The Child Killer – Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

The Ray Of Hope For Spinal Muscular Atrophy Patients

Thanks to my Brother-in-law “Rosh” who took a moment to share a post about a kid who is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). I was not aware of SMA until I saw that post.

The Facebook post was about the new medicine which has been identified for curing Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The post had the text content and a photograph of Mr. Praveen Tiyagi, the father of the suffering kid. It was painful. But, the father had showcased humanity and his willpower by sharing the valuable information even at his harrowing times.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

How many of us will be in a position to share any information about a disease when our own blood relatives are suffering?

He took the path of Facebook to share the news about the new medicine for this genetic disease. The disease which was considered non-curable until a few months back.

Lucky I am, as I got an opportunity to share about it in my blog so that it reaches more and more people in the world.

The Genetic Disease – Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Image Credit: Pixabay

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a genetic disease.

A neuromuscular disorder that affects the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord. The affected motor nerve cells cause muscle weakness followed by muscle death. Yes, the death of the muscles that help us to Crawl, Stand, Sit, Walk, and also to control the movements of the human head. The progressive weakening and wastage of muscles lead to death.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Image Credit: Bone and Spine

This disease that gets passed down to the child from the parent is considered as Number ONE genetic cause in infants and toddlers death.

This disease is not a gender biased and it is applicable even for adults.

Why Is SMA Not Found During Prenatal Screenings?

This disease does not provide many clues during the screening that happens when the child is in the womb. But, there are cases where families with a history of at least one child with this disorder requesting prenatal predictions for their child. When identified a risk of the disorder, they took a decision of terminating the pregnancy.

The prenatal diagnosis for SMA is done in the couples with high risk by detection of a homozygous deletion in the survival motor neuron gene (SMN1).


What Is Survival Motor Neuron Gene 1 (SMN1)?

  • It is the gene that determines Spinal Muscular Atrophy.
  • In human, this gene takes care of producing the protein named SMN1. The gene protein that is required for the proper functioning of nerves that controls the body muscles.
  • Lack of this protein leads to the progressive degeneration of the motor nerve cells in the spinal cord. That leads to weak muscles, in turn, Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

Types Of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Disease

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is classified into four types.
Spinal Muscular Atrophy

SMA0 (Prenatal)/SMA1 (Infantile):

The SMA1 type occurs in the babies who are born weak.

This type is considered as the most severe form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

The survival duration of the infant with this type of Spinal Muscular Atrophy is just a few weeks to months even with respiratory support.

The other name of SMA1 is “Werdnig-Hoffman disease”.

The Signs

– Abnormal while breathing and Swallowing
– Weak sucking reflex
– Feeble arm and leg movements
– Twitching of the tongue
– Floppy limbs and trunk
– Adoption of a frog-leg position when sitting etc.

SMA2 (intermediate SMA):

Also called as Dubowitz disease. Noticed when the kid is between 7 and 18 months of age.

The Signs

– Delay in sitting

– Muscle weakness
– Weak Legs
– Curved Spine

– Distortion of the hands, feet, and chest etc.

SMA3 (Juvenile):

Also known as Kugelberg Welander disease. Noticed and diagnosed in children above 12 months old.

The Signs

– Difficulty walking/climbing up and down the stairs
– Nil to minimal body balance
– Weak legs than the arms
– Restricted movement of joins around hips, knees, and ankles


Another name of SMA4 is adult-onset SMA. Noticed at the start of adulthood. They may be able to walk but sometimes will need wheelchair help.

The Signs

– Tremors
– Twitching of tongue
– Curved spine
– Weak hips, thighs, shoulders, and legs

  • The symptoms or the signs of each type of the Spinal Muscular Atrophy disease varies.
  • None of the patients with SMA1,2,3,&4 seem to have issues with their intelligence.
  • Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are beneficial to SMA patients.

The SMA Risk Probability & Statistics

It is to be noted that an autosomal recessive and consanguineous marriage increases the risk of the disease in the family. The SMA case registries are high especially in the countries where consanguineous marriage rates are high.
Spinal Muscular Atrophy

In India, as of 2015, MDCRC has identified 400+ cases of SMA.

Statistics show that 1 in every 6,000 to 10,000 people suffer from Spinal Muscular Atrophy in the United States Of America.

1 in 40 individuals carries SMA without any clues.

Countries With National SMA Registry

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Image Credit:

The Drug

The drug “Spinraza” was approved in the year 2016. A drug released by the pharma named Biogen/Ionis. The same drug has been already subjected to clinical trials showing positive impacts.

For more information on the drugs, please refer to updated SMA Drug Pipeline Release from the link in the reference section.

Be The Change

Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  • There is a petition online from to the below team seeking help to get the SMA medicine to India at an affordable cost.

– Ministry of Finance, India

– Prime Minister of India

– Minister of External Affairs

– Minister of Health and Family Welfare

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

I had signed this petition for the betterment of people, why can’t you?

Here is the link to the petition.


The above-mentioned content holds very minimal information about the SMA disease. Points in this post are not an alternative to Doctors advice and treatment. Please reach out to your medic for exact diagnosis.

Support Links:

SMA Updates & Community Links


A Book That Nobody Gifted Me – Rich Dad Poor Dad

A Book That Nobody Gifted Me. Hence, I Gifted It To Myself. Now, It’s A Part Of My Best Books To Read List

Most of the successful people read more than 75 books a year. There is a saying that rich people read more books. So, if we go a bit deep, we can understand that nobody became rich by reading more books. Instead, those who are rich and successful now had attained their current status by implementing what they read. Do you know that every person who runs a successful business own a small library at home? Not just that, they update their best books to read list regularly once in six months.

Good To Know:

Warren Buffet spends 80 % of his day reading.


best books to read list

Image Credit: Pixabay

How Did I Start Reading This Book?

I wanted to make money. I do not want to end up paying EMI’s all my lifetime. If you want me to be brutally honest, I will say that I do not believe in the security that a full-time job gives. I was running for something that will add fuel to my thought of making more money in a legal way for a comfortable living.

Good To Know - Warren Buffet spends 80 % of his day reading.

Image Credit: Inba

It is possible for anyone who is reading this post to think that I am running towards making money.

True and Yes, I am trying to make money so that I can lead a better life and give my dependents a peaceful future. At the same time, I do agree that Money alone cannot bring happiness.

But, tell me this.

Can anyone lead a happy life without money?

Some of you might have a feeling that a happy family, good health, and a money to handle basic needs is enough.

I agree. But, let me pause here for a moment.

Do you think that earning money to make the ends meet is enough?

Even to lead a content life we need money, Isn’t it?

To meet the basic needs, to handle health-related expenses we need money. Without meeting these, I am unsure if there can be a happy family.

best books to read list

Image Credit: Youtube

This understanding in my mind paved the way to hunt for books that are capable of providing more insights, ignite the fire in my mind and thoughts. This book which I am going to point here in this post is for sure a part of the best books to read list according to me.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

best books to read list

Image Credit: Inba

I wish my mom read when she was studying in a college. The same book I wish my mom made me read when I was a teen. Unfortunately, it took me 33 years to grab a copy of this treasure and read.

Yes, it is a treasure that is available in front of most of us. A treasure with a lot of information about personal finance given by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

What Is In The Book?

I had above mentioned that this book should be in the best books to read list of every one of us. That is because a lot of grey areas in investment and personal finance had been broken into pieces in this book.

Those pieces ensure that the one who reads this book gets better clarity on personal finance and on how to invest money wisely. This book in my best books to read list consist of nine chapters excluding the introduction and final thoughts.

The Core Page

Image Credit: Inba

Starting from quoting Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken” in the introductory phase, the author had explained vital portions of money making/saving.

The highlighted page shown above has great information. It will make you think if you can zoom it a bit. That portion is enough to trigger an interest in you to buy this book.

Nowhere else I had read and nobody had explained me the difference between an asset vs liability in such a simple manner outside this book.

Every time I think about investing money on to a house or similar things which incur more expense, I relate it to an asset and liability graph nowadays. That strong is the way how it has been narrated in this book.

Teachings Of A Rich vs Poor Father

There are a lot of scenarios that Robert T. Kiyosaki had narrated in this book about how to save money. Those instances are for sure not just for a good read but for everyone who wanted to put in place.

The rich teach their kids on how to make money work for them, whereas the poor and middle teach their kids on how to work for money.

The above lines in the quote are very true if I look back the path I had come across so far.

Why Categorize This In Your Best Books To Read List?

best books to read list

Image Credit: Pixabay

One simple reason is that in this book, each point that prevents one’s progression in their life has been discussed. Starting from fear of failure, lack of drive to achieve, failure to notice opportunities in the front etc. Like these, every single point is in this handy treasure.

Haven’t yet got an opportunity to read this book?

The best thing which you can gift yourself is this book. Trust me, you will not regret instead will Thank me for sure. With such a potential, this book is undoubtedly the one to note under the best books to read list.

Hit the websites like Amazon, Flipkart or walk-in to that nearest bookstore and buy it. Gifting yourself with this book before this weekend would be the best thing that you can do for yourself this week.

Wanted to gift it to someone in their own regional language?

It is possible too as this book has been published/translated into multiple languages.

The Take Away’s

best books to read list


  • Do not overlook the opportunities visible in front of you. Great opportunities are not seen with your eyes. They are seen with your mind.
  • Learn to fail. The more you fail, the higher is the success factor. Remember, no one ever had learned to ride a bicycle without falling down. Our brains are designed to learn things by failing.
  • Mind your own business. By working as an employee, we all are working for someone else business.
  • Financial Struggle is a result of people working all their lives for someone else.
  • Take a path that no one prefers to take or never taken.

For example, Let us say that you want to start a business. Your friends and relatives suggest you ignore that approach as that was not preferred by many. Here, your decision to stick to that original approach might give you the great output.

  • Analyze and study that thing where you wanted to invest, beforehand.
  • Learn to make money work for you rather than working for money.
  • People are controlled majorly by two emotions. Fear and Greed. Be an observer and not a reactor to your emotions. This way you can delay your reactions and think.
  • It is not about how much money you make. It is all about how much money you keep.
  • Education is the greatest wealth. Invest on to learn new skills as the benefits are pretty high. Intelligence solves problems and generates money, not the other way around.
  • If you want to be rich, you need to be financially literate.
  • Rich people get assets whereas poor and middle-class people get liability that they think are assets.
  • Remember, An asset is something that puts money in your pocket. A liability is something that takes money out of your pocket.

The “KISS” Principle

  • Keep It Simple, Stupid (Or Keep It Super Simple).
  • Concentrate your efforts on buying income-generating assets.
  • You often become what you study.
  • Do not leave your daytime job until your own business flourish.
  • Often in the real world, it’s not the smart who get ahead, but the bold.
  • It is not gambling if you know what you are doing. It is a gambling if you are just throwing money into a deal and praying.
  • Sometimes you Win. Sometimes you Learn.
  • Our life is the best teacher of all.
  • If you have a desire to be rich, you must focus.

FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful.

The above-mentioned take away’s are very few from the book. If you want to taste the full dish, acquire it now. This book acquisition would be one among your best books to read list.

Why Did I Write About This Book Here?

I wrote about it here because I want to,

  1. Share the information with others.
  2. Remember everything I read.
  3. Relate and repeat what I read.

What Next?

best books to read list

Image Credit: Inba

I am unable to spend much time for reading. But still, the other two books shown in the above picture is going to be my next books to come under my best books to read list.

Happy Reading.

The Japanese Towel Exercise – Your Posture Plays A Role In Your Upper/Lower Back Pain [LBP]

Your Posture Plays A Role In Your Upper/Lower Back Pain [U/LBP]

Elderly people complaining about the back pain both lower back pain, and upper back pain is not new. But, the same complaints from the mid-aged people including me nowadays is not a good sign.

lower back pain

People who stand for long at work, lift weights at work, those who drive long distance trucks and buses, women who had undergone c-section operation, a person with calcium deficiency are more prone to lower back pain and posture issues. This is an old story. The new fact is that the lower back pain has become a usual complaint in adolescents and children’s too.

This blog will give you some insights about the posture correction ways and approaches that we can follow to avoid lumbar and back pain.

Another thing that you might find on this blog is about the towel exercise. The posture correction exercise suggested by a Japanese doctor named Toshiki Fukutsudzi.

The Posture

lower back pain

Posture plays an important role in one’s lower back pain. As automation and smart machines increase, the frequency of many individuals exposure to sweat and body stretches is near to zero. Besides, the posture that an individual adapts to, due to external factors is a reason too for the lower back pain.

Factors That Affect Posture Leading To Upper/Lower Back Pain

lower back pain


  • Poor standing and sitting styles

  • Footwear with heels

lower back pain

  • Sitting with a wallet in the pant’s back pocket

lower back pain

  • Lifting weights without bending the knees

lower back pain

  • Sitting or Sleeping on a non-firm couch and mattresses

lower back pain

  • Sitting on a non-ergonomically designed chair at work

lower back pain


lower back pain

  • Gazing at the cell phones for long straining the neck
  • Carrying grown kids at home for longer duration

and a lot more…

My First Encounter With Lower Back Pain

I had experienced a severe lower back pain for the first time when I sat in front of my personal computer for longer duration watching my favorite television series “Prison Break”. A great series that led me to a lower back pain for two days. Though the fault is mine, I blame the series, phew.

The Rescue Team At our Homes

There are few things that come to our rescue when we experience a harrowing lower back pain at home. Though we have some of these rescuers at home, the one best thing to do when suffering from upper/lower back pain is to lay down and take good rest.

  1. A hot water bag
  2. Ice Cubes
  3. Pain reliever creams, roll on, and sprays
  4. Pain Killer Pills
  5. A floor mat to lay down

In case, you do not have these things handy at home then it is high time that you buy these.

Correct Your Posture

Doctors tell people with excessive lower back pain related to Disc Protrusion, and Disc Bulge to go for physiotherapy sessions right after the completion of medication. This is very much important as activities like traction etc aids in back posture and muscle recoveries.

It is very common for people to skip the physiotherapy sessions right after they feel alright. This is one big blunder that most of us do. I do agree that we skip going to the recovery center in the interest of time. But, at the cost of what?

Trust me, upper/lower back pains are not the cases we can compromise on. They are capable of showing us “HELL” if not taken care.

How To Correct Postures Ourselves?

Doing simple things with caution can help us regain the correct posture of our body in case we had already messed it up.

  • Reduce your body weight
  • Use good pair of shoes for walking and running
  • Consider buying a firm Cot and Mattress that can support your spine and keep your posture in line.
  • As I had mentioned above, sit straight while working on a computer.

At Work:

The Chair:

lower back pain

  • If you think you need a footrest, raise a request to the admin. A small block of wood can meet the need.
  • If you find that your chair is causing your upper/lower back pain. Ask for a change of chair. If you have been provided with an ergonomic chair, get to know about it before you start using it.
  • Remember that small cushion that is located at the backrest of your chair? That can be adjusted up and down for better cushioning the lumbar part.
  • Do not compromise on your chair at work. Because that is where you end up staying most of your day. If you do not have a cushion, buy one to use on your chair.
  • Ensure that you remove the wallet from your back pocket and keep it aside. Ignoring that will contribute to disc posture changes.

Stretch Yourself:

lower back pain

With things like time on floor etc. most of the employers and software companies want their employees to clock 9 hours plus at the office. With that becoming a practice and when on a pressuring task in hand we tend to sit on the chair for long like a potato. Do drink more water so you will have no option other than taking a walk to the restroom at least once in two hours.

At Home:

  • Try to hit the Gym (No Shortcuts Available). Be cautious while handling and lifting weights.
  • Do not carry heavy weights without bending your knees. Especially, those 30 liters drinking water can that you buy.
  • Buy a lumbar support cushion if you drive long distance frequently by car or any similar automobiles.
  • Sleep on the floor without a pillow if you sense upper/lower back pain.
  • Hold your cell phone properly to avoid neck pain that leads to spine issues.

With Your Two Wheeler & Car:

  • Do not alter the seat cushions to match the bike’s height with your height. Most of the automobiles seating has been designed to avoid back pain. Altering that would not only invite troubles but will also burn your wallet.
  • Consider buying bikes that come with central suspension. Do not compromise here if possible. Riding over potholes and bad roads also trigger lower back pain. Drive safe and choose roads wisely.
  • Sometimes, we get foot pain while driving a car. This is because of the excessive distance between the feet vs. clutch, brake, and accelerate pedals. This foot pain will also have an impact on your back. Installing good floor mats inside the car to reduce the excessive height will help.

— All the above image credit goes to Pixabay —

The Towel Exercise

The towel exercise is a posture correction technique. It is not a weight loss technique. Maybe the exercise does help in weight loss over a period of time but that might be because of the correct posture. I have not done this before but still writing about it as I feel there is nothing harm in doing this exercise.


If you are already suffering from lower back pain, then I strongly suggest you speak to your doctor about doing this exercise beforehand.


  1. A Floor Mat ( Yoga Mats can also be used ) and a bath towel.
  2. Required Time – 2 to 3 minutes in the beginning.
  3. Recommended time per day – 5 minutes.


  • Roll the bath towel to a cylindrical shape. Running a thread over the rolled towel will help in keeping the towel in the same shape.

lower back pain

  • Sit erect and place the rolled towel right at the back and lay down.

lower back pain

  • The towel should be kept exactly in line with our navel point.

lower back pain

  • Position your feet in shoulder width apart and let your toes touch each other with an 8-10 inches gap between them.

lower back pain

  • Stretch your arms above the head with your palms facing down in such a way that the little finger in both the hands touch each other on top.

lower back pain

  • Stay for five minutes in the same posture.

lower back pain

  • Turn either to your left/right and get up gently.

lower back pain

lower back pain

  • Do not overdo. Start Slowly for lesser minutes and stay consistent.

A great visual representation has been created by BRIGHT SIDE blog and it is available on Youtube. The above-shown pics with each step were taken from BRIGHT SIDE. Here is the link.

Top 5 Hidden Restaurants At OMR Chennai

Top 5 Hidden Restaurants At OMR Chennai

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Pixabay

Yummy, this time the post is about the restaurants at omr (Rajiv Gandhi Salai). Especially, the restaurants that are not so much familiar among the commuters of this corporate hub of Chennai. Before I move on, please note that I am not writing this post under an influence of anyone close to the restaurants’ management. The content below is clearly an outcome of my own views and experience.

Tease Your Tastebuds

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Pixabay

Are you a food lover?

If your answer is Yes, then stay with me throughout the end of this post to unpack the details about the top five Restaurants At OMR. These restaurants are not the ones that strictly stick to a vegetarian food. So, if you are pure vegetarian and do not prefer to go to restaurants at omr that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian then you might not have an opportunity to tease your taste buds at these places. But, for sure your friend who does not have a veg/non-veg restrictions would say a big thank you to you for notifying him or her about these restaurants at omr.

The Stretch They Reside On

The restaurants at omr covered here are located between the Sholinganallur to Perungudi stretch. These are not run by any big players and they all do not possess a posh ambiance and interiors. They are neat and a decent place to enjoy your meal. The main things one would notice on these restaurants at omr are simple medium-sized setup with reasonable items on the menu. They are for sure an affordable spot for many as they do not burn our pockets. They serve good food with a great taste when compared to many other big players who run chain restaurants at omr.

Be cautious as these five restaurants at omr serve good tasty food that can get a person’s taste buds addicted to their great taste.

The sequence mentioned here on the restaurants at omr do not follow any order. So, please do not consider the sequence below for rankings or spots.

A Non-Home Food

Before I take you all forward, let me tell you. There is nothing that can beat the taste of a homemade healthy food. The food that your mom or spouse or you had prepared at home from the scratch. But, when your taste buds trigger you to experiment a different great taste then below are the restaurants at omr that will not just fill your belly but your heart too with a good feel.

“To Feed Someone Is A Blessing”

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Pixabay

I came across this quote “To Feed Someone Is A Blessing” from the movie Chef – 2017. I am not sure how many would agree with the above saying but according to me, it is true.

Many of you might find this saying suit more to someone who feeds the needy. But, I think there are people out there who earn good but still not so lucky to eat a homemade food for so many reasons. For those who fit themselves in such a scenario, these restaurants at omr really help a lot.

For The Love Of Good And Tasty Food

  • MAQS barbecue n biryani – Thoraipakkam

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Mohd. Sarfaraz

I don’t think one can get such an Authentic Hyderabadi Biriyani in any of the restaurants at omr. If you are a dum biriyani lover – specifically the Hyderabadi style then this mid-sized restaurant at omr is a place that one must visit.

A visitor can expect a warm greeting from Mr. Shaik Imtiyaz – who is a part of this family-owned restaurant. Followed by a good service from rest of the staffs until you move out. Located on the left-hand side while traveling towards Perungudi, this restaurants at omr would for sure make you lick your finger before you head for a hand wash.

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Mohd. Sarfaraz

If you find yourself at this place anytime shortly then ensure that you do not miss the Dum Biriyani with medium to double masala and a lemon chicken. It is an A la carte menu at this branch and I hope we can expect the Buffet menu soon in their new branch that is expected to come near Navalur.

So, people who work around Navalur, stay geared to enjoy the taste of Dum Biriyani and a Hot Gulab Jamun soon.

If you ask me Paradise vs Rasavid vs MAQS barbecue n biryani?

My vote would be for MAQS barbecue n biryani followed by Paradise for an Authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani. Try it, you will fall in love.

  • Sri Balaji Andhra Mess – Kandanchavady

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Located at Kandanchavady – the left-hand side while traveling towards Thoraipakkam, this place serves both veg as well as non-veg food. This Andhra mess can be spotted inside a narrow passage right beneath the foot overbridge opposite to Saravana Bhavan.

Though smaller in size this restaurants at omr is normally flooded with its regular customers from the nearby corporate companies during the weekdays. This mess is not only the “go to” place for many software professionals but also for people with a diversified work nature.

Run by Mr. Pacha Venkateswarlu Naidu, this place gives a homely feel for many students and professionals who are away from their hometown. Rice served hot in a banana leaf, the taste of Gongura chutney and the fragrance blended with the tasty sambhar would ensure that you go for another serving. If you are non-veg, then don’t forget to taste chicken curry at Sri Balaji Mess.

Is your stomach full? Wanted to close the banana leaf?

Wait. There comes the grandma and Mr. Pacha Venkateswarlu Naidu asking you to go for another serving with curd. The place is not so big but the courtesy and the good service you are going to experience here will not fade from your memory. If you are concerned about the taste and healthy meal and not the ambiance and interiors then you will return to this place for many more times too.

  • Kottaram – Perungudi

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Located at Tharamani Perungudi Link Road, this is the place where you need to go for an Authentic Kerala dishes. Managed by Mr.Pradeep, this restaurant at omr is a home for many Kerala Parotta & Beef, Kappa & Meen Curry, and Appam & Stew lovers.

Oh yes, they do have several other items on their menu but my favorites are the ones I had mentioned above. Looking forward to enjoying the Onam Sadhiya this year, then make a note of this place in the app of your cell phone now.

  • Hot Pot China – Perungudi

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Located beside Apollo Hospital, this restaurant at omr serves great food that resembles the taste of Chinese. Though placed near a busy junction, one can hardly hear the sounds of honking vehicles from outside once you are in.

With pipes & bulbs design, photos of Chinese people and posters of old Chinese movies on the side wall, this restaurants at omr greets its customers with old mandarin melodies.

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Thotslingo

Looking forward to experiencing the food taste at HPC soon?

Make your taste buds cry for more by ordering Dimsums, Garlic Burnt Chicken Fried Rice and Drums Of Chicken. Not to forget is the Black Pepper Sauce that accompanies the fried rice.

Ah, there is one more thing to make a note here. At HPC, it is a candlelight dinner on every Fridays. If you have someone special or like to give your family a candlelight experience, then block your calendar for a great Friday dinner at HPC.

  • Kalpana Andhra Mess – Sholinganallur

restaurants at omr

Image Credit: Pixabay

A very common place for an Andhra meal among the software professionals who work near Sholinganallur. With podi and other regular food items that come with an Andhra meal, one can find professionals waiting in a queue for a table and chair to sit on Fridays.

Planning for a Friday lunch?

Start by 12 PM else you might end up staying in queue for a good meal.


It is all my experiences about these restaurants at omr. Finding it fishy as I had mentioned the names of people who run some of the above-mentioned restaurants at omr. Not really. I wanted to mention their names in the post hence asked them in person and there is nothing beyond that.

If I had missed any other hidden restaurants at omr, then that means I haven’t visited that place. Do drop by the comments section to let me know and others about a place if you feel worth trying.

Chennai Tops In Childhood Cancer Ranking

Childhood Cancer & Chennai

childhood cancer


Image Credit: Pixabay

As a resident of Chennai, there are a lot of things that give me a great feel and makes me feel proud to say that I belong to this place. For example, the youths of Tamilnadu, the culture, the hospitality of people, Chennai Super Kings, Pradeep John aka Tamilnadu Weatherman etc. I can go on further with a big list. Though we have a conflict of interest when it comes to the languages of other regions, I will still say that Chennai is one of the safest places for everyone who chooses to stay in. But, lately, it has become different once I learned about the instances of Childhood Cancer in Chennai.

It makes me feel uncomfortable when I understand that we as a society overlook a lot of things that are very important for us and for our kids.

How many of us know that in India, Chennai tops in the count of kids suffering from Childhood Cancer closely followed by Delhi?

September – The Month Of Childhood Cancer Awareness:

childhood cancer

Image Credit: autocenteroftexas

We are in the month of January 2018 today and it is not September. I too was not aware of the ranking of Chennai, in-line with Childhood Cancer until last week. I am sure there would be many among us who do not know about it until now.

But, if we look at ourselves a bit deep, aren’t we lacking knowledge about childhood cancer?

We need to agree that most of us believe the media which diverts us with unwanted programs rather than helping us understand what is true and honest.

What do we get out of watching a group of celebrities living in a closed house for 100 days?

When we have a great volume of television viewers in India, one section of the media could have very well helped us with information about Childhood Cancer. I don’t think that we have or had any program until now dedicated to the health of children.

I am not blaming the whole media but some sections. Because, it is only through a Tamil movie named “Velaikaaran – 2017” I came to know that Chennai stands on the top in childhood cancer.

Media plays a greater role when it comes to creating awareness among people. But that is not always and not all the sections of media. It is our responsibility to filter the information from what we listen and view to make it worth the watch.

The Statistics:

As I cannot say that Childhood Cancer is reported high in Chennai purely based on a movie. I had gone ahead in search of more details over the internet on the Childhood Cancer occurrences in Chennai. My findings had confirmed that Chennai had been in the top position in line with Childhood Cancer and still there among the top five cities with a change in rankings every year.

You can find the related threads in the reference section at the bottom of this post. The information below is not only for the people in Chennai but for everyone in India and rest of the world.

What Do We Overlook?

Most of us as parents tend to buy food items and junk food which our kids ask whenever we hit a grocery store. It is quite normal for the kids to get attracted by the packing, free gifts, tattoos and the product colors. In that movie, they say that the appealing colors and the visual effects of the products that are displayed on the television do the marketing job.

Childhood Cancer

Image Credit: Pixabay

When the kids view those advertisements, it creates an interest in their brain. What they viewed gets stored in their memory and make them want that particular bubble gums, candies, jellies etc.

We all try to ensure that our kids get what they like to have. Isn’t it?

Sometimes, just because we never had those during our childhood we tend to get whatever they ask for especially food items. But, how many of us really go through the ingredients list and color codes defined on top of the food items wrapper?

There are certain ingredients that are used in candies, sweets, mouth fresheners and other food items which causes childhood cancer.

How many of us can say that we go through the ingredients of the food items before letting our kids eat?

Do we know about the colors used in tiny cumin candies and our favorite yellow/orange colored ladoos?

Childhood Cancer

Image Credit: Kafoor Sammil

If you feel that you do know, then you are awesome. If you are one among the rest like me without much idea, then please be sure to check it at least from now.

It’s Not Just Candies and Jellies:

Childhood Cancer causing ingredients are available in most of the consumables nowadays. Its presence is not just there in the candies and jellies with appealing colors but also in consumables like toothpaste, cosmetics etc.

Childhood Cancer

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By the age of 5, most of the little angels in our home starts wearing lipstick over their tender lips. They do not know the reason why they wear it but the color makes them like it and they do replicate us.

Sometimes, we parents not only wear lipstick to ourselves but also apply for our little ones. There is nothing wrong with that if you are very sure about the ingredients in it. But, whether we know about it or not is a question.

What Color Is Banned / Permitted?

Permitted Food Colors In India:

As per the information dated Mar 10, 2014, in BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) website, below are the food colors permitted to use in food items in India.

Childhood Cancer

Though we have the above list, there is a study made in the year 2003 saying that most of the colored foods in India exceed the permissible limit.

Permitted Food Colors In Other Countries:

Please check the reference section for threads on permissible colors based on country.

The Killer Additives & Their Colors:

The more colorful the food items and cosmetics are more might be the presence of killer additives in it. Here are some of the additives that might play a role in childhood cancer if used with less caution.

Red No. 40 (aka) Allura red

Childhood Cancer

Image Credit: Pixabay

– Widely used food dye in the USA and many other countries in the world.

– Present in some of the gelatin-based desserts, colored yogurts, Kid Cuisine Kung Fu Panda products, some of the rolls and frostings and more.

– Other names for Red No. 40 are Red 40, FD & C Red No. 40, C.I. Food Red 17, FD and C Red No. 40, Allura Red AC, C. I. 16035

Red No. 3 (aka) Erythrosine / Carmoisine

Childhood Cancer

Image Credit: Pixabay

– Mostly found in chewing gums, baking products like cake icing and candies. Also used on pistachio shells, sausages, and some cherries.


– Another artificial food color in the range of red to maroon color.

– Used in cough syrups, drinks, jelly crystals, ice creams etc.

– Not an approved color in the USA, Canada but still in use in Europe and other countries.

Yellow No. 5 (aka) Tartrazine

Childhood Cancer

Image Credit: Pixabay

– Linked to Thyroid cancer, blurred vision, and few other complaints.

– Commonly used artificial green or yellow color around the world.

– Holds the name E102 on the products.

– Foods that may contain Tartrazine are Cotton Candies, Marshmallows, Pillsbury pastries, Custard Powders, cookies, and biscuits.

– Also used in some carbonated drinks like Mountain Dew, energy drinks, cocktails, flavored corn, chips, cereals like Museli and corn flakes.

– Cosmetic products like soaps, sanitizers, shower gels and on the products like inks, face paints etc.

Yellow No. 6 (aka) Sunset yellow

– A petroleum-derived dye used in cosmetics and drugs.

– Restricted and banned as a food additive in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Blue No. 1 (aka) Brilliant blue & Blue No. 2 (aka) Indigotine

Childhood Cancer

Image Credit: Pixabay

– Mostly used in Baked foods, cereals, and beverages.

– Blue No.1 is derived from coal tar. It is banned in European countries.

– Blue No. 2 is the one used to make the blue jeans blue.

– Linked to behavior problems in children and high dosage in rats showed signs of brain cancers in rats.

Sodium Benzoate

– A common food additive with an ability to deprive the cells of oxygen, break down the immune system and cause cancer.

– Used mainly to preserve food items. Though used in low amounts on food items to preserve it is deadly if combined with vitamin C & E food items as they are linked to blood cancers.

– Found in jams, carbonated drinks etc.

– Also known as E211.

Green No. 3 (aka) Fast Green FCF

Childhood CancerImage Credit: Pixabay

– Frequently used in candies.

– Banned in Europe and least used dye in the USA.

– Linked to testicle and bladder cancers in lab animals.

– Also known as E143, Food green 3, FD&C Green No. 3, Green 1724, Solid Green FCF.

How To Avoid These Dyes Based Foods?

  • The next time, you buy something for the kid, do spend time on checking the label and for the expiry dates for all the products.
  • Do not buy candies just because the kid loves the free gifts that come with the food item. If the kid likes the tattoo, just buy the tattoo and give it. Similarly, if the kid likes the container or toy just empty the content from it and handover the toy to them.
  • Restrict yourself as well as the kid from eating too much of mouth fresheners from the restaurants. Available as packed under the restaurant name and available sometimes in loose too. When we are not sure about it, it is better to stay away from it.
  • If the particular product does not have ingredients detail maintained properly on it by chance, please ignore it.
  • Though the dyes have childhood cancer-causing substances in it, they are still used in food items and other products considering the permissible amount. But, too much of anything is a problem.
  • If the kid likes to eat more junk foods like Lays, Kinder or similar then it is a must to restrict ourselves from buying it for the kids. Yes, kids tantrums would be there but it is okay when compared to childhood cancer.
  • Understand the color barcode that we see on the consumables like toothpaste and soaps.Black indicates the presence of chemicals.
    Green indicates natural.