Weight Loss:

  • Do you know cycling?
  • What would be the frequency of you and the bike hitting the road or off-road?
  • Your intention to buy a bike? Is it just for Fun rides or you are also planning to use it as your commute.
  • What is your Budget?
The below-shown chart should help you get an idea in deciding on what bike to buy.

Things To Consider:

If you would like to have a physical view of any bikes, hit the doors of Decathalon stores or similar to see it directly.


  • Consider assembling the bike with a help of a professional especially if you are buying the product online.
  • Do not stick to the Brand name. Discuss with friends and local bike store before you zero in on the bike. There are people who custom build their bikes with the help of professionals.
  • Choose the bikes for which the spare parts availability is good. Btwin and Firefox users can be found in good numbers in India.
  • Test drive the bikes to find the one which makes you feel very comfortable. Spending time on this now will help you not to feel bad later. Ensure that the distance between the handlebar, brakes are reachable easily while choosing the bike.
  • Consider taking the finalized bike for rent from the nearby shop to experience the bike for more hours before you buy. You can hire the cycle for a certain number of hours for 500 rupees. Trust me, it’s worth to opt for.
  • Do not buy expensive bikes if your intended purpose is just casual and occasional cycling. Going for an EMI is not a good choice instead check whether you can avail corporate discounts.
  • Consider buying important accessories like stop lights, helmets, and other required gears. Some of them might not be required always but you are the best judge here.
  • Buy well-fitted clothing for cycling. Uncomfortable clothes specifically the cycling shorts will make you hesitate to touch the bike later. There are people who had experienced worse scenarios due to improper clothing.
  • Do not go for long distance cycling if you are not feeling well and if you had not slept properly.

My Cents:

– If you want to maintain your weight at a lower cost, you can also consider buying a used bike.

– The bike need not be a professional cycling bike instead it can just be a most commonly used hybrid bike.

– Save money and time by maintaining the bike well. Filling air once a week should do the trick besides other activities. A well-maintained bikes service cost should not exceed more than 500 rupees.

– Cycling can be Fun. Maintain your weight by doing the activity as a part of a group. Search for the cycling groups on Facebook and get yourself registered.

Remember this African proverb which is also relevant in this context.

If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.